Newsletter 2 of 2019 – From the Principal’s Desk



The first term saw the implementation of a number of changes in our approach to student learning.  Our students are being trained and challenged to take more ownership of their learning process.  We are glad to report that more students are showing evidence of “reading ahead” of their lessons.  The teachers are seeing more active participation by pupils in lessons which helps in determining the levels of progress being made.  The time created for online research in the afternoons is benefiting pupils who used to struggle with the skill of time management.

In addition to the academic supervision structure that has been in place over the years, we have appointed four teachers who have been tasked with the task of trekking pupil performance at each form class level.  The following teachers are carrying out the said responsibility;

a) Mrs Sango – Form 4, Lower and Upper 6th

b) Dr Chawira – Form 2s

c) Mrs Muzondo – Form 3s

d) Mrs Sibanda – Form 1s

We are hoping that each pupil is going to be pushed to apply themselves fully to their studies.  We would want every pupil to be making quality progress in their performance.  This demand has to come from both the school and the parents.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to be monitoring their children’s progress using the Senatical online platform on an ongoing basis.  (Details on Senatical are provided later in this Newsletter).



2019 Examinations

May/June Examinations – commence on 2 May 2019 and end on Friday 14 June 2019. 

October/November Registrations – starts on 7 May 2019 and closes on 28 June 2019 for the following examinations:

F1s will be writing an ABRSM Music Exam

F2s will be writing Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint examinations

F4s will be writing their “O” Level examinations

L6s & U6s will be writing ‘AS’ & ‘A’ Levels respectively 

Registration fees and payment details will be available when registration commences. 


Certificates for 2019 Examinations

Certificates for 2019 May/June examinations will be available by 30 November 2019. For 2019 October/November examinations certificates will be available by 30 April 2020. All candidates should collect their certificates as soon as possible after receipt of them by the school and whilst the school does its best to look after these valuable certificates, the school cannot be held liable for damage or loss of uncollected ones. 


Keeping Track of Your Child Through The Senatical Parent Portal

The Senatical Parent Portal is an important tool which we encourage all parents to be regularly connecting to as it allows access to ‘real time’ data relating to your child/children’s progress. In the Portal, you can view the subjects your child is studying, homework, marks obtained in various written pieces of work, past reports, credits and demerits. 

We would like to draw your attention to the Credits record on the Portal. Students can receive credits from teachers in the following areas: Academics in general or for academic collaboration; innovation; progress and reading ahead, as well as Culture, Hostel, Leadership, Service, Sports and Spiritual Formation. This record of progress in these activities is a permanent record which will be used to compile testimonials now and in the future. We have added the dimension of giving awards at Formal Assembly to students who receive at least five credits per assessment to try and help them build a culture of positive engagements in all aspects of College life. Demerits are given when pupils are in contradiction to areas where credits are given for. 

We encourage all parents and guardians to constantly check the Senatical Parent Portal for a fresh update on your child’s progress both in terms of marks, credits – demerits, and teachers comments on progress. Take full advantage of technology and keep well informed. 

A quick link to the log in page can be found on our website under the Parents Portal tab.  If you have challenges in logging in, please write to


Moral Fibre 

We live in a fallen world and we wish we could say our children are immune to the ills of the world, but sadly that is not the case. At times children are tainted by the corrupt world we live in. Our MCC Eagles’ Creed desires for our children to make God the centre of all that they do. We implore you parents to pray for your children, to teach them the Word of God and to lead them in the Lord’s way. The agenda of the enemy has never changed as John 10vs10 states that the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy. The comforting news is that God has come to give us life and to give us that life in abundance. So let us take heart knowing that if God is on our side, we are on the winning side. Our encouragement is that we all spend quality time with our children and get to know them better as we impart the wisdom of God into their lives.

In order to help protect our children from destructive habits, especially associated with abuse of drugs, we are urging parents and guardians to thoroughly check their children’s bags as they come to hostel or school.  It is also important to give active attention to the friends our children associate closely with and let alone the social gatherings they are engaged in.  Our children need parental guidance now more than ever before.  We are appealing to parents to take active interest in what is going on in their children’s lives on the social dimension.  For instance, it is strategic to become aware of conversations and interactions happening between our children and their social media associates.  Our children need to clearly have an alternative voice to the deceptive peer pressure weighing down on them.  Parents should not in this critical season choose to take a back seat and merely hope for the best for their children.  There is need to fight for the moral preservation for our children and to train them in the healthy and godly way that they ought to go.  As an Institution, we are vigilant and unwavering in upholding our values which are biblically informed, as reflected in the MCC Creed.

We are committed to our role of assisting and equipping children to fulfil their dreams of becoming the best which God wired them for.  Whatever discipline we will administer will be aligned to redemptive goals.


Day Scholar Uniform Labelling

In our ongoing endeavour to ensure consistent standards and reduction in lost property, it is a requirement that all uniform items have an individual’s name embroidered on them. This exercise started with the boarders, and now continues with day scholars. As such, day scholars are required to use the same person that did the embroidery for the boarders to ensure standards are maintained.  We are appealing that our stakeholders visit Mr Mugano in the basement area at Gweru Main Post Office on 7th Street to have your child’s item embroidered at a cost of RTGS$0.80 per item. Pupils are encouraged to return for second term with their clothes correctly embroidered.


Uniform Standards

We have noted with concern that some pupils are not wearing correct uniform in terms of standards outlined in our school rules. A particular area of concern is senior boys trousers where we have seen an increase in departure from the standard trouser fit, to ‘slim fit’ trouser. Note that this is not school uniform. Please visit the Orientation Documents under the Admissions Tab on our website to view a copy of the Orientation Booklet in which all uniform details are outlined. Note that wherever a child is found in breach of standard, you will be required to replace the incorrect item with the correct item so please cross check that your child’s uniforms comply with regulation. To avoid unnecessary expense, we recommend that you purchase uniforms from our suppliers; namely Enbee (Westgate, Borrowdale & Gweru), Mesclothing (Gweru) and George Mitchell’s Sport (Gweru).


Hostel Issues

Cellphones: We have standing rules that govern how students use their cell phones and there are designated times to use these 

communication devices. Boarders are expected to hand in their phones at arrival to the College and they are only allowed to use their phones on Saturday from 3pm to Sunday 6:30pm. In the event that a student is found with a cell phone outside the stipulated times mentioned above, the cellphone privilege is withdrawn for 90 continuous days. A special thank you to all the parents who have cemented the school’s stance by not purchasing a second cell phone for their children in the event that the school has confiscated the first one. The encouragement to all stakeholders is that we follow suit as we endeavour to make our students teachable Eagles.  Our students have to master the discipline of not succumbing to cellphone addiction. 

Still on cellphones, may you spend some quality time with your children and get into their social interactive world. This is not necessarily meant to be a witch hunting exercise but an opportunity to know your child more and if there are any possible challenges, you know what you are dealing with. The few times we have detected undesirable things on a student’s gadget, we have communicated with the relevant parents so that helping a child becomes a concerted effort, not just from the school or parents but all parties. Our MCC Eagels’ Creed says, “I am a responsible citizen.” This is work in progress and we would like our students to be responsible in their use of cell phones, material viewed and shared, and language used.

Clothes pegs: An appeal was made earlier on in the term for parents to purchase pegs for their children. During the weekends children get to launder their own casual clothes. We are training our boarders to become self-reliant and have practical life skills; and we know that neatness, tidying up after oneself and washing one’s own clothes are necessary skills in moulding a child’s work ethic. May you join us in this process by buying clothes pegs and kindly labelling them with a marker for ease of identification.



Second term is always our busiest sporting term. As pupils return to school, please ensure that pupils return with the correct attire. Sports on offer in second term for boys: rugby, hockey, soccer (select), volleyball (select); and for girls: hockey, netball, basketball, soccer (select), volleyball (select)

Note that pupils must return with the correct sporting equipment inclusive of protective wear as follows:


Shorts – pillar box red boxer shorts for juniors, white boxer shorts for seniors

Shirt – pillar box red rugby jersey 

Knee length socks – pillar box red with two white lines on turn over

Gum Guards

Rugby Boots (U15s and above)


Hockey – Boys & Girls 

Appropriate size & weighted hockey stick

Knee length socks – pillar box red with two white lines on turn over

Shin pads

Gum Guards



As per the basic sports kit

Shin pads

Soccer boots


Netball, Basketball & Volleyball

As per the basic sports kit


Holiday Sports Training

As part of our preparations for this busy sporting season, a few of our sports teams will do some pre-season training between Monday 29 April and Friday 3 May. Sessions will start on Monday 29 April at 2pm and will end on Friday 3 May at 1pm. Boarder pupils may have the option of staying in hostel for the final period of the holidays (4 May to 6 May), subject to getting clearance from the Bursar on Term 2 fee payment arrangements. 

The teams involved are as follows:

U14 Rugby (those born in 2006)

U16 Rugby (those born in 2004)

1st & 2nd Team Rugby 


1st Team Boys Hockey

1st Team Girls Hockey 

For day scholars, note that pupils will be required to be at school from 8am to 5pm and whilst lunches will be provided, pupils are encouraged to bring additional refreshments. 


Partnership Appeal – Sport

Our senior sporting teams have the privilege of wearing specifically designed first team kit for matches. These kits are often made available through sponsorship by supportive parties. The invitation is open for you or your company to offer support through sponsorship of one of this season’s kits. Where a company sponsors a kit, generally the company branding can be added to the kit as a way of advertisement and in all cases, appreciation is done publicly, unless requested otherwise. Those interested in partnering with us can either contact the Principal’s office directly or the Sports office – or 

UnitsSportUSD Item PriceUSD Whole Team Cost
17Hockey Panelled Kits US$ 32.00 US$ 544.00
12Volleyball Panelled US$ 32.00 US$ 384.00
12Volleyball Panelled Boys US$ 32.00 US$ 384.00
16Boys Basketball US$ 16.00 US$ 512.00
16Girls Basketball US$ 32.00 US$ 512.00
18Boys Soccer US$ 32.00 US$ 576.00
18Girls Soccer US$ 32.00 US$ 576.00
23Rugby Jerseys US$ 48.00 US$ 1,104.00
23Rugby Shorts US$ 14.00 US$ 322.00
23Rugby Socks US$ 6.00 US$ 138.00
UnitsSportRTGS Item PriceRTGS Whole Team Cost


Hockey Panelled Kits80544


Volleyball Panelled80384


Volleyball Panelled Boys80384


Boys Basketball80512


Girls Basketball80512


Boys Soccer80576


Girls Soccer80576


Rugby Jerseys1701,104


Rugby Shorts42322


Rugby Socks21138


Social Welfare Appeal 

Our Social Welfare and Interact clubs play an active role in community outreach and as such, are appealing for second hand or new items of clothing and shoes, blankets, toiletries and stationery items which can be surrendered through the reception on return to school. These items will then be distributed to identified groups in our community as part of our community outreach. 


Parents Assembly Activities

This year’s Harare Golf Day will take place at Chapman Golf Club on Friday 24 May. Details of entry will be circulated next week. 

This year’s Harare Fundraising dinner will take place at Rainbow Towers on Saturday 22 June (Exeat Weekend). Please diarise this date and plan to attend with your family and friends. 

In light of upcoming activities and fundraising initiatives, the Parents Assembly Committee have requested that pupils return with the following items next term to assist in making hampers for both functions:

Form 1 – 1 x 2 litre dilute juice or 1 x 1litre box pure fruit juice

Form 2 – 1 x 2kg Sugar or 1 x 2kg rice or 1 x 2kg pasta

Form 3 – 1 x 500ml body lotion or 2 x tablets bath soap or 2 x tubes toothpaste

Form 4 – 2 x tinned foodstuffs

Lower 6 – 1 x 500ml mayonnaise or 1 x 500ml tomato sauce or other condiment sauce

Upper 6 – 2 x 500ml long life milk or 1 x  Box of Cereal  


Robotics Trip To America

In the second week of Term 2, our Robotics Team will be off to America to represent Zimbabwe at the First Lego League competitions being held at Lego Land in California. We are proud that this is the second year that we have qualified to represent Zimbabwe at this level of competition. This year’s traveling team consists of: Lincoln Chiko, Nyasha Luka, Jessica Manhambo, Kudzaishe Mumba, Anotidaishe Munda, Tawananyasha Musingarabwi and Sean Nyagura. Anyone wishing to associate with this team through sponsorship towards trip costs, or attire for the competing team to please liaise through the Principal’s office or with Mrs Deysel – or 


Co-Curricular Results Overview


Wadiwanashe Musonza and Elizabeth Mspia took part in the Puma School of Speed South African Championships. 

Elizabeth won the bronze medal for the 200ms and silver medal in the 100ms. 

Wadiwanashe won the gold medal for the 400ms


Both Elizabeth and Wadiwanashe received invitations to be part of the teams that competed at the Junior Champs in the Ivory Coast. 


National Competitions

At this year’s national competitions which were hosted at MCC, Leeroy Tapfumaneyi won the silver medal for his Triple Jump event. Elizabeth Msipa won the bronze medal for her 4x100m race, silver medals for her 100m and 200m performances and the gold medal for her part in the U17 Girls Medley race. Elizabeth Msipa was then selected into the COSSAS team traveling to Swaziland at the start of May. 



At the Girls College Chess Tournament, Ashleigh Tapfumaneyi and Ivan Muzondiwa won 4 out of their 5 games. 


Results from the NASH Zonals competitions were as follows:

U13 Boys:

Ashleigh Tapfumaneyi – 1st position 

U13 Girls:

Trish Zhuwakini – 1st position 


U15 Boys:

Mudiwa Makope won 3 out of 5 games

Themba Mapundu won 3 out of 5 games


U18 Boys:

Russel Mupanda – 2nd position 


U18 Girls:

Vongaishe Maibvisira – 1st postion 

Paidamoyo Chiota – 1st position  

Rufaro Matsenyengwa – 1st position 


U20 Girls:

Panashe Chizengeya – 4th position


Results from the NASH Inter-Zonals competitions were as 


Ashleigh Tapfumaneyi was placed 3rd out of 14 competitors.

Russel Mupanda was placed 5th out of 14 competitors.


Cross Country 

At the Arundel Cross Country meet, the team performed well. Special mention of Eden Manyika who placed 3rd, Rukudzo Magwenzi who placed 5th and Takunda Pedze who placed 8th in their various age group pools of a total of 72 contestants in each pool. 


Interhouse Cross Country

1st Crown

2nd Bateleur

3rd Martial 



At the ATS Senior Debate competition, the team won against Goldridge and Gateway, and lost against Falcon and Watershed and were placed 11th out of the 16 competing schools. 


Science Olympiad

At the Chisipite School Science Olympiad competition, the 

junior team placed 3rd out of 15 schools. 


Basketball – Boys

1st Team

Vs Falcon lost 9 – 29

Vs Goldridge lost 15-19

Vs Petra won 18 – 14


Basketball – Girls 

Vs Girls College

U14s  lost 2 – 6

U15s lost 4 – 23

U16s won 13 – 10

1sts lost 4 – 60



Provincial Selections


Kinah Ntuli

Macwayne Ndlovu

Aftaab Petkar

Tadiwanashe David Mutero 

Methembe Sibanda


Daniel Mudenge

Kian Ndhlovu

Victor Madziwadondo


Passmore Mabukwa 

Tererai Chikwanda

Edmos Dube-Mabeza 



Interhouse Senior Gala Results

1st Crown 

2nd Martial

3rd Bateleur 


Tennis – Girls

The following were selected into the Midlands tennis team:

Jessica Manhambo, Nokutenda Tombindo, Wish Mbwera, Emily Ndewere, Michel Pedzisai, Tanatswa Mlauzi, Genalyn Gazi, Daisy Mwenga.


Vs Goldridge

U14s won 4 – 0

U15s drew 2 – 2

U16s won 4 – 0

U17s won 3 – 1

Opens lost 2 – 1


Tennis – Boys

The following were selected into the Midlands Tennis Team:

Farai Mukhosi, Labo Ndlovu, Dean Moyo, Obert Sibanda, Deon Kunjani, Karl Makahamadze, Masimbaashe Chiremba, Jimmy Gazimbi, Carlton Kabaya. 

Vs Goldridge

U14s won 4 – 0

U15s won 2 – 0

U16s won 3 – 1

Opens lost 2 – 1


Public Speaking – Seniors

Individual Results:

1st place – Gamuchirai Munyaka

2nd place – Rufaro Chikarango

3rd place – Tinevimbo Chaibva


House Positions:

1st Crown

2nd Martial

3rd Bateleur



National Selections – At the ATS Volleyball Selection Tournament the following were selected into various touring teams:


Girls 16 and Under:

Unouyashe Mukwewa

Rumbidzaishe Chihumelah

Zandile Sibanda

Tatenda Gutura

Wendy Mtisi

Nyasha Luka 


Boys Under 20

Vusani Ntuli

Joel Mukaratirwa

Toughman Zhou

Tinashe Katsande

Leeroy Tapfumaneyi 

Joshua Dhitima 



In 2019 our year of “building dreams”, let us remember that there is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve ; it is the fear of failure (hence you don’t try).  There are no shortcuts to success.  Achieving success requires paying the price in advance.