In the late 1970s, early 1980s a group of Christian men in Gweru were trying to establish a Christian Tuition Centre for about 50 children, but this project floundered and the Municipal Authority refused to authorise it. At the same time whilst at Bible College in 1981, Vivian Jenkins planned to return to Zimbabwe to start a small infants class of about 15 people in Gweru.

In 1982, the Jenkins family returned from the United States, where Christian education was well established and popular, and together with Pastor and Mrs Schalekamp, and Mr Heynie Liebenberg, formed a committee who worked, prayed and negotiated with various authorities to establish the Christian School.

In January 1983, an interim private “Home Study Group” was run for 23 students in converted pig sties until in May 1983, Midlands Christian School began proper operations at the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church in Athlone.

In 1983 Midlands Christian School (Pvt) Ltd was registered and purchases of shares provided capital to purchase the present property for $44 379.00 which was a small abandoned small holding which included the old farm house and four cottages which are still in use today as staff houses. The money initially raised was also enough to start building developments and in September 1984, the move from Emmanuel Pentecostal Church to the first seven junior school classrooms built took place.

Out of a desire to see pupils who had started in the Midlands Christian School system continue in the Midlands Christian system, Midlands Christian College started in 1987. Without a building of its own – Midlands Christian College started by making use of the junior school facilities. It had 2 full time teachers (Mr Flanagan & Mrs Jenkins) and 23 Form 1 pupils. In 1989, Midlands Christian College moved into its own buildings, with development continuing over the years to suit the needs of the College.

In 1991 it was decided that there was need to address the shortage of teachers which was also a national problem. As such, Midlands Christian Training Centre was established in 1992 with 5 student teachers enrolled. Initially the goal was to enrol 5 student teachers per year for training, specifically to address staffing needs at Midlands Christian School and Midlands Christian College, but it did not take long for other private schools and organisations to want to get involved. During its tenure (1992 – 2014) over 200 student teachers graduated from the programme. Operations at Midlands Christian Training Centre are currently suspended and a time of restructuring is underway.

Realising that the vision for the institution is bigger and longer-lasting than the people who hold office in it, Midlands Christian College embarked on the process of international accreditation in 2014 with the Association of Christian Schools International. In 2016 Midlands Christian College received international accreditation which guarantees continuous school improvement, that international standards are met and maintained, that we remain true to our biblical core values and mission and that Midlands Christian College continues to advance its Christian distinctive.

Another defining moment in our institutions’ history is that in 2017 the Board of Trustees, consisting of the original founding members of Midlands Christian School, College and Training Centre, passed a resolution to enable the restructuring of the three institutions into a single, centrally administered institution which now is known as the Midlands Christian Group of Schools.

Our schools have been built by faith and hard work, and our history is made up of people who have played an important role in establishing it. We salute the faithful men and women, who pursued the God-given vision, and those who continue to run with this vision in our institution today.

In the words of Eintstein, “Education is that which remains when all facts learnt at school have been forgotten”. The children are the focus of this institution and it is our desire to bring children to Godly maturity in spirit, body and soul, and for our teachers to be dedicated, well–qualified and willing to give of their best to the pupils.

In the word of Mrs Vivian Jenkins, pioneer teacher of Midlands Christian School, Midlands Christian College and founding Principal of Midlands Christian Training Centre, “to those who have a dream: if God has given you your dream, follow it with all your heart and with all your energy and enthusiasm you have to offer and He will bring it to pass. Our God keeps His promises.”