Wednesday June 5 2019

Africa Day – By pupil reported Zenzile Sibanda

Africa Day, which was also a family bonding day, was a great experience for us students and for the parents and families which came for the much-anticipated event. On 25 May, the well- recognised day set aside for Africans to celebrate Africa and its different cultures, was the day that we all assembled at MCC to embrace these different cultures.

There were games which are played around Africa, which we then played in the morning up until lunch time. But, for me, lunch was the “real deal”! Traditional food such as sadza, brown rice, chicken’s feet, pork bones, thick milk and a large variety of African food was prepared and was enjoyed with the many parents who enjoyed dining with their families. We then proceeded to the concert where students showcased their talents, some by singing and dancing, and even through the recital of poems in different African languages. My favourite was when all fathers got up to dance as the band was playing. 

It was a good experience and I would not mind having Africa day all year round!

Report by: Zandile Sibanda