Friday March 2 2018

Mother-Daughter Camp – The Daughters give feedback…

Some of the Feedback from the Daughters:

  • I really enjoyed this mother-daughter camp. I got time to bond with my mother. I learnt that it really is a good thing to have a good relationship with your mother because they have gone through a lot for us to be here. For instance my mum really sacrificed a lot by coming all the way from Hwange to have time with me and get to bond. We had a great time together and we learnt new ways of continuing to grow and have a stronger relationship. We both also learnt to communicate and understand each other. I am grateful for my mother and above all I am grateful to God for making this weekend a time to enjoy and learn more with my mother. Kudzaishe Gwesu


  • How exciting was this camp? On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 10 out of 10 because that’s how fun and interesting it was. The food was scrumptious, the activities were so fun, and not forgetting the animals here at the Park. What I learnt from this camp is that it is good to bond with your mum and getting closer to her creates that special bond which makes you two stronger. Another something that I learnt from this camp is that not all mums are perfect and everyone makes mistakes but they try their best to make sure that we have the best and if one angers the other one, it’s goof to tell each other that, “I was wrong”. Rutendo Madyegasva


  • Camp has been such an extra-ordinary extraordinary, enjoyable, fun and an amazing experience. I thank God, the school and my mom for being able to provide because we have learnt a lot about how we are vessels for the Master’s use. We have also learnt to love and listen to each other and how much our parents care for us even when they shout and go all out, it’s their way of telling us they just want the best for us. Vimbai Gwimbi


  • It was very exciting and beneficial. I really enjoyed the food and activities. It mended relationships, improved interactions and brought love to families. Tatenda Machikicho


  • The camp was really fun. Bonding with my mother was one of the things that I enjoyed the most. I learnt that my mother is the right person from God as much as she isn’t perfect and together as mother and daughter, we are vessels.


  • Mother-Daughter camp was one fun and jolly good experience. We spent a lot of time with our parents and it was a time I won’t forget. There are some topics that were awkward to talk about but we adapted to it because awkwardness is overrated. I got a chance to play with my mom because at home, mothers are always bust. I learnt about fairness and why mothers are overprotective and how us children should understand that mothers are not perfect, we all make mistakes! Unouyashe Mukwewa


  • This was a great experience. I got time to bond with my mum. We did a lot of activities that made our relationship stronger. We also got some ‘hints’ on how to discover the use that the Master has for us. Timukudzeishe Dondo


  • This weekend was very eye-opening. I learnt that I can’t get what I don’t receive. I really liked the coded-conversations idea. I never knew that my mom and I were a unit. I just really hope that the bond stays and that I do not forget and start dealing with my problems alone again.