Friday April 19 2024

Newsflash 19/4/24

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Some important information for you as we prepare for Term 2. 

April – May-June Examinations:

These examinations commence next week. A reminder for those who will be checking in for examination preparations are to do so between 12noon and 5pm on Sunday 21 April. School uniform to be worn when writing examinations. Other times casual wear can be worn. 

Examination Materials:

Candidates should bring their own stationery in transparent pencil cases – inclusive of pens with dark blue or black ink, B or HB pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and rulers as well as anything subject specific requirements such as calculators and mathematical sets with set squares and protractors. Candidates writing science practicals are reminded to bring white laboratory coats. 

Back to School Reminders:

From the Academic Department

  • All students must return with their note books, worksheets and test exercise books. Those doing course work are to return with their coursework material.
  • Fm 4, L6 and U6 students must return to school with their textbooks which they kept for use during the holidays. 
  • Students are to bring stationery, and materials to cover their exercise books
  • All Fm 1, 2, 3, 4, and A Level Maths and Science Students are reminded to bring calculators and Maths sets.
  • All students should have a ‘hard copy’ Bible with them – we recommend NKJV or NIV versions.

An Important Update on Textbooks

  • Please note that where a child has lost a text book it is imperative that the payment for the missing book, or the correct book replacement is made before the  start of Term 2 in order for textbooks for all subjects for Term 2 to be issued. 

From the Student Affairs Department

  • Winter uniform is to be worn for Term 2. Note that Gweru can get very cold so make adequate provision, inclusive of the MCC anorak. A reminder that girls‘ winter uniform includes the option of slacks. 
  • All uniform, stationery and personal items brought to school must be clearly and permanently labelled.
  • Please supply your children with the accurate details of any gadgets that they bring to school – inclusive of gadget type and make, cost at date of purchase, serial number, and IMEI number. You should keep a copy of this in your records too. You are reminded that gadgets should be brought for educational use and that Form 1 – 4 boarders may only bring single feature phones. Tablets/iPads should not be SIM card enabled. 
  • Padlocks for school and hostel lockers are mandatory. Labelled spare keys should be surrendered to Form Teachers and Hostel Parents on return to school as applicable. 
  • Hairstyles should be in accordance with what is stipulated in the Orientation Booklet. Boys’ haircuts should be regularly maintained. 
  • Boys are to be clean shaven ALL OF THE TIME. 

From the Co-Curricular Department

  • A reminder of standard sports kit requirements – MCC tracksuit (top and bottoms both named), MCC splash shirt, house shirt, MCC sports shorts – taffeta or boxer shorts, and a comfortable pair of sports trainers with a good grip. All items should be permanently labelled. 

Take note of the following additional sports equipment requirements for Term 2:

Hockey – played by both boys and girls (Forms 1 – 4 and select at L6 & U6 levels)

  • Hockey Stick – appropriate size and weight
  • Shin Pads
  • Gum Guards

Rugby – played by all boys

  • MCC rugby shirt
  • Scrum camp
  • Gum Guards
  • Rugby Books – (U15 upwards)
  • “Skins” – optional – should be white or red. 

Soccer – played by select boys

  • Soccer boots
  • Shin pad 

From the Hostels Department 

  • Please refer to the Hostels Checklist in the Orientation Booklet to ensure children have all that they need, and the correct quantities for this term. Please also take specific note of civvies regulations.
  • Warm Clothing and Bedding: As we enter a colder season, it is essential that students are equipped with warm clothing and bedding. An anorak is a must-have for outdoor activities to ensure they stay comfortable and protected from the cold weather. Please do not buy water heating elements – hot water and urns are available for children in winter.  
  • Limited Tuck Items: Moderation should be exercised when purchasing items from the tuck. The standard allowance is no more than three standard plastic bags of snacks and treats every three week period. This is also to help the promotion of healthy eating and to avoid excessive consumption. Excess will be confiscated. Note that tinned and uncooked food is forbidden as are lollipops with chewing gum centers. Those bringing Mahewu should not have more than 12 units. 
  • Permanent Labelling: should be done of all items brought to hostel. 
  • Boys’ Issues: Students are to ensure their hair is neatly trimmed according to the school’s grooming standards. Haircuts should be maintained regularly to uphold a professional appearance. Students are to come prepared with enough pocket money for regular haircuts. These should be scheduled on a fortnightly basis to keep up with grooming requirements.
  • Shaving Sticks for Boys: Senior students should come prepared with their own shaving sticks to maintain a clean and tidy appearance as per school regulations.

Outreach Appeal: 

MCC Young Leaders club representatives are on a drive to collect donations for the less privileged. Students are encouraged to give where they can and what they can inclusive of the following: clothing items (must be in good repair), school shoes, stationery and non-perishable food items. Your assistance in increasing awareness of our community social responsibility is well appreciated. 

Upcoming  Trips:

A reminder to please pay attention to the different payment deadlines and document requirements sent prior for the upcoming Term 2 trips – Fm 4 Geography Camp, U6 Geography Camp, Travel and Tourism Trip, Hockey Tour and Father-Son Camp.


“Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”

Psalm 62: 1-2 (NIV)