Friday August 11 2023

From the Head’s Desk – End of Term

The second half of our term has been packed full of a variety of activities and as Term 2 draws to an end, the year is far from over!

Academic Update

Mid-Year Examination Feedback

Mid-year examinations were written by all pupils with full academic reports now available on the Senatical Parent Portal. We apologise for the technical challenges with the link through our website – please rather use this link:

We ask that you take the time to review these reports and discuss them with your child. Should you like to discuss any matters with us, you are welcome to do so. Our Director of Studies, Mrs Sango, can be contacted on or you may use the usual address. 

These mid-year examinations showed us class trends in understanding of content and proficiency in relevant skills; as well as individual strengths and weaknesses. This information now informs the approaches that will be deployed for the next teaching and learning period. 

We celebrate the following top achievers for the Mid-Year Examinations:

Form 1 – Nyasha Makoni and Ruvarashe Munyanduki – 9 As

Form 2 – Eber Mukorera – 10 As

Form 3 – Matikudza Chakwesha – 10 As

Form 4 – Elizabeth Maphosa 7As

Lower 6 – Jessica Manhambo and Mlindeli Ndlovu – 17 points

Upper 6 – Timukudzeishe Dondo – Top Points –  16 points for 4 subjects 

Upper 6 – Rachel Tivavenge – Top Quality Points – 15 Pointes for 3 subjects – 2 As & 1A*

Public Examination Preparations

Having done the necessary syllabus coverage, public examination classes move on to focused examination preparations. Consistent practice of skills outlined in the syllabi assessment objectives will take place and enhanced tutorial and preparation programmes timetabled for Form 4, Lower 6 and Upper 6 pupils, inclusive of some of the time traditionally set aside for sport. Whilst examination classes will have a reduced sports programme, top athletes will still have opportunity and programmes that will allow them to excel on this front, but academic engagement and standards must first be met. Pupils will continue to receive assistance from their teachers at school until the completion of their last examination. All Lower 6 lesson resume on Wednesday 8 November. 

Regarding the additional holiday programme, a reminder that it will start at 1:30pm on Tuesday 8 August, ending on Saturday 19 August. We refer you to prior communication on this for details. We believe that our pupils will richly benefit from this additional focused time of input and practice and pupil attendance is strongly encouraged. 

Public Examinations Update

Cambridge October – November 2023 Entries

Scanned copies of Statements of Entry will be sent to parents/guardians via email by Monday 7 August.

It is important that personal details and subject entries are confirmed as correct. Please specifically check:

  1. Spelling of surname and first name
  2. Initials (as on birth certificate)
  3. Date of birth
  4. (IV)Subjects entered for – correct number and correct subject codes. 

As confirmation that information captured is correct, on a copy of the Statement of Entry, please write your name, put the date and sign the form. You are then asked to return it to the office or send it via email by Friday 11 August 2023.

Cambridge June 2023 Results Release Dates

Results will be available on the following dates:

  1. Cambridge International AS & A Level – Thursday 10 August 2023 at 8.00am
  2. Cambridge IGCSE and O Level – Wednesday 16 August 2023 at 8.00am

Statements of Results will be issued to all pupils who will be with us for the holiday examination preparation program. Access codes have been emailed to parents/guardians for use in accessing the results. 

Those needing to adjust their October – November 2023 entries may proceed to request registration forms. Forms can be emailed to parents/guardians by Monday 21 August 2023. The deadline for returning signed registration forms and proof of payment is 8 September 2023.

Old Mutual Mathematics Olympiad

34 of our Eagles took part in the first round of the Old Mutual Mathematics Olympiad, with 25 of them qualifying to proceed to the next round of the completion. We wish these Eagles all the best. 

London College of Music 

17 of our Eagles underwent practical music examinations in piano, drums, guitar and vocals with the London College of Music in this June-July session. We celebrate 100% pass rate and thank Mr Meki, their teacher, for all of his hard work with the pupils. 7 Distinctions, 6 Merits and 4 Passes were achieved! 

Discipline Update

We continue to take the matter of ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment seriously. 

In this second half of the term we have specifically run education and awareness campaigns around the issues of dangerous substances. Staff and pupil representatives attended a War Against Drugs campaign with pupil representatives giving feedback to their peers. Specialist Psychiatrist, Dr Nyamukapa, did a presentation to pupils on substance abuse. We appreciate the team of staff headed by Mr Musoni, who is spearheading initiatives. 

On our invitation the ZRP sniffer dogs assessed our classroom and boarding facilities. We are relieved that nothing was found on this visit. These sorts of visits will continue to be done periodically as we take matters around a safe and healthy school environment to be of great importance.

We also appreciate you as parents and the critical role you play in the discipleship and discipline of your children. We encourage you, as you spend time together over the holidays, to continue to develop your relationship with your child. The role you play in the installation of positive values in your child, and the encouragement of them to be focused and determined in their pursuit of fulfilment of potential, is both critical and invaluable. 

Leadership Development Programmes

We remain intentional in equipping our students with the life skills that help them to lead themselves and ultimately their peers. 

In September we will have Project Kurarama with us for three days interacting with our pupils and running workshops and trainings with pupils and staff around issues of addiction. We also expect to have a session for parents. Details to follow.

In November we will have The Global Leadership Summit In Zimbabwe with us for two days of leadership development for all Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 and Lower 6 pupils. This world class input is truly transformative and is always a highlight in our programme. Invitation is also open to you, as our parents, and to the surrounding community to attend. Advance registration is required but details will follow in due course. 

ACSI Zimbabwe Conference

Annually, the Association of Christian Schools International Zimbabwe holds a fantastic conference packed full of great speakers and input for those involved in raising children – from educators, to pastors, and to parents. This year’s theme is, “Courageous Confidence in Christ” – based on 2 Corinthians 12:10. The conference will take place from 30 August to 1 September at a cost of USD55 per person. We particularly encourage our Harare based parents to consider attending. Please see the attached conference overview for more details. Note that registration is to be done directly with ACSI Zimbabwe – / +263 786 031 794. 

Term 3 Invoices 

Invoices are currently being concluded by the Bursars Department and will be emailed to you shortly. In order to avoid delays on arrival for Term 3, you are encouraged to have concluded your payments and any discussions you may want to have with the Bursars around fees by 1pm on Thursday 31 August.

In discussing Budget for Term 3, 2023 with Parents Assembly Committee members, an agreement was reached that the extra costs that are going to be invoiced for are in the following areas:

    • $30 – Leadership Camp
    • $22 – Science Consumables per science subject for Form 1 – 4 pupils and $52 per science subject for Lower 6 & Upper 6 pupils. 

Term 3 Dates

Lessons start for all classes on Tuesday 5 September. Boarders are to arrive in hostel between 12noon and 5pm on Monday 4 September. Term 3 ends 1 December. 

Trips and Tours

Our Eagles have been busy! 

The Upper 6 Geography class successfully completed their field studies trip to Nyanga with pupils giving positive feedback on the learning experience. Our Form 4 Geography students are currently away on their trip. We know that this time will help to realistically cement concepts for them.

Our Lower 6 Travel and Tourism class had a successful trip to Dubai and are now working to complete the associated course work for their Cambridge assessment. 

Our Girls Hockey team attended the Cape Town International Hockey Tournament as one of only three ATS teams in attendance. The competition included teams from South Africa, Namibia, England and America and our girls found the exposure and competition to be invaluable. 

Our Cricket team will be headed for Pretoria towards the end of August for some preseason competitions. Presently we have 7 Eagles involved in the ATS School Boys Select cricket teams who will be touring South Africa next week. Our teacher, Mr Ndoro, is with these teams as the U16 Manager. 

Our Upper 6 Eagle, Isheanopa Hove is representing us in Cape Town, not only as part of the ATS Select Chess team, but as the Captain and leader of this tour. We are truly proud of him! 

A group of Eagles attended the Orate Africa Competition held in Dete over this past weekend where they competed in Public Speaking, Quiz and Spelling Bee. We salute them for all of their efforts! 

Co-Curricular Highlights and Results – Second Half – Term 2, 2023


Congratulations to the following on their ATS selection:

Nkosilathi Magazi (U20)

Asher Mashungupa (U20)

Soccer vs Masiyephambili

(1st Team) MCC 0-0 Masiyephambili

Soccer vs Falcon

(1st Team) MCC 2-1 Falcon 

(2nd Team) MCC 0-2 Falcon

Soccer vs Kyle

(1ST Team) MCC 1-3 Kyle

Soccer vs South Eastern College

(1st Team) MCC 7-0 South Eastern College 

Kambarami Tournament

MCC 2-0 Masiyephambili

MCC 1-2 Christian Brothers College

MCC 3-1 Mvuthu

MCC 0-1 Falcon

CHISZ Soccer Tournament

MCC 0-2 Gateway 

MCC 0-3 Peterhouse

MCC 3-1 Westridge

MCC 1-1 South Eastern College 

MCC 3-0 Goldridge

MCC 1-1 Watershed

Girls Volleyball

Volleyball Tournament

(2nd Team) MCC 0-2 Chisipite

                    MCC 2-1 Dominican Convent Bulawayo

                    MCC 0-2 Regina Mundi

(1st Team) MCC 1-2 Regina Mundi

                   MCC 1-2 Chisipite

    MCC 1-2 Dominican Convent Bulawayo

                   MCC 2-0 Kyle

Girls Basketball

Congratulations to the following on their ATS selection: 

Vuyisile Ndlovu (U16)

Tadiwanashe Moyo (U16)

Rudorwashe Machikicho (U16)

Tanatswa Sisimayi (U20)

Ms Msutu who is the Team Manager for the U16 Team 

CHISZ U20 Top Schools Girls’ Basketball

MCC 16-27 Watershed

MCC 8-46 Dominican Convent Harare

MCC 3-51 Dominican Convent Bulawayo

Boys Hockey

Hockey vs Kyle College:

(U16) MCC 0-2 Kyle

Senior Hockey Tournament:

MCC 0-1 Falcon

MCC 1-1 Kyle

MCC 1-1 South Eastern College 

MCC 0-0 Hippo Valley


Congratulations to the following on their ATS selection:

Kunashe Chipenzi (U20)

Laura Dzawo (U20)

Rachel Tivavenge (U20)

ATS Junior Netball Tournament – U15s

MCC 6-5 St Johns 

MCC 15-4 Dominican Convent Harare

MCC 4-3 Goldridge

ATS CHISZ U20 Tournament – U20s

MCC 16-7 Petra

MCC 6-3 Dominican Convent Harare

MCC 7-8 Kyle

MCC 5-7 Falcon

Girls’ Hockey
Hockey vs Chisipite

(U16) MCC 0-0 Chisipite

(1st Team) MCC 0-2 Chisipite

Silver Girls Tournament 

MCC 3-1 Petra

MCC 2-2 Tynwald

MCC 1-1 Eaglesvale 

MCC 1-1 Goldridge 

MCC 0-0 Wise Owl

Rugby vs Watershed

(U14) MCC 24-26 Watershed

(U15) MCC 12-21 Watershed

(U16) MCC 7-24 Watershed

(2nd Team) MCC 19-12 Watershed

(1st Team) MCC 28-28 Watershed

Interhouse Winter Sports Competition

Bateleur 35 points

Crown 34 points

Martial 32 points


  1. Please ensure all clothing, sports equipment and possessions are clearly labeled. We have a number of unlabelled lost property items. These will be on display at hostel at the beginning of term for collection. 
  2. We appreciate your honest feedback and constructive suggestions. Feel free to send us an email, give us a call, or make an appointment to see us in person.
  3. A parent or guardian wishing to withdraw a child must give sufficient written notice (as per Acceptance of Place Agreement) at least a full term before the child’s proposed final term, failing which, fees for the following term will be payable in full, whether or not the child returns to the College. Security deposit refunds are processed a month after the student has left school. Please send a signed letter to indicating where the security deposit is to be transferred. 


John Maxwell’s 7 Steps To Success

  1. Make a commitment to grow daily.
  2. Value the process more than events.
  3. Don’t wait for inspiration.
  4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.
  5. Dream big.
  6. Plan your priorities.
  7. Give up to go up.

Galatians 6:7 – “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”