Wednesday September 22 2021

Newsflash 22/9/21

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Engagement Meetings with the Head:

We invite all Harare-based parents to an engagement meeting with the Headmaster on Saturday 25 September 9am – 10am at Zimbali Gardens (26 Cecil Road, Greendale, Harare). Please let us know if you plan to attend to assist with catering numbers for tea. 

We also extend the invitation to all prospective Harare-based parents to meet with the Head and learn more about our school starting with tea at 10am on Saturday 25 September. Please see the attached flyer for this and circulate to colleagues and friends. 

We invite all Gweru-based parents to an engagement meeting with the Headmaster on Thursday 30 September at 5pm in the school hall. 

We strongly believe in an ‘open door policy’ and remind our parents to engage with us on an ongoing basis, not just at meetings. Please contact us should you wish to discuss issues pertaining to your child or our institution. We are in partnership. 

Spirit of Partnership:

We thank the Parents Assembly Committee for their ongoing role in challenging us to high levels of service delivery. Our goal is to indeed offer a quality service which is of value to money. 

We too thank the Parents Assembly Committee for the Resource Centre Initiative and you as parents for your ongoing support through payment of the PAC Levy towards this much needed infrastructural development. We, however, ask for your assistance in ensuring that all outstanding “Earn a Brick” forms are returned to the school. Some pupils appear to have forgotten their forms at home. For the integrity of the exercise, ALL forms must be returned, and the penalty for lost forms will need to be paid. 

We also ask for your support in the Library Book collection drive. Every pupil was asked to return to school with a donation of at least two books to put towards the school library. These may be new or second hand books. We only ask that the books not be at odds with our Christian beliefs, although they do not have to be religious Christian books. Examples of books that would not be welcome are books on other religions, horoscopes, excessive violence or material inappropriate for teenage readers. 


To our pupils who took part in the first part of the National Institute of the Allied Arts Speech and Drama Virtual Festival. We look forward to the group performances which are still ‘to air’. Results so far are as follows:

Third Grades:

  • Nokutenda Munyanduki – Solo Poetry, Form 3 & 4
  • Tawonga Silubonde – Solo Poetry, Form 3 & 4
  • Moirah Chiwara – Monologue, Intermediate

Second Grades:

  • Rufaro Chanakira – Solo Poetry, Senior
  • Theodore Masi – Solo Poetry, Senior
  • Melissa Ngwenya / Diya Keshav – Duo Poetry, Senior
  • Kudzai Chikwari – Monologue, Senior
  • Natasha Jones – Monologue, Senior
  • Genalyn Gazi – Monologue, Senior
  • Theodore Masi – Monologue, Senior
  • Sharon Marangwanda – Shakespearean Sonnet, Senior
  • Tanatswa Mlauzi/Kudzai Chikwari – Duologue, Senior
  • Karl Makahamadze / Tanatswa Mlauzi – Duo Prepared TV News Reading
  • Kundai-Karl Mpame – Shakespearean Monologue

First Grades:

  • Kudzaishe Mumba / Sharon Marangwanda – Duo Poetry, Senior
  • Zandile Sibanda – Solo Poetry, Senior
  • Lostancia Mudzengerere / Mufarowashe Dhitima – Duo Poetry, Senior
  • Nadine Mutangara / Blessing Madhiri – Duo Poetry, Senior
  • Vanessa Mncube / Sharon Marangwanda – Duologue, Senior
  • Karl Makahamadze – Shakespearean Sonnet, Senior
  • Anotidaishe Ndoro – Shakespearean Monologue
  • Kundai Mpame / Diya Keshav – Duo Prepared TV News Reading

First Grade Plus:

  • Natasha Jones / Panashe Magadza – Duo Poetry, Senior


  • Tinovimba Manjengwa – Monologue, Intermediate

  • Blessing Madhiri / Nadine Mutangara – Duologue, Senior

  • Kaylee Ncube / Mufarowashe Dhitima – Duologue, Senior

  • Vanessa Mncube – Solo Poetry, Senior