Applying To Enrol at Midlands Christian College

Application forms are available to interested candidates with a non-refundable administration fee to be confirmed on collection or submission of the form. When forms are completed and returned we use a waiting list when enrolling. The waiting list position in the first instance is determined by the date of application. That means when a vacancy occurs the applicant who is at the top of the waiting list will then be invited to write an assessment test. If successful the applicant will be accepted for admission.

For a Form One Place

Parents are advised to apply for Form one when their child/children are nearing the end of Grade 6 or in the first term of Grade 7. Midlands Christian School (MCS) pupils must also apply to be admitted to the College – this is not automatic. The non-refundable administration fee is applicable. 

Details will then be sent to you regarding the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools In Zimbabwe (CHISZ) Assessment Test which is usually held on the first Saturday of July. Sitting for this test is upon invitation only, and students have to sit for the test at their school of first choice, that is, at Midlands Christian College if we are your first choice school. Successful applicants are advised in writing, usually 14 days after writing the test. 

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