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Sports: Start of The Season – By Student Journalist: K. Mpame

The crack of the Winter season beckons the sportswomen and men from all corners of the College: Hockey players, Soccer players, Basketball players and especially, Rugby players.

For some Saturday marked the start of their debut season, for others it was the “same old, same old” in the words of Sir Maravanyika.

The Basketball Baronesses, the U14s, U15s, U16s and the First Team were stacked up against the Convent girls, hailing south of Gweru.


Heat, sweat and the sound of crashing basketballs were resonant that Saturday morning, however, the heat wasn’t coming from any friction between the two schools, but rather a wildfire lit by Convent’s U14’s straight up to the Eagle’s First Team. 

When asked mid-U14 match, about his outlook on the games and the season to come, Coach Pararai, answered, “The season is going to be very difficult,” he continued, “We’ve got a lot to do when it comes to our juniors. We’ll see as the season goes…but we’re hopeful.”

And it seemed like Convent wasn’t flying too far from his altitude,

“They’re okay,” answered a fervent Coach Lee when asked, “but we can see that the fitness is not there…but I’m sure we’re gonna see a marked difference as the season goes.” 

We hope she’s right (in reference to the College of course).

“The season is going to be very difficult…but we’re hopeful.”

Coach paraRai


East of the courts — a little ways from the netball fields — the Rugby players were duking it out for season dominance. They were no strangers to the grit and rumble of the field, in fact they welcomed it. 

“We’re gonna win it,” remarked an especially confident Wadiwa Musonza, “It’s the first game of the season and we want to see where we are…and it’s also to have fun and to improve where we’re lacking.”

For the U14’s it was equally an opportunity for growth and development.

Mr Somerai (the U14 Coach) seemed eager for the season, commenting on the junior’s first game,

“It’s a tight match and the first game is always exciting and I think the boys are putting in a lot of effort…”

“We’re gonna win it,”

Wadiwa musonza

The rugby bouts were remarkable in that they could light the spark that sets the haystack of matches ahead ablaze (a road of victory for the Rugby Eagles) or perhaps they could’ve been a simple mirage in the desert (a false vision in the struggle).

However, the average is likely truest: a season marked by victory, loss, triumph, trouble, injury, recovery and naturally, growth

Mr Chimbuya (First/Second Team Coach) was asked on his take of the First Team match and the season to come, replying, “A lot of mistakes today, the guys were not up to scratch and obviously we can do better.” He continued, “a lot of potential, a lot of new guys coming into the team, it’s gonna be definitely an exciting season. The guys just need to pull up their socks…take pride in the jersey…we need to play for each other, we need to play for the school.”


The soccer season kicked off at a defining 3-1 victory. 

Skills were tested and resolve challenged, but the First Team Soccer Eagles rode the Petra tempest proud. 

Sir Kwande (First Team Captain and Centre Back) was asked on his perspective on the matches to come, “It was a good start, it’s looking bright and we need to work hard to win the season but definitely we’re winning it and we’re going to dominate.”

“Take pride in the jersey…we need to play for each other, we need to play for the school.”

Coach chimbuya

A player recently elevated to the First Team stage, Russel Zvavamwe, scored a debut goal, much to the wild cheer of the supporters at the sidelines.

Here’s what he had to say about this match: 

“It was the first game so people are slowly picking up form…but as the season goes on…more goals, more positive play.”

“We need to work hard to win the season but definitely we’re winning it and we’re going to dominate.”

Sir kwande

Coach Dhliwayo was also asked on his view on the match, and quite straight to the point he said, “It was fine but we still have a lot of work to do.”

Now that’s a truth everyone needs to hear.

A key takeaway for all the sportswomen and men would be Mr Chimbuya’s words,

“[We]* need to pull up [our]* socks…take pride in the jersey…we need to play for each other, we need to play for the school.”

God bless, and a worthwhile second term to all the players and supporters. 



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