Monday June 14 2021

From the Headmaster’s Desk

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As we approach the middle of the year a reminder of our theme may assist us to refocus on what is of value to us. The Greek word Eudaimonia which is commonly translated as flourishing has also been translated as blessedness. The state of flourishing can therefore be considered to be a state of blessedness. Our theme of Flourishing is inextricably linked to the state of being blessed by the Lord.

This state is not dependent on external factors but on the work of the Holy Spirit inside our hearts. This is why our scripture of the year Colossians 3:23 is the best suited to our Flourishing theme because it is only when we do what we do as unto the Lord that we can find true fulfilment and flourish as a consequence. 

Assessment 3 Academics Results

We congratulate the following students for the best results in their respective forms based on the number of A* and A symbols attained:


AS/A2 Level

In order to ensure that we raise our pass rates and students who require additional attention are sufficiently catered for we have introduced a remedial action program to start in July. This will be a continuation of the program we trialled in the 1st term. More details of this program will be made available at the end of the holidays.

Public Examinations

For the examination classes we are now in the middle of the 2021 public examination registration period.  We encourage all parents of examination writing students to take note of the deadlines in order to avoid late entry fees.  The deadline for payment and registration for ZIMSEC examinations is 25 June and the deadline for Cambridge examinations is 30 June 2021.  Examination fee payments and registration forms need to reach us by close of business on the deadline date. 

Sporting Activities

Fitness activities last term included a successful inter house cross country event held under strict Covid 19 guidelines.  Athletes were released to the fields in batches to avoid a crowd gathering on the fields.  The focus for the second half of the term then shifted to ball skills in various sporting disciplines.  This was done in line with SRC guidelines, a model adopted by other ATS schools as well.  We advise students to bring their own personalised sports equipment such as hockey sticks and individual balls where these are available.

Life Skills

Due to the time lost during lockdown we were unable to conduct any student camps as we would normally do in the first term.  We are therefore planning to run 3 camps in the next term. In preparation for these camps L6 students and Stewards are requested to bring a tent, sleeping bag, hiking shoes and a bicycle.  The 3rd camp is the form 1 camp, and they will not be required to bring anything that they don’t already have.  Actual dates for the camps will be communicated at the end of the holidays.  

The College continues to work with Zebra Driving School in assisting our students to obtain driver’s licences.  Since we returned to physical instruction after the lockdown earlier in the year we have seen 8 students earning the right to drive.  We encourage more students over the age of 16 to sign up for lessons so they gain this very essential life skill. 


The recognition of the plight of others in our community has grown significantly among our students.  Various clubs have been supporting a number of initiatives to assist those less fortunate than themselves.  As a Christian school we have a mandate to develop outreach as a virtue among our students.  One of the more notable initiaves is that by the Social Welfare Club.  They have continued to support Chingegomo Primary School in Lalapansi, to which they donated different essential supplies raised by the general student body.  They have also managed to raise enough money to pay fees for 51 students in various school across the Gweru district. 

PAC News

The Parents Assembly Committee (PAC) met physically on Wednesday 2 May 2021.  One of the salient points raised was the students’ drive to support the PAC’s project to build a resource centre in the lower quad.  All pupils have been issued with an “Earn- A-Brick” form. Please note that the idea behind this campaign is that the pupils earn bricks!  We commend the pupils for this fantastic initiative and look forward to support from the parents and the wider community. 

Below are some suggested tasks and remuneration amounts to help give ideas on activities that can be done by a pupil to “Earn a Brick”.  Kindly note that this list is not exclusive, and we welcome generous contributions towards this exciting project which will bring great benefit to our pupils.

Car wash – 10 Bricks (USD2)

Watering the garden/lawn – 15 Bricks (USD3)

Weeding the vegetable/flower beds – 15 Bricks (USD3)

Wash Windows – 25 Bricks (USD5)

Preparing an enjoyable meal – 35 Bricks (USD7)

Running an errand – 30 Bricks (USD6)

Hired to Work – employed for a day – 40 Bricks (USD8)

Other – at agreed upon rate 

The minimum target per person is USD50 and a lost form will incur a USD50 penalty. 

For those who may want to assist in other practical ways, please contact the school on / 0772570772 or the Parents Assembly Chairman on / 0772359500. 

Library Books

As we build up to the launch of our resource centre building project we are also going to embark on a plan to increase our reading resources currently housed in our existing library. Our resources are very low at this point in time and we appeal to parents to assist the students to identify at least 2 books that they would like to donate.  These may be new or second hand books and 2 is only a minimum number so students can donate more.  

We would only ask that the books should not be at odds with our Christian beliefs although they do not have to be religious Christian books.  Examples of books that would not be welcome are books on other religions, horoscopes, excessive violence or material inappropriate for teenage readers. 

Covid 19 Protocol

We encourage students to continue wearing masks, dressing warmly, physically distancing and sanitising hands regularly during the holidays, particularly when out in public or entertaining visitors.  With reports of a third wave in Johannesburg and the recent scare in Kwe Kwe the risk of an escalation in infection rate is never too far away.  Parents are advised to ensure that their children maintain strict adherence to the recommended Covid 19 protocols.

Student Discipline

Management have noticed a spike in incidence of ill-discipline among the students.  Whilst stewards and staff do not have carte blanche in how they apply rules we do want them to operate with a fair amount of autonomy in applying sanctions for lower tier misdemeanours and to this end we will be empowering them further.  We appeal to parents to work with us as we train the students to develop a healthy respect for authority.  In the spirit of Proverbs 22 v 6 we have a mandate to train our children “in the way they should go” so that “when they are old they will not depart from it”. 

We have recently had to deal with issues ranging from making noise in class, loitering, disrespecting seniors and staff, refusing to follow instructions, possessing unauthorised gadgets, to bullying of other students.  On the subject of unauthorised gadgets we advise parents to keep a close eye on gadget use and not to give them replacement gadgets when their regular ones are confiscated at school.  We need to develop students who understand the need to conform to rules set down by the school, their parents and society at large. 

Holidays and Back to school

During the course of the holidays we urge parents to try and ensure that students get sufficient rest particularly in the first week.  It is also advisable for parents to also monitor any potential “binge” behaviour particularly relating to social media, YouTube and television.  As a school we are trying to get students out of the habit of over reliance on electronic media. Students are encouraged to read books and newspapers so as to develop reading. 

The next academic period will begin on 28 June 2021 as per the revised government term calendar.  Boarders will be expected to check into the hostels between 12 noon and 5pm on Sunday 27 June 2021. 

We encourage parents to pay fees based on the details provided in the communication sent by the board last month. Where alternative payment plans are required parents are advised to contact us urgently. As per normal practice admission slips will be requested before students attend lessons next term.

Yours sincerely 

TL Mkhosana