Believing in the development of the whole child, our curriculum is multifaceted and is made up of academic, co-curricular and spiritual programmes. The common goal is to raise the type of student detailed in our MCC Eagles’ Creed.

Our academic programme is robust and designed to ensure the future of our Eagles by equipping them with skills that will enable them to succeed in a competitive world. We encourage confidence, independence and critical thinking. Through our broad curriculum students are offered variety giving them the opportunity to pursue their goals with support and guidance from an experienced Academics Department who meet the students needs in accordance with their ability.

We offer a range of clubs and sporting activities which achieve the goal of raising a “whole child”. Students are exposed to new experiences and broaden their interests. We encourage our pupils to discover their cultural prowess, to engage in a healthy, physically active lifestyle and we support them to follow their vision within Christian principles.

As a Christian school, our desire is to produce spiritually grounded pupils who will not succumb to the pressures of the world. We provide a safe welcoming environment where our Eagles learn lifeskills and character-building. Our Eagles become exemplary members of society with strong Christian principles.

MCC Eagles’ Creed

I am a focused Eagle.

God is at the centre of everything I do.

I am a responsible citizen,

teachable, secure and adaptable.

I am a critical thinker,

an exemplary leader

and a confident team-player.

I engage in a healthy, physically active lifestyle.

I am an eagle and I ride the storm.

Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

My Eagle, My Pride.