2021 Orientation Documents

All incoming parents and pupils are requested to take time to familiarise themselves with the content of the Orientation documentation herewith.


Curriculum Skills Overview.pdf

2021 Academic Overview - Whole School.pdf

F1 (2020) TO F4 (2023) CURRICULUM OVERVIEW.pdf

Sample Assessment Report.pdf

Academics - Pupil Academic Support.pdf

Academics - Examination Overview.pdf

Lifeskills Overview.pdf

Lifeskills Music Lessons.pdf

IT Skills Training.pdf

IT - ICT Policy Form 1 to 4.pdf

Counselling Dept - Form 1 Orientation Programme.pdf

Counselling Dept - Form 1 Orientation Camp.pdf

Orientation Camp Parental Consent and Indemnity Form.pdf

Menu Samples.pdf

PAC Contact Details 2019 - 2020.pdf

MCC Orientation Booklet - Final.pdf