Friday September 2 2022

Back to School Reminders

Admissions Slips: Those who would like to have admission slips ready for collection on return to school should have sent through proof of payments and/or concluded arrangements with the Bursars by 1pm on Friday 2 September.  

Speech Day Invitation: Please plan to join us at school for our Speech and Prize Giving Day on Friday 30 September at 9am as we celebrate achievements, reflect on this year, and look ahead to the next. 

Examination Preparations: Statements of Entry for all Form 3 – Upper 6 pupils have been emailed to parents. We ask that you familiarise yourself with your child’s examination schedule. For any queries or amendments around this please get in touch with the Examinations Department on Please be sure to also check the correct spelling of your child’s name. Those who may still wish to register or sit for a retake should contact us soon. Note that anything processed now is at a higher cost in accordance with Cambridge.

As indicated prior, pupils will be doing their SWOT from school. This means both boarders and day scholars will be doing supervised revision at school. Form 4 and Upper 6 boarder pupils should only be collected from school at the end of their public examinations – date for which can be found on your child’s statement of entry.

Those pupils due to complete their technical subject course work are to be sure to bring all of their course work material to school. 

A reminder of examination stationery essentials (no sharing permitted):

  • Transparent casing/pencil case to house the stationery
  • Pens – Dark Blue or Black
  • Pencils – HB
  • Eraser – Soft, non-marking type 
  • Ruler – ‘clean’ with no ‘graffiti’ on it
  • Scientific Calculators and Mathematical Sets

Form 2 Check Point: All Form 2s will write their Cambridge Check Point examinations on 11, 12 and 13 October.

Academic Reminders: Pupils are to bring back all textbooks, worksheets and exercise books as well as sufficient and appropriate stationery. 

Sports Reminders: Sports for all forms continues in Term 3. Please take note of specifics relating the the juniors and ensure purchase of correct and required kit. 

Swimming will be compulsory for all Form 1, 2 & 3 pupils. Pupils are all to have school swimming costumes and a cap in their house colour. Those who will swim in the team should have red caps. Cricket will be compulsory for all Form 1, 2 & 3 boys. Cricket boys are to have a plain white golf shirt, a plain white pair of boxer shorts, knee length white sports socks, cricket spikes, 3 rubberised cricket practice balls, and 1 leather ball 156gm ball. The boys are also needing their own cricket bat, batting pads, batting gloves, groin box, helmet, thigh pad, chest guard (optional), abdominal guard (optional) and elbow guard (optional). Ensure that all items are clearly and permanently labeled

Labelling of Items: A reminder that all items are to be labeled – whether school uniform, civvies, stationery, sports kit and so on. Boarders are to have all bedding items permanently labelled – preferably by embroidery, before returning to school.

Hairstyles: Pupils must adhere to the correct standards (Details in Orientation Booklet also found Boarder boys who use the barber are reminded to bring sufficient money for his services ($3 per hair cut). A reminder that boys are to be clean shaven – without excuse. 

Security: Every pupil is to have a proper padlock on their school locker. A labelled spare key is to be surrendered to Form Teachers. All boarders are also required to have locks for their hostel lockers. These will be checked for on arrival at hostel so to be easily accessible. Labelled spare keys to be surrendered. 

Boarder Reminders: We are back to summer uniforms as per the uniform list. However, some warm uniform items need to be packed due to the unpredictable weather in Gweru. Civvies are only required for weekends so do not need to be many in number. Remember to include enough face masks for the term. Labelled clothes pegs are compulsory for all students in boarding.

Pupils Drivers: No pupil should drive to school without prior communication with the school. Certain criteria needs to first of all be met. All parents whose children are driven to school by other students should put it in writing authorising such arrangements. Even if one is driving a sibling to school, the same should apply.

2023 Lower 6: Form 4 pupils are to bring back at the start of this term completed and signed 2023 Lower 6 interview forms. These forms were distributed at the Form 4 forum.  

U6 Testimonials: To assist with efficient compilation and processing of Upper 6 testimonials, on return to school, all Upper 6 pupils are to submit their completed testimonial forms through their form teachers. Pupils must collect their official school testimonial before their final departure from school. 

Reflection: “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”Philippians 4:4 (NIV)