Sunday June 14 2020

Appreciation of Service

Today we spotlight Pastor Pswarai who, having vacated the role as head of the high school to take up full time his role as Principal Director of the Midlands Christian Group of Schools, also had to vacate the position of Chair of the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools In Zimbabwe. He has played an active role on their steering committee as well as in the Association of Trust Schools for a number of years. Below is an expert of appreciate from Mr Tim Middleton, the Executive Director of ATS:

“You have led the organisation with great conviction; you have set a wonderful example; you have shown real empathy and concern for all our members, not just your own school. You have listened carefully, advised wisely, deliberated patiently, acted astutely, attended faithfully, supported graciously, spoken clearly, responded humbly, related cheerfully, prepared prayerfully and thought positively. You have always made yourself available, all this despite the fact that for much of the time you have been under great pressure undertaking a number of other heavy responsibilities.

Thank you for your service, your professionalism, your integrity, your passion, all of which has enabled the association to grow in effectiveness, in confidence and in purpose.”

We salute Pastor Daniel Pswarai for his passionate commitment to education in Zimbabwe! May the Lord continue to guide and direct him.