Midlands Christian College provides a broad and balanced curriculum designed to meet the needs of our pupils who have varying abilities. Within this framework, one of our Expected Outcomes for our Midlands Christian College pupils is, with Christ as the centre of truth, to develop pupils who have a qualification in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing. As such, there is a planned, progressive programme to ensure that our pupils have every opportunity to achieve this goal for themselves and to the best level in accordance with their ability.

The Vice Principal oversees the teaching staff and examination coordination side of the academic programme, with the Director of Academics overseeing and tracking pupil progress. Together, they work with a well-qualified team of Subject Managers who oversee the day to day running of their subjects.

As pupils progress through the academic system, guidance is given on appropriate combinations and levels of qualifications.



Subjects Offered at the Junior Level:

English Language, Shona, French, Ndebele, Mandarin, Combined Science, Religious Studies, Geography, History, Mathematics, Commerce; Music, Physical Education


Pupils are required to choose one ‘technical’ option subject from the following;

Art and Design; Agriculture; Design and Technology (Graphic Products, or Resistant Materials) or Fashion and Textiles.

Subjects Offered at IGCSE Level:

English as a First Language; English Literature; Core Mathematics; Extended Mathematics; Additional Mathematics, Combined Science; Physical Science; Core Biology; Extended Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Geography; History; Accounting; Commerce; Religious Studies; Physical Education; French; Chinese and Shona.


Pupils continue with the one ‘technical’ option subject which they started at whilst at the junior level from the choice of Art and Design; Agriculture; Design and Technology (Graphic Products, or Resistant Materials) or Fashion and Textiles.


Subjects Offered at  ‘AS’ Level and ‘A’ Level:

Mathematics; Chemistry; Biology; Physics; History; Geography; Divinity; History; English Literature; English Language; Art and Design; Fashion and Design; Design and Technology; Business Studies; Accounting; Economics; Computer Science; Chinese; French; Travel and Tourism.



All Junior pupils sit for Music theory examinations.
All pupils sit for the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) under the Computer Society of Zimbabwe with the option of pursuing further computer qualifications in CLAiT.
All pupils attend Education for Living – Biblical Studies lessons which form part of the curriculum although pupils do not write examinations for this subject.