Wednesday December 21 2022

2023 Form 1s – Important Reminders

Dear 2023 Form 1 Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to have your children join us next year! A couple of reminders as you make your final preparations:

Helpful Documents:

Our Orientation Booklet is comprehensive and should guide you in practical expectations as well as general information that you may be wondering about. A soft copy of this as well as other documents which are part of our Orientation Pack are found on our website – Please note that your child should come to school with their hard copy of the Orientation Booklet which was in the Orientation Pack given out at Orientation in November. Those students yet to be issued with a hard copy will receive their copy at school at the start of the term.

Admission Slips:

Note that in order for pupils to be admitted to the classrooms or the hostels, a child must produce an ‘Admission Slip’. This is a termly requirement and is obtained direct from the Bursars’ Department either through full payment of fees, or through concluding fee payment arrangements with them. Note that in order for your child’s Admission Slip to be ready waiting for them, fee payments or fee payment terms should be concluded with the Bursar by 1pm on Thursday 5 January, otherwise you will need to see the Bursars Department on arrival – which can come with delays as you wait for other parents to also be seen. 

Orientation Programme:

All 2023 Form 1 Day Scholars and Boarders are to check in to hostel on Sunday 8 January between 12noon and 4pm for their ‘on the ground’ orientation programme as outlined in the Orientation Programme letter (copy on the website as above). Day scholars are to be collected at 3:30pm on Monday 9 January. Note that personnel from the Bursars Department will be available on Sunday 8 January 12noon – 4pm for those who may need their services. 

2023 Form One Camp:

 A reminder to please settle any outstanding payments for this camp (copy of letter on website as above). Money can be paid at the school cashier or into the school bank account. Please reference your payment “Fm 1 Camp” and send through a copy of your proof of payment to and copy

Stationery Requirements:

MCC supplies your child with all of their text books and exercise books. 

Please ensure your child, at a minimum, comes equipped with the following stationery requirements, ensuring they are labelled:

  • Pencil case to house the stationery
  • Pens – Dark Blue or Black
  • Pencils – HB
  • Eraser – Soft, non-marking type 
  • Ruler – ‘clean’ with no ‘graffiti’ on it
  • Mathematical Set
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape and Glue 
  • Paper (Brown or coloured) and plastic for covering exercise books

Sports Requirements

A reminder of expectations:

Swimming is compulsory for all Form 1s. Pupils are all to have school swimming costumes and a cap in their house colour. Those who will swim in the team should have red caps. 

Cricket is compulsory for all Form 1 boys. Cricket boys are to have a plain white golf shirt, a plain white pair of boxer shorts, knee length white sports socks, cricket spikes, 3 rubberised cricket practice balls, and 1 leather ball 156gm ball. The boys are also needing their own cricket bat, batting pads, batting gloves, groin box, helmet, thigh pad, chest guard (optional), abdominal guard (optional) and elbow guard (optional). Ensure that all items are clearly and permanently labeled.

Labelling of Items:

A reminder that all items are to be labeled – whether school uniform, civvies, stationery, sports kit and so on. Boarders are to have all bedding items permanently labelled – preferably by embroidery. 

Regarding labelling of uniforms, the standard is that uniform items must have a person’s name embroidered on them. For boarders, this is facilitated by the school over the first weekend of term – boarders uniforms can in the mean time be marked with a marker. For Day Scholars, please visit Mr Mugano – Leo’s Embroider – (0772 786 107) in the basement area at Gweru Main Post Office on 7th Street to have your child’s items embroidered to the school’s expected standard. 


Pupils must adhere to the correct standards (Details in Orientation Booklet) Boarder boys who use the barber are reminded to bring sufficient money for his services ($3 per hair cut – usually every two weeks). A reminder that boys are to be clean shaven – without excuse. 


Every pupil is to have a proper padlock on their school locker. A labelled spare key is to be surrendered to Form Teachers. All boarders are also required to have a lock for their hostel locker. These will be checked for on arrival at hostel so are to be easily accessible. Labelled spare keys are also to be surrendered in hostel. 

Boarder Reminders:

Please ensure correct number of uniforms are purchased as per the Hostel Checklist (Pg 43 – 45 in the Orientation Booklet). Whilst Term 1 is our summer uniform term, some warm uniform items need to be packed due to the unpredictable weather in Gweru. Please also ensure your child has an umbrella/raincoat for this raining season. Civvies are only required for weekends so do not need to be many in number. Remember to include enough face masks for the term. Labelled clothes pegs are compulsory for all students in boarding.

Office Hours:

Our offices close Wednesday 21 December at 4pm, and reopen Tuesday 3 January at 8am. We wish you a lovely Christmas time!

2023 Form 1 WhattsApp Group: 

Please join this group if you have not yet done so. Thank you!