Sunday August 28 2022

From the Headmaster’s Desk

Dear MCC Family

As we look back at the past term we can only do so with much praise to our Lord for his provision and protection. This was a very busy term full of ups and downs. Term 2 is traditionally the busiest term from an extramural activity perspective as well as having its fair share of public and internal examinations. We thank all the staff, parents and students for their input and perseverance over the last few months. 

We continue to focus on our theme for the year, that of re-establishing our identity in Christ. We found ourselves critically examining who we are in Christ and being encouraged that as long as we remain rooted in Him we would overcome any difficulties that may confront us. 

Our Vision remains:  

  1. To educate students from a Christian perspective in a Christian environment for responsible adulthood (Proverbs 22:6) 
  2. To equip students with life skills for further education, work and service, through sound teaching and learning techniques, aimed at achieving effectiveness and excellence (Ephesians 4:11-15) 
  3. To impact students and the community with Christian values through motivated,      committed, highly qualified teachers (Isaiah 55:4-6)

The second line of our Eagles Creed reminds us that God is at the centre of everything we do. There were enough incidents that really stretched our commitment to this reality and I am confident that the lessons learnt during trying times will stand us in good stead as we move forward. Please join us in celebrating some of the key achievements from the term.

ACSI Reaccreditation 

We are pleased to announce that the ACSI Accreditation Board met in July and resolved to re-accredit MCC for a further 5 years. We are thankful to the Lord for blessing us in this way. Attached is a letter from ACSI confirming our re-accreditation. This has been a team effort involving the board, management, staff, students, parents and alumni and I would like to applaud everyone for the encouraging culture of partnership we continue to build on.

Academic Achievements

We celebrate the excellent results by some of the Eagles in the past Mid-Year examinations.

Form 1

Krystal Kadakure 5As, Jadin Magwenzi 5As, Denzel Chisango 5As, Shantel Kunjani 5As, Ronald Maereka 5As, Oriana Chatima 6As, Mutsa Govere 6As, Nokutenda Makarichi 6As, Naledi Ngwenya 6As, Lindokuhle Ndhlangamandhla 6As, Rudorwashe Machikicho 6As, Kudiwanashe Machekera 6As, Pearl Mjumi 7As, Tapuwanashe Bobo 7As, Kaitlyn Chakanyuka 7As, Tawananyasha Mkaratigwa 8 As, Takudzwa Virima 8 As, Eber Mukorera 9 As, Rutendo Chidawanyika, 10 As, Lara Horovi 10As and Chelsea Satande 10 As.

Form 2

Reino Hanyani 5As, Raphael Joel 5As Vuyisile Ndlovu 5As, Junior Maligo 6As, Matikudza Chakwesha 6As, Chikomborero Wenga 6As, Mazvita Paichi 7As and Vongai Mutambara 8As.

Form 3

Charity Sigauke 5As, Nick Milanzi 5As, Tariro Mazengera 5As, Atida Mutonhodza 5As, Praise Madhiri 6 As and Elizabeth Maphosa 12 As. 

Form 4

Panashe Mutambara 5As, Leon Maposa 6As and Jessica Manhambo 6As

Lower 6

Timukudzeishe Dondo 13 Pnts, Takudzwanashe Chinganga 13 Pnts, Ngonidzashe Horovi 14 Pnts, Rachel Tivavenge 14 Pnts, Tanaka Mudyanadzo 14 Pnts, Joshua Mukondiwa 17 Pnts, Tendai Sithole 17 Pnts, Tashinga Denga 20 Pnts and Thembinkosi Mkhosana 21 Pnts.

Upper 6 

Takudzwa Ganhure 14 Pnts, Blessing Madhiri 16 Pnts, Takudzwa Machikicho 16 Pnts and Karl Makahamadze 17 Pnts.

The June AS/A Level  

Our June 2022 IGCSE and AS/A Level results were released over the past two week. Our AS and A Level after consolidating with November 2021 results for the students who wrote in both examination sessions reflect a 100% pass rate with a 31% quality pass rate(A or B symbols). This is in line with our standards of excellence we have always set for our students. Our IGCSE results from students who required more time to sit for the examinations showed an improvement in expected results although our desire is for better results. The pass rate for those examinations written in June 2022 only was 74% with a quality pass rate of 47%. 

Congratulations to the hardworking Eagles who managed to pass their examinations and proudly proceed to the next stage in their educational journey. We will set in motion a thorough revision program for those students who did not manage to pass all the subjects they wrote during this past season in a bid to assist them in obtaining the required grades. Our commitment and target is to ensure that each student who spends six years at MCC leaves with at least 2 A Level subjects passed.

Sporting and Cultural Achievements

We celebrating many memorable performances on the sporting and cultural front.

Introduction to Rugby Officiating Certificates:

Catherine Sibanda, Mudiwa Nhapi, Michael Madzimure, Nicolle Venge, Trish Kadenhe and Charmaine Mpepu.

Musical Performances: 

Nick Milanzi (Grade1 Drum kit), Maxwell Zondo (Grade 1 classical guitar recital), Daniel Napata (Grade 1 piano), Theodore Masi (Grade 2 Saxophone), Oswell Chikadaya, Zivai Mwenje, Nick Milanzi, Maxwell Zondo and Daniel Napata (Grade 1 Pop & Rock band).

Zimbabwe Age-Group National Representatives: 

Karl Makahamadze – MOOT & Debate, Sharon Marangwanda – MOOT & Debate, Sean Mandaza – NTR Zim U17 Boys Hockey, Daniel Chakanyuka – NTR Zim U19 Boys Hockey, Passmore Mabukwa – NTR – Zim U19 Boys Hockey, Tadiwanashe Mutero – NTR – Zim U19 Boys Hockey, Lashal Murairwa – Zim U19B Boys Hockey, Joana Mushede – Zim U18B Girls Hockey, Nokutenda Tombindo – Zim U17B Squash Team, Kinah Ntuli – Zim U17 Cricket, Nkosilathi Magazi – U17 Young Warriors Soccer Team and Hannah Pombo – U20 Zim Netball.

ATS Select Representatives:

Hannah Pombo – ATS U20 Select Netball, Emily Ndewere – ATS U20 Select Netball, Kunashe Chipenzi – ATS U20 Select Netball, Nkosilathi Magazi – ATS U20 Select Soccer, Tawananyasha Takaendisa – ATS U20 Select Girls Basketball and Tanatswa Sisimayi – ATS U20 Select Girls Basketball.

Platinum Sports & Zimbabwe Select Representatives:

Patrick Munangagwa U18 Soccer, Tinotenda Muchimwe U18 Soccer, Asher Mashungupa U18 Soccer, Nkosilathi Magazi U18 Soccer, Tererai Chikwanda U18 Soccer, Wyne Kwanisai U18 Soccer, David Zishumba U18 Soccer, Louis Mukumba U18 Soccer, Anaye Chizana U18 Soccer, Karl Makahamadze U18 Tennis, Tanatswa Mlauzi U18 Tennis, Deon Kunjani U18 Tennis, Joana Mushede U18 Tennis and Jessica Manhambo U18 Tennis.

Lifeskills Achievements:

We congratulate the following Eagles on obtaining their driver’s licences: Takudzwa Chinganga, Kennedy Reid, Moreblessing Banda, Takudzwa Ganhure, Takudzwa Machikicho and Tinotenda Chairuka.

Term 3 Sports Approach

Swimming will be compulsory for all Form 1, 2 & 3 pupils. Pupils are all required to have school swimming costumes and a cap in their house colour. Those who will swim in the College team should have red caps. 

Cricket will be compulsory for all Form 1, 2 & 3 boys. Cricket boys are to have a plain white golf shirt, a plain white pair of boxer shorts (plain white longs for U16 boys), knee length white sports socks, cricket shoes with spikes, 3 rubberised cricket practice balls, and 1 leather ball 156gm ball. The boys will also needing their own cricket bat, batting pads, batting gloves, groin box, helmet, thigh pad, chest guard (optional), abdominal guard (optional) and elbow guard (optional) where resources permit. We ask parents to kindly ensure that all items are clearly and permanently labeled to avoid loss of personal property. 

Term 3 Key Calendar Dates

We urge all parents to take special note of the following dates:

5 September – Boarders Check in to Hostel (12noon – 5pm)

6 September – Lessons Start

30 September – Speech & Prize giving 9am – Parents are invited to this event

7 December – Consultation Day for Form 1, 2 and 3s as well as in person Form 2 Forum. Students may leave for the holidays on this day. 

8 December – Term 3 ends

Student Discipline

Student discipline has continued to be a thorn in our proverbial flesh. This past term we saw enough serious disciplinary issues to warrant consideration of exclusions from either hostel or hostel and school. We hope that the message we are sending to students that there will be serious consequences to serious misdemeanours will be clear to all students. 

This is one area where the development of a strong partnership between each individual parent and the school become key. The bible reminds us that if we spare the rod we spoil the child. Our hope is that all parents will appreciate the school’s role in loco parentis and work with us even if working with us may mean recommending a change of environment for students who in our expert opinion will benefit from such measures.

Staff Changes

We say goodbye to Mr and Mrs Sachinda after many years of service beginning with Mr Sachinda’s appointment to the Science department in 2003. We thank them both for their service to the College and wish them well in their new role at Kyle College. I look forward to working with Mr Sachinda as a fellow head as we continue to grow the private education footprint in the Central region. 

I am pleased to announce that Mrs Deysel will take over all Deputy Head duties whilst Mrs Sango will be our Director of Studies with the mandate of driving excellence in our academic aspects of the College. I wish them both well as they take on additional responsibilities. We are also looking forward to one or two more changes to our management structures as we strive to improve our service delivery to our clients the parents and students.

We also thank some of the junior staff members who joined us on a short term basis and return to their bases to continue their studies and/or work. We said goodbye to Miss Haukozi, Miss Pasipanodya, Miss Chaibva and Mr Ndlovu at the end of this past term. 

Fees Communication 

Parents, please remember to check the fees emails sent on 5th and 23rd August addressing the subject of Term 3 fees. It is very important that this communication is noted and acted upon to prevent inconveniencing the Eagles in this very important academic session. We encourage parents to view fees as an investment into the future of their children and not as a cost. 

Celebrating a Legend

Two weeks ago we received the sad news that our founding Head Mr David Musa passed on and went to be with the Lord. He was loved and respected by staff, students and parents who interacted with him in his years as headmaster of MCC and was affectionately known as “Dumas”. He passed away peacefully at his UK home after a long illness. 

Mr Musa was headmaster of the College from 1989 to 2005. I had the pleasure of training and working under him for 6 years during which time I saw the College grow from a small private school to the top school in the province and a premium private christian institution. His long years of service and the developments he implemented are still in effect today and will continue to shape the College in years to come. 

Our sincere condolences to the Musa family. We pray that they find God’s peace, comfort and strength during this difficult time. May they be encouraged by the scripture in Psalm 68:5 which tells us God is “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.” So many past students and teachers will consider him to have been a father to them as well and I encourage us all to celebrate his accomplishments and find comfort in that. Let us celebrate the true legend that he will always be. 

Prayer Points

As we look back to the year so far and ahead towards the rest of the year we have much to be thankful for. We are encouraged to pray for the following: 

  1. The Musa family for strength and comfort.
  2. The upcoming ACSI Educators Conference in Harare
  3. Our students, parents and teachers as they take part in various holiday related activities
  4. Examination classes as they try to balance rest and examination revision  
  5. All who are unwell and are in need of the Lord’s healing hand. 
  6. Thank God for his protection and provision which we tend to take for granted too often

Word of encouragement 

The last couple of years were very difficult with lockdowns, illnesses, deaths, loss of or reduced income for many of us. In such times we may often feel discouraged and struggle to see the way forward. It is so easy to become the pilot who throws their hands in the air and gives in when the plane enters a cloud and goes through turbulence becoming so paralised that he cannot land the plane even when the visibility has improved. I would like to encourage us all with the words of Jimmy Dean, the late American celebrity and businessman, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” These wise words remind me of Philippians 4 v 13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” May the Lord continue to bless you all and continue to help you adjust your sails to make the most of every situation. 

Yours sincerely, 

T. L. Mkhosana