Friday December 8 2017

Global Leadership Summit Feedback

What a privilege to have been one of the host centres for this year’s Global Leadership Summit in Zimbabwe! Not only is it a great development for the Midlands, but it also afforded our pupils an amazing opportunity for exposure to some great material.

We firmly believe that all of our pupils are leaders – with or without a title, so sowing into them is critical as we work to build the ‘exemplary leaders’ mentioned in our MCC Eagles’ Creed.

Following Bill Hybels session, a special time was spent with pupils helping them to identify one of ten strengths in who they are from the list below:

  1. Differ with others without demoralising them
  2. Conduct spirited conversations without ‘drawing blood’
  3. Do not interrupt other and do not dominate the conversation
  4. Limit volume levels when talking, and refuse to use harsh or explosive language
  5. Be courteous in words and actions with everyone
  6. Do not stereotype or draw quick conclusions about people
  7. Form your own opinions carefully and be open to change your opinion
  8. Apologise immediately when wrong instead of denying or blaming
  9. Show up when you say you will show up, and do what you say you will do
  10. Set ‘rules of respect’ and enforce them on your team

As a symbolic gesture – seeds were planted by the various groups formed from the above principles and a pray was said for the shown traits to grow in the pupils as they develop in their leadership.

To formalise the importance of this, following the summit, we had a special tree planting ceremony to serve as a permanent reminder of the importance of these characteristics and in how we need to be deliberate in growing these attributes in our pupils.