Saturday July 22 2023

Newsflash 19/7/23

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Securing our Environment:

As we continue to work to ensure a safe and healthy environment we continue to deploy a variety of strategies from educational campaigns with our pupils, to engagements with different stakeholders and service providers. One of these partners includes the Zimbabwe Republic Police who have partnered with us, like they have with other educational institutions, in giving educational talks to our pupils and will periodically bring in sniffer dogs as we continue with the national conversation around illegal substances and doing what we can to ensure that we have a safe school environment.

We remind day scholar parents who have not yet signed for their MCC car stickers to do so and to display on your vehicle windscreens. Boarder parents will be asked to sign for their stickers at the end of term on collection of your children. Failure to display the sticker may result in delays at the gate and security searches of the vehicle.

Please note that some of our ‘securing our environment’ initiatives will come with additional costs to help ensure a safe environment for our pupils and staff.

End of Term Buses:

Please note that so far we have had a very low response to this service. Subject to confirmation of viable numbers, there will be an end of term bus service to Harare on Tuesday 1 August for non-consulting classes – Form 1, 2 and 3 pupils. Ticket Cost is USD30 per person. Payments should be made into the school account referenced “Bus” and your child’s name. Please send through proof of payment to and Note that all tickets are to be confirmed by us. Deadline for payments – 24 July.


Will happen for all Form 4, Lower 6 and Upper 6 pupils on Wednesday 2 August between 8am and 1pm in the classrooms. All forms will also receive comprehensive reports which will be available to parents at the end of term through the Senatical Parents Portal.

End of Term:

Form 1, 2 and 3 pupils are free to leave for the school holidays from 12 noon on Tuesday 1 August. Form 4, Lower 6 and Upper 6 pupils may do so after consultation on Wednesday 2 August.

Examination Preparation Holiday Programme:

We ask Form 4, Lower 6 and Upper 6 parents to please take note of the details sent to you via email pertaining to the tailor-made examination preparation programme and to confirm your response to us on by Friday 21 July. 

Girls Hockey Tour:

We wish our Eagles all the best as they take part in the Cape Town International Hockey Tournament over these next few days!

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 20/7

  • U6 Geography Field Trip Returns by 5pm

Friday 21/7

  • Girls Hockey – U16s & Seniors vs Chisipite @ MCC – 2pm
  • 1st Team Boys Hockey vs Goldridge @ Goldridge – 2:30pm

Saturday 22/7

  • Netball – U15 and U20 ATS Netball Tournament @ MCC – 8am 
  • 1st Team Girls Basketball Top Schools Competition @ The Heritage – 8am
  • Rugby – all teams vs Watershed @ Watershed – 8:30am

Monday 24/7

  • Girls Hockey Tour returns from Cape Town

Tuesday 26/7

  • Travel and Tourism Trip to Dubai Departs


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