Newsflash 3/2/2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

May-June CIE Registrations: Note that registration is currently under way for this year’s May-June CIE examination session for O, AS and A Level. Note that this includes registrations for ‘re-takes’. 

Please contact with queries. 

Note that registration should be concluded by FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY.

Academic Issues: Our teachers are working hard to ensure sound academic delivery and support to our learners. We ask for your support on the home front. We continue to note absences from timetabled activities by some of our students. We expect pupils to attend all indicated activities – lessons; form times; assemblies; clubs and fitness sessions, and ask that you help to ensure that they, as far as possible, are in attendance. 

We also note that some pupils have not turned in all given assignments. The first assessment academic marks window closes in the next two weeks. To avoid pupils receiving poor grades as a result of un-submitted work, we ask that you encourage your child/children to catch up if they may have fallen behind. 

If you have not yet activated the Google Classroom monitoring option, we urge you to do so. Follow the link to learn more about this facility and how to set it up:

And for assistance in accessing your child’s marks through the Senatical portal, please contact

From the Maths Teachers: Progress is being hindered in the case where pupils do not have calculators. Scientific calculators are needed by all Form 2 – 4 pupils and any Lower 6 & Upper 6 pupils who are doing Mathematics.  

Parents Assembly AGM: Will take place at 5:30pm on Thursday 11 February, virtually. Nominations for those who would like to serve on this committee as well as specific items to be included in the agenda be submitted by Monday 8 February 2021 to

MCC Eagles’ Virtual Noticeboard: Weekly announcements to our pupils are posted on our MCC Eagle’s Virtual Noticeboard. Please encourage your children to check this facility. Note that this facility can only be viewed by someone registered in our system – so if you as a parent would like to view it, you will need to do so through your child’s school Google account. 

This Month’s Focus: As communicated by the Head in his newsletter, during the course of the year our devotions, assemblies and spiritual formation programmes will be organised into monthly themes based on our Eagle’s Creed. 

This month’s theme is: 

“God is at the centre of everything I do.” 

With Proverbs 3:5-6 being our verse of the month:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths.”