The Life Skills and Counselling Department oversee this important aspect of the College, both for the school as a whole and for individuals in need of specific support.


Orientation of New Pupils

New pupils to the College always go through a time of Orientation where information about the College and its programmes is given to pupils. In addition to this to help pupils become more familiar with their new environment, they also have the chance to meet with other new pupils, department heads and stewards. All new pupils are also paired with a peer mentor who is there to assist them.



This is an important time in our programme – both at school and at hostel – where daily, pupils get to share and reflect on the Word of God. Form Teachers and Hostel Staff coordinate this time under the Life Skills and Counselling Department.


Education for Living – Biblical Studies

This programme forms part of our main curriculum with lessons timetabled like an academic subject. Topical issues are discussed, practical strategies are given, support is offered and study of the Bible is done. All pupils attend these lessons.


Shadow Groups

Based on the principle found in Acts 5:15-16, every pupil in the College selects a member of staff whose ‘shadow’ they will fall under – boys choosing a male member of staff and girls choosing a female member of staff. These resultant groups bond and become a close-knit support for each other through the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of life as they also grow together in the ways of the Lord.


Hostel Church

Boarders attend Hostel Church in the school hall on Sunday mornings. There is a time of Praise and Worship as well as prayer. Guest Pastors and speakers are invited to come and share with our pupils and ‘dovetails’ with our Biblical Studies programme.