Sport in particular provides the opportunity, not only to be physically and mentally fit, but to also practise team-work, decision making under pressure, discipline, how to win and lose, and how to have fun. Pupils must do at least two sports per term which will take up to four afternoons a week from 3:35pm to 4:55pm.


Sports offered include:


Term 1:

Athletics; Basketball; Cricket; Cross Country; Swimming; Tennis; Volleyball



Term 2:

Hockey; Girls Basketball; Netball; Rugby; Senior Boys Soccer; Volleyball



Term 3:

Basketball; Cricket; Swimming; Tennis; Volleyball



As a school, we travel around the country attending various extra mural activities. Support as we travel is always greatly appreciated. Our school calendar (link to actual calendar) informs of the planned fixtures and our weekly newsflashes (link to newsflashes??) confirm the details.

Our pupils also have the chance to be considered for national selection for most sports, with pupils being selected annually. A number of our Sports Department Staff also serve on national teams in coaching and managerial capacities.