Camps are an integral part of our programme and help to shape the identities of our pupils. Pupils are exposed to invaluable teachings and many fun experiences that remain highlights for them in their high school career.


Form One Camp:

Soon after starting their high school career, Form Ones go away together on an orientation camp. This is an important time where pupils not only ‘bond’ with each other but also receive further guidance on adjusting to high school, and the expectations and standards of Midlands Christian College.

The Form One Camp will generally take place in the 2nd week of 1st term. Activities will include games and bonding exercises, lots of fun and fellowship and getting to know more about the College as well as more about each other.


Form 1 Camp To Victoria Falls


Form Three Camp:

The Form Three Camp will generally take place towards the end of 3rd term. This is a ‘life skills’ camp where topical issues are examined and pupils are exposed to practical life-skills.


Lower Six Camp:

The Lower 6 Camp will generally take place in the 1st term. This is a leadership camp where pupils bond, work together, face challenges and solve problems in teams. They also receive valuable input on being a leader – whether ‘holding an office’ or not.

Pupil attendance of camps is expected.