Wednesday October 16 2019

Newsflash 16/10/19

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Partial Exeat Weekend: As communicated yesterday, exeat weekend may be observed by those not involved in examinations. Thank you to all who have responded to our request for information by 1pm today. If your child will be staying in hostel for this weekend and you have not yet let us know, please do so today for purposes of planning. 

Please note the following:

Lessons end at 1pm on Thursday 17 October and those not involved in examinations may go home from that time. You can refer to the attached candidate list for further clarity. Note that ALL Form 2 pupils will only be free to leave from 3:15pm on this day due to their afternoon examination. 

Boarders returning to hostel on Monday 21 October may do so from 12noon. As we continue to work on security related issues, boarders may be subjected to searches on their return. 

For those not making use of school bus services, please remember that the usual signing out procedures must be adhered to, specifically if you or someone on your child’s signing out list is not coming in person, a signed letter should be sent in on indicating the alternative arrangements that you have made for your child. Please send your letters in by 10am tomorrow. Those hoping for school assistance to and from public buses should also put requests in writing. 

School Buses:

Tickets for the Harare buses are $280 one way, and $560 return. Payments are to be made into the school bank accounts and proof of payments sent to and As always, all tickets are subject to our confirmation and can only be done on receipt of full payment. Confirmations are generated by the Headmaster’s PA on 

Note that in all cases, the buses will not wait for pupils who are late. Please also note that baggage allowance is one bag per person the size of the school sports bag.

The Harare bus will be at Prince Edward School by 1pm on Friday. Pupils returning on this bus are to be at Prince Edward School by 11:30am on Monday. 

PA Buy A Brick Campaign: As we continue to work on building our Resource Centre dream, we will be circulating a flyer this weekend from the Parents Assembly to assist with the practical building of this dream! 

We continue to encourage you to give your support to this project as we continue to work towards seeing the foundations laid. 

Suspension of School Ecocash Biller Code: As per communications sent last week, you are reminded that this service is not available at the moment and that all payments should be processed through the school bank accounts or at the Cashier’s office. 

Sanitary Wear Appeal: As part of our outreach programmes we are collecting sanitary pads and ladies pants to donate towards the ladies in need at Ngomahuru Psychiatric Hospital in Masvingo. Donations can be dropped off at Front Office through to the end of October.

SWOT Leave: With the change in arrangements for this weekend, it effectively means that SWOT leave starts for all Form 4, L6 & U6 pupils from 1pm tomorrow. During SWOT leave, day scholars who do not have examinations on that particular day may remain at home. Those with examinations should report to school in their proper uniform. Boarders who have remained in hostel for this time will SWOT at school and should also be in proper school uniform.  Lower 6 lessons resume on MONDAY 4 November. ALL FORM 4 and UPPER 6 pupils must complete the clearance process before final departure after their last examination. Pupils collect forms from the Front Office and can start the clearance process in advance of departure date. Form 4 and Upper 6 boarders are expected to leave hostel either the day of their final examination or the day after. Boarders are to not stay longer than that. 

Boys Grooming Issues: We expect our pupils to maintain stipulated hair standards. A barber comes to campus fortnightly, or more often when required, to assist hostel students. Although there is a sanitiser in place, parents are free to provide a set of clippers. The current costs for haircuts are ZW$12 for a standard haircut for juniors and ZW$15 for a fade for seniors. The usual expectation is for students to pay the barber upfront when they get haircuts using Ecocash. There have been some payment challenges of late where some students have indicated that they do not have money to pay for hair cuts, or in some cases, their Texta cards are not linked to Ecocash. Please be advised that where we encounter these challenges, we will be asking the barber to give students the needed haircut with the amount then being added to your account through the Bursar’s office in order to ensure that we maintain our standards in terms of grooming. 

Below is a reminder of expectations:

a) Boys hair must be cut so that:

i) The hair before the ear ends no lower than the bottom of the temple

ii) When combed downwards from the crown the hair does not meet the upper edges of

the ears;

iii) The nape of the neck is clear and the hair is off the collar

iv) The shape of the hair generally follows the contours of the head

b) Boys must be clean-shaved. No side burns, beards, processing or “Afros”


“But continually encourage one another every day, as long as it is called ‘Today’ [and there is an opportunity], so that none of you will be hardened [into settled rebellion] by the deceitfulness of sin [its cleverness, delusive glamour and sophistication}. Hebrews 3:12-13 (Amp)