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      February 29, 2016

      Allied Arts

      March 15, 2016

      Life Skills Jeans Day

      March 18, 2016

      Grade 7 Open Day


      February 12, 2016
      Newsflash 5

      Upcoming exeat weekend, AGM and Interhouse events ...more

      February 5, 2016
      NewsFlash for Week 4

      Reminder for the Parents Assembly AGM. Information for the Exeat Weekend Bus . Our schedule for the Interhouse Cross Country and Interhouse athletics ...more

      January 21, 2016
      Newsflash for Week 3

      Exeat Weekend Dates are out - Our Annual General Meeting will be on the 18th of February. Cambridge Exam Registrations for May closes tomorrow - Pupils were issued with registration forms indicating subjects to be registered in and the cost. ...more

      January 14, 2016
      Newsflash for Week 2

      A reminder that about Cambridge Exams Registration. Information about the Form One Orientation Camp and a note on the O Level Results release date. The dates for Exeat Weekend have been penciled in to our calendar and more on upcoming sports events. ...more

      Who We Are

      Our Mission

      Teach the Lord’s way; Our Students our Reason; To do the best we can with what God has given us.

      Our Core Values

      Dedicated to Christ; Striving for Effectiveness; Committed to Excellence; Producing Quality Students

      Our Vision

      Teach the Lord’s way; To educate pupils from a Christian perspective in a Christian environment for responsible adulthood.(Proverbs 22:6) To equip pupils with life skills for further education, work and service, through sound teaching and learning techniques, aimed at achieving effectiveness and excellence (Ephesians 4:11 - 15) To impact pupils and the community with Christian values, through motivated, committed, highly qualified teachers, and a Bible-based curriculum. (Isaiah 55:4 - 6)

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      What We Teach

      Academic Program

      Our aim is to equip pupils for life. Academic Subjects Offered in Form 1 and 2 Core Subjects : 12 core subjects are offered. English Language & Literature, Accounts (Fm 2), Mathematics, Religious & Moral Education (Fm 2), Science, Geography, History, Shona, Chinese, Music (Fm 2), Physical Education and International Computer Driving Licence, Education for Living.

      Extramural Program

      Afternoon school takes place on Mondays to Thursdays. Pupils must do at least two sports. The sport will generally take up four afternoons, from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm. Clubs will be offered from 2.25 pm – 3.25 p.m on Wednesdays.

      Spiritual Program

      Our core values, vision and mission statement are founded on Biblical principles which we actively subscribe to. Our students are indeed our reason and as a result we focus on their welfare and spiritual development.



      Entering Class

      Admission is usually by entrance examination in the first instance. This helps the staff in determining the maturity, potential and present level of achievement of each pupil. School reports from the junior or previous schools are considered. Date of application is also taken into account. Midlands Christian School (MCS) pupils must also apply to be admitted to the College - this is not automatic.

      Transfer Students

      Applications forms are available for interested candidates. When forms are completed and returned we use a waiting list when enrolling. The waiting list position in the first instance is determined by the date of application. That means when a vacancy occurs the applicant who is at the top of the waiting list will then be invited to write an Entrance Test. If successful the applicant will be accepted for admission.


      Eagle Torch

      Boy’s hockey

      August 04, 2015 02:49
      They say pain is temporary but temporary can be a long time, ask the Eagles First XI boys hockey who fell victim to numerous cramps which led to a rather beautiful and harmonious symphony of moans and groans courtesy of the holiday Hockey Camp. This unity was carried forward to the Gateway Co-Ed Hockey Festival. The boys displayed a lovely array of brilliantly flowing hockey but were outplayed by the opposition resulting in very narrow losses...By T. Mtiza

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      Midlands Christian College Pulse

      Never Talk Defeat

      February 23, 2016 07:16
      You may need to give yourself pep talks from time to time with the same goal in mind. Remind yourself that victory is at hand and all you have to do is get into the game and give it your all. Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory. - Norman Vincent Peale

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      Thermometer or Thermostat?

      February 02, 2016 13:51
      Do you spend your life responding to the general atmosphere around you? Are you easily swayed by others and their feelings - depressed and down when things are not so good, and happy and enthusiastic when others feel that way too?

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      Getting the Word In To You

      January 26, 2016 14:22
      Have you ever had the experience of reading a portion of scripture only to stop and realize that you actually have no idea what you have just read?! The word written on the pages of our Bibles should become written on our hearts - so getting in to the Word is important.

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      How is your investment?

      January 19, 2016 14:29
      Investment is a key concept applicable to so many areas of our lives. Whilst we primarily may think of it in the context of money, and quite rightly so, seeing value in something, sacrificing for it with the hope of a good return is a universal concept.

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      Fix Your Eyes on Jesus - Not the Waves

      January 12, 2016 14:53
      Peter took some steps on the water, but then began to sink. Why? The thing I learned from Peter is this: when Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, as he got out of the boat, he could walk on water. When Peter put his eyes on the storm around him, he began to sink. This applies to us also.

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