Our Pupils Speak on the Global Leadership Summit

  • “From the GLS I learnt that to be a leader it does not matter where you come from, who you are or even how you look. Leadership is for anyone. It does not mean that every man needs to be the president but a good leader listens to other peoples’ opinions as well.” – Tererai Chikwanda 1J
  • The leadership rule I feel every leader should follow is the one which said, “Correct others without demonising them” – Leon Msipa 2E

  • “At GLS I learnt about being a leader you have to sow seeds into other people.” Maudy Ndlovu 1M
  • “I never used to know what a true leaders is, my view was that he or she was always respected whether the people liked it or not, or maybe because of the stripes on their blazer. But that changed when I was told that anyone can lead and everyone is a leader, but for people to respect that, you should pray and put God at the centre of everything you do. Leadership is not with the stripes on your blazer, it is with the respect you give others and influence them to do good things, changing peoples lives for the better. A leader also accepts correction and can correct for the good, and also forgiveness is key.” – Anotida Matsa 1J
  • “One of the speakers that stood out for me was Brian Stevenson. He touched on doing the uncomfortable, in the future I aspire to be a lawyer and his is also a lawyer and sometimes I have second thoughts about that because fear gets the better of me but he inspired me to never give up and to be hopeful because a great leader has to do the uncomfortable to achieve greatness.” Wendy Mtisi 2E
  • “My GLS experience was eye-opening. I learnt that: – Forgiveness is the key to peace. If you can’t forgive you’ll constantly be sad and depressed. Plus, creativity is key to being influential in life. If you are creative, people will be interested in you. As a leader you attract who you are, not who you want to. So, be the person that you want to attract. Don’t give negative feedback but positive feedback. And pursue your dreams no matter what or who you are.” Sharon Marangwanda 1M