Sunday June 18 2023

From the Head’s Desk

It has been a busy six weeks and we do indeed celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness, as highlighted in our theme focus for this year, “The Year of Celebrating God’s Faithfulness” – Lamentations 3:22-23. These verses say, “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”. Prior to these verses in Lamentations, the prophet Jeremiah has expressed his desolate feelings and conveys a picture of doom and despair. The encouragement to be drawn on here is that, like Jeremiah, we too have hope – emanating from the Lord’s faithfulness and His grace and mercy to equip and sustain us through trials. As we anticipate the remainder of this term, we do so with our eyes firmly fixed and our hope anchored in Him. 


Curriculum Strategy Update

This term has seen the implementation of some curriculum adjustments and timetable changes which has seen us increase our academic contact time from 54 periods per week to 59 periods per week. The new timetable times continue to stretch all of us, but extra time has been specifically allocated to Mathematics, English and Science as well as all ‘A’ Level classes. We have also made efforts to bolster our academic support programmes with specific time in our timetables and the focus on assisting weaker students and challenging stronger ones. We continue to assess ourselves and work on modifying our programmes to be relevant and helpful to our pupils. 

Mid-Year Examinations 

Our mid-year examinations will run between 3 July and 14 July (please see attached timetable) and have been set with the following purposes in mind:

  • To be in keeping with public examination standard
  • To test overall syllabus concepts
  • To be a diagnostic tool to help guide teachers on revision strategies, especially for public examination classes. 

The volume of content in the various syllabi is large and as we conclude this term and start next term, the focus for examination classes changes from syllabus coverage to revision, practice and the refining of academic skills implementation. 

We ask all parents to partner with us in this key area, encouraging your children to give of their best and to use their time wisely, monitoring their performance, questioning them on their revision strategies, and communicating with us where you have specific concerns. The greatest academic success is found when ‘the triad’ of pupil – parent – school is strong. 

Academic Celebrations

We recently attended the 2022 Cambridge awards ceremony which was hosted in Harare and celebrate the successes of our pupils as follows:

  • Jessica Manhambo and Leon Maposa  Top in Zimbabwe for Combined Science – IGCSE – June 2022.
  • Rachel Tivavenge – Top In Zimbabwe for Business – AS Level – November 2022. 

We thank their dedicated teachers for the pivotal role they played in helping these pupils and our school to shine – Mrs Mhangami,  Mrs Makoni, Mrs Muzondo and Mrs Chakamanga.

We also celebrate Tanaka Chandaengerwa who was the Top in Zimbabwe, and ranked 3rd in the world for Agriculture – IGCSE – November 2022 at his former school. 

Public Examination Registrations

You are reminded that registration is currently underway for the October – November CIE examination session. The deadline for form submission and payments is 30 June. For queries or assistance with this process, please visit or contact the examinations department –

School Stationery Expectations 

Please note that all Form 1 to 4 pupils, and all 6th Form Mathematics-Science pupils should have a scientific calculator, in addition to a maths set. At the moment we have a lot of children ‘sharing’ which is against our school policy. With mid-year examinations coming up soon, we also encourage a restock of dark blue and black pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and rulers as in examination conditions there is no sharing. Stationery items for examination use must be housed in transparent casings.

Form 1 2024 Common Assessment Test

This will happen on Saturday 1 July at the school hall. The office is currently processing applications and would like to avoid disadvantaging siblings who submit late applications, so may we remind those affected to please take note. 


Our Discipline Committee has dealt with a variety of cases this term. Time and effort has been spent in ensuring integrity around investigation processes, supervision of prescribed discipline measures and counselling support. We sadly have had to make some changes within our Stewards’ body for this year where leaders have been involved in offences, and we continue to encourage our pupils to connect with our MCC Eagles’ Creed which informs them of what the ideal behaviour is. 

Of key concern to us at the moment are instances of abuse of social media both in terms of inappropriate content and elements of cyber bullying and some vandalism (especially in hostel). Through staff vigilance we have also recently confiscated a few undesirable items. We urge you as parents to partner with us in monitoring your child’s possessions, let alone what they bring to school, and to be proactive in the area of discipline, to not be ignorant to the realities of the temptations your children are exposed to or how you can unintentionally enable them to fall prey to such. We urge you to hold your children accountable in their movements and actions and in the use of the gadgets and finances you make available to them. You are also reminded that Form 1, 2, 3 and 4 boarder pupils are only allowed single feature phones. 

As a school, we will be increasing our working relationships and educational campaigns with community support service providers for both pupils and staff, inclusive of the Victim Friendly Unit of the ZRP. This term, a large number of our staff have already undergone staff development on the issue of bullying, and some of our staff will be attending an upcoming drugs seminar. Hostel pupils are being issued with checklists for the condition of their living spaces with pupils being asked to affirm the condition of their living space, with it being endorsed by their dorm leader and hostel duty staff. Pupils will then be held accountable against this check list, and in instances where vandalism has occurred, pupils will be punished and costs of repairs will need to be recovered. 

Steward Appointments 

We congratulate the following:

Tapiwanashe Makarichi on his appointment as Head of Martial House. He continues in his role as Head of Media, Culture and Entertainment. 

Simbarashe Mafemera on his appointment as Head of Eagle House. He continues in his role as Head of Marketing. 

Emily Ndewere on her appointment as Deputy Head Girl. She continues in her role as Head of Kestrel Hostel. 

Communication and Staying Up To Date

Our landline cables have been stolen and replaced a couple of times already this year. Please be sure to save the MCC reception cellphone number into your contact list – +263 777 733 029. Please note that this line is active between 7:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Thursday, and 7:30am and 4pm on Fridays. 

We also strongly encourage you to join our school WhattsApp group for your child’s form. These are administrative groups with only key school communications being posted onto these groups. Please message or email the office indicting your child’s class in order to be sent the relevant link.

Records Update

Pupils have been given a copy of our Medical Information forms. We ask that all parents complete and return this form to us next week. We have found a few instances where information on these sheets has become outdated. It is important to ensure that our records are current. We also remind those with children due to go out on trips soon such as Upper 6 and Form 4 Geography trips, Travel and Tourism trip and girls hockey tour to be sure to complete and return these to our office.   

Activities Update


MCC had the privilege of being asked to coordinate and host the national rugby trials for the U14 age group. Provincial representative teams from around the country participated in games over 25 and 26 May. A formal dinner was held on 25 May for all players which not only provided opportunity for players to interact across the provinces, but also gave exciting opportunity for them to mingle with three members of the U20 Sables Barthes Trophy winning team; namely – the Captain – Panashe Zuze, Vice Captain – Tanaka Gondomukandapi, and player – Leon Mutendi. Tanaka, being a former Midlands Christian School pupil, gave an impactful key note address, and the U14 players were clearly energised and inspired by their interactions with these players.

We wish the U14 national team that were selected at this tournament all the very best as they represent our country at Craven Week in South Africa in July. We specifically congratulate our Eagle, Tadiwanashe Denga, on his selection into this team. 

Regional Spelling Bee

On 9 June, in collaboration with Midlands Christian School, we hosted the Regional Spelling Bee for the Zimbabwe Spelling Bee. With approximately 400 high school and primary school participants, our school was ‘abuzz’ with avid spellers. Progressing through written and oral rounds, we specifically celebrate the achievements of two of our Eagles – Tyra Jones and Matifadza Mavesere who placed 4th and 2nd respectively in the high school competition. 

Looking Ahead

We look forward to hosting the ATS Junior Debate competitions on 23 and 24 June at MCC with 20 ATS teams coming to compete for the national title; and the National Institute of the Allied Arts Speech and Drama Festival for the Southern Region on 26, 27 and 28 June. We also urge you to ‘watch this space’ for an update on our College Play scheduled for later this term. The cast have been working hard in their preparations for their performance of “Othello” – strategically chosen to support our current literature students who have this as a set book.

Overview of Results and Co-Curricular Achievements So Far

Herewith an overview of achievements and results recorded from April to date. 


ATS Debate Tournament at Hillcrest:

The Senior debate team participated in 4 debates in the preliminary rounds and won 3. 

First Round

  • MCC won vs CBC – Matifadza Mavesere Best Speaker

Second Round

  • MCC won vs Lomagundi – Vimbai Gwimbi Best Speaker

Third Round 

  • MCC lost vs St Johns College 

Fourth Round

  • MCC won vs Gateway

Quarter Finals 

  • MCC won vs Petra

Semi Finals

  • MCC lost vs St Georges

Our team finished 3rd out of 16 Schools. Congratulations to them and to Matifadza Mavesere who was the 4th best speaker at the tournament.

Chinese Talent Show and Bridge Competition

Rutendo Chidawanyika participated in the Chinese Talent show for Secondary schools in Zimbabwe and was awarded the first prize in the competition. Miss M. Maibvisira was given the “Outstanding Instructor Award” at this event as well. We wish Abigail Mutiso, Nokutenda Munyanduki and Vongai Mutambara all the best as they compete in the upcoming finals for the Chinese Bridge competition. 


ATS Chess Selections 

  • Jadin Magwenzi and Isheanesu Hove have been selected into the ATS Chess Team due to travel to Cape Town to compete in the Young Mind Chess Classic in August. 

ATS School Boys Cricket Team Selections:

  • U14s: Tadiwanashe Denga
  • U15s: Sean Mandaza
  • U16s: Junior Maligo, David Masawi, Panashe Chiminha
  • U18s: Munesu Masimbe, Chikomborero Wenga, Takurira Tapfuma
  • U16 ATS School Cricket Team Manager – Mr C. Ndoro – MCC

Zimbabwe Rugby Selection:

  • U14: Tadiwanashe Denga

Central Province Selections:


  • Vanotida Makumucha, Tadiwanashe Denga, Munotidaishe Chairuka, Mufaro Siwadi, Ryan Chiramba, Jude Mataruse, Aiden Tsvakwi, Kunashe Murombedzi, Tinashe Chikwanda


  • Junior Maligo, Nyasha Makumucha, Denzel Wenga, Maxwell Zondo, Tawonaishe Mbauya, Nick Milanzi, Nyasha Jindu, Takurira Tapfuma, Xavier Hove, Tinodaishe Pedze, Theodore Mubata


  • Anouya Bobo, Michael Madzimure, Joseph Ndebele, Isheanesu Mvundura, Tinotenda Shone, Mufaro Mangure, Tafadzwa Mufunda.

Midlands Province Selections:


  • Vanotida Makumucha, Tadiwanashe Denga, Munotidaishe Chairuka, Mufaro Siwadi, Ryan Chiramba, Jude Mataruse, Aiden Tsvakwi, Kunashe Murombedzi, Tinashe Chikwanda


  • Tadiwanashe Siwadi, Munesu Masimbe, Simbarashe Makoni, Tawananyasha Juru, Junior Maligo, Nyasha Makumucha, Denzel Wenga, Maxwell Zondo, Tawonaishe Mbauya, Nick Milanzi, Nyasha Jindu, Takurira Tapfuma, Xavier Hove, Tinodaishe Pedze, Theodore Mubata


  • Alan Joseph, Eugene Mashongera, Tashinga Denga, Tristan Pararai, Evans Chitando, Reginald Chidawanyika, Anouya Bobo, Michael Madzimure, Joseph Ndebele, Isheanesu Mvundura, Tinotenda Shone, Mufaro Mangure, Tafadzwa Mufunda.

Central Province Trials 1st Team:

  • MCC 10 : 17 Kyle College

Midlands Trials 1st Team:

  • MCC 38 : 0 Thornhill
  • MCC 10 : 5 Goldridge

Rugby Pre-Season Tour to Zambia:

MCC played 5 games and won 4

  • MCC 12: 17 P.E.
  • MCC 21: 0 Trident Buffalos
  • MCC 17 : 7 Livingstone Rhinos
  • MCC 28 : 0 Martin House
  • MCC 31 : 5 P.E.

St Johns Rugby Derby – Pre-Season Tournament:

  • MCC 19 : 17 Watershed
  • MCC 39 : 0 Rydings College

Rugby vs Petra:

  • (U14) MCC 22 : 25 Petra
  • (U15) MCC 33 : 15 Petra
  • (U16) MCC 23 : 0 Petra
  • (1st Team) MCC 31 : 20 Petra

Rugby vs Thornhill:

  • (U16) MCC 24 : 0 Thornhill

Rugby vs Goldridge College:

  • (U15) MCC 27 : 5 Goldridge
  • (2nd Team) MCC 31 : 0 Goldridge 
  • (1st Team) MCC 17 : 15 Goldridge

Rugby vs The Heritage:

  • (U14) MCC 5 : 36 Heritage 
  • (U15) MCC 7 : Heritage 8
  • (U16) MCC 10 : Heritage 7
  • (2nd Team) MCC 15 : Heritage 10
  • (1st Team) MCC 17 : Heritage 24
Boys Hockey 

Zimbabwe School Boys Hockey Selections:

  • U17: Sean Mandaza – Reserve                 
  • U19: Paul Mutsaka – Reserve 

Midlands Province Selections:


  • Chikomborero Wenga, Sean Mandaza, Matikudza Chakwesha, David Masawi, Jeffrey Maradze, Jadin Magwenzi, O’Brien Dube, Rukudzo Mayenzanise, Vakatendeka Chiremba, Troy Robertson, Clifford Mupfunde


  • Brandon Bvure, Kinah Ntuli, Paul Mutsaka, Adolf Dube, Simbarashe Mafemera, Daniel Chakanyuka, Ngonidzashe Gayakaya, Takudzwanashe Chinganga, Nigel Sibanda, Mufaro Mangure

1st Team Games

  • MCC 0 : 1 Petra
  • MCC 0 : 7 Milton 
  • MCC 0 : 6 CBC 

Intercities – 1st Team

  • MCC 0 : 2 Falcon
  • MCC 1 : 1 Hippo Valley 
Girls Basketball

ATS Schools Basketball Selection:

  • U20s: Tanatswa Sisimayi 

Central Province Selections:


  • Tanatswa Sisimayi, Hannah Juru, Thandolwethu Dube, Audrey Berejena, Elizabeth Maphosa, Vuyisile Ndlovu, Abigail Dzinoreva

Basketball vs Petra:

  • (U14) MCC 2 : 23 Petra
  • (U15) MCC 6 : 8 Petra
  • (U16) MCC 8 : 10 Petra
  • (1st Team) MCC 12 : 16 Petra

Basketball vs Sacred Heart & St Georges

  • (1st Team) MCC 16 : 20 Sacred Heart 
  • (1st Team) MCC 14 : 12 St Georges
Girls Hockey

Central Province Selections:


  • Latasha Machipisa, Juniour Indala, Lara Horovi


  • Timukudzeishe Dondo, Sebita Mahovo, Jessica Manhambo, Rutendo Ndoma

Midlands Province Selections:


  • Juniour Indala, Lara Horovi, Kudiwanashe Machekera, Latasha Machipisa, Anouya Mhangami, Rutendo Ndoma
  • Reserves: Ashanthelle Chapenga, Lindiwe Mkhosana, Munotida Shumba


  • Vongai Garikai, Sebita Mahovo, Timukudzeishe Dondo, Anne-Marie Macklenin, Gamuchirai Kamuzonde, Jessica Manhambo, Moreblessing Banda, Rutendo Ndoma 
  • Reserves: Trish Kadenhe, Mudiwa Nhapi, Nicola Andrews

Hockey vs Petra:

  • (U14)MCC 1 : 2 Petra
  • (U15) MCC 1 : 1 Petra
  • (U16)MCC 1 : 0 Petra
  • (1st Team) MCC 2 : 1 Petra

Hockey vs Dominican Convent Bulawayo:

  • (U14) MCC 0 : 0 DC
  • (U15) MCC 1 : 0 DC
  • (U16) MCC 1 : 3 DC
  • (1st Team) MCC 1 :  2 DC

Hockey vs Watershed:

  • (U14) MCC 2 : 1 Watershed
  • (U15) MCC 0 : 3 Watershed
  • (U16) MCC 1 : 4 Watershed
  • (1st Team)MCC 0 : 2 Watershed


Hockey vs Peterhouse:

  • (U14) MCC 0 : 4 Peterhouse
  • (U15) MCC 1 : 2 Peterhouse
  • (U16) MCC 0 : 2 Peterhouse
  • (1st Team) MCC 0 : 5 Peterhouse

Hockey vs The Heritage:

  • (U14)MCC 0 : 4 Heritage
  • (U15)MCC 0 : 4 Heritage
  • (U16)MCC 3 : 0 Heritage
  • (1st Team) MCC 1 : 0 Heritage

Hockey vs Arundel:

  • (U14) MCC 8 : 0 Arundel
  • (U15) MCC 0 : 1  Arundel
  • (U16) MCC 0 : 0  Arundel
  • (1st Team) MCC 2 : 0 Arundel

Soccer vs Goldridge:

  • (1st Team) MCC 3 : 1 Goldridge

Soccer vs CBC:

  • (Curtain Raisers) MCC 4: 1 CBC
  • (1st Team) MCC 1 : 1 CBC

Soccer vs Petra:

  • (Curtain Raisers) MCC 1 : 4 Petra
  • (U16s) MCC 1 : 0 Petra
  • (1st Team) MCC 2 : 2 Petra
Girls Volleyball

Volleyball vs DC:

  • (1st Team) MCC 2 : 0 DC

NASH Zonal Competitions:

  • (U20) MCC 2 : 0 Thornhill
  • (U20) MCC 2: 0 Nkululeko
  • (U20) MCC 0 : 2 Regina Mundi

Boys Volleyball

NASH Zonal Competitions 

  • (U20) MCC 2 : 1 Nkululuko
  • (U20) MCC 2 : 0 Thornhill

NASH Districts Competitions

  • (U20) MCC 0 : 2 Guinea Fowl
  • (U20) MCC 0 : 2 Anderson 

U17 Tournament (Gateway)

  • MCC 9 : 24 DC Harare                                           
  • MCC 8 : 17 St Johns                                                   
  • MCC 3 : 36 Falcon                                                  
  • MCC 4 : 21 Petra

NASH U20 Zonal Tournament

  • MCC 12 : 17 Thornhill                                           
  • MCC 12 : 3 Regina Mundi                                     
  • MCC 7  : 21 Nkululeko

Friendly vs Lingfied:

  • (1sts) MCC 11 : 4 Lingfield

U20 SWIFTS Tournament 

  • MCC 7 : 4 Petra
  • MCC 11 : 8 Kyle
  • MCC 9 : 8 Harare Dominican Convent
  • MCC 13 : 4 Girls College
  • Semi-finals MCC 5 : 10 SEC
  • Third & Fourth Playoffs MCC 11 : 7 Harare Dominican Convent 
  • MCC – bronze medal winners. 


“Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. ” – Romans 4:20 (NLT)

“Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.” – Mahalia Jackson


A parent or guardian wishing to withdraw a child must give sufficient written notice (as per Acceptance of Place Agreement) at least a full term before the child’s proposed final term, failing which, fees for the following term will be payable in full, whether or not the child returns to the College. Security deposit refunds are processed a month after the student has left school. Please send a signed letter to indicating where the security deposit is to be transferred.