Thursday March 1 2018

Mother-Daughter Camp – The Mothers Give Feedback

Mother-Daughter Camp – The Mothers Give Feedback

  • Thank you MCC for this wonderful opportunity with our daughters. Personally for me, this was the best ever bonding I’ve had with my daughter. She has been a border all her life and in the holidays  I will always be busy at work as I work in retail. So, thank you so much! I learnt a lot and will always find time for my daughter.


  • MCC Mums,

Words fail me…. Thank you so much for the love you have continued to show our precious daughters.

The camp was beautiful, insightful and greatly appreciated.

Well done for putting together an excellent camp.

The speakers were amazing.

Please, please don’t give up on our girls.

Appreciatively always!


  • Thank you! I am a new mum at your school and had asked God before to grant my daughter a Godly school.

Honestly, I appreciate you making us rooted and grounded in spiritual realm. Such a foundation has caused our faith to grow.

Your teaching was fruitful as it touched the spirit, should and body.

Continue giving us such teaching and opportunities.


  • I enjoyed the sessions we had, they were pregnant with information enabling my daughter and I to have a more intimate relationship. The food was amazing, left us wanting more even though we were full 🙂


  • Thank you staff for organising such an amazing weekend for us and our daughters. We really enjoyed. It was well organised in every way.


  • I really benefitted from the camp. I came to realise that for me to have a strong relationship with my daughter, I have to open up a communication line with her and mainly all this has to be based on prayer.  This must not remain as a matter of words, but it has to be put into practice. This camp helped me a lot so teachers,  don’t give up on arranging more camps. Be blessed!


  • The food was good, even the venue was fantastic. The sessions were life challenging and changing and taught us a lot on what we need to improve on. The bonding helped up to notice patches in our lived that need to be mended.


  • An eye-opening event. Networking and meeting other mums and getting to know our girls and knowing the challenges the teachers go through. It was helpful understanding the girl and the things that worry them.


…..the daughter’s feedback is to follow.