Wednesday February 2 2022

Newsflash 2/2/22

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

May – June Examination Registration Deadline

Note that registration and payment must be concluded by 4 February, 2022. Contact 

Public Examination Certificate Collection

Note that certificates for all examination boards up to June 2021 (June 2020 for ZIMSEC) are available for collection from the Front Office as you return your children to school. Please take them home for safe keeping.

School Commencement Clearance Procedures

A reminder that admission slips for hostel and school are needed. These are issued by the Bursars’ Department so we encourage parents to make all outstanding payments or negotiate ‘terms’ with the Bursars’ Department. Note that all who have done this by 1pm Thursday 3 February will have admission slips ready for them on arrival at school. Any arrangements after this will require a parent to visit the school office to have slips issued. A reminder to send copies of all proof of payments made to with a clear narration on who and what the payment was for. 

Form 1 Orientation

This programme will start at 4pm on Saturday 5 February. All day scholars and boarders are to check in to hostel between 12noon – 4pm on this day (first meal is supper), with day scholars being collected between 3:30pm-4:30pm on Sunday 6 February. Please refer to the email sent on Monday 31 January with all of the details. Note that the Bursars’ Department will be on hand on Saturday between 12noon and 4pm.

Important Documentation

A reminder that both this year’s school indemnity form as well as the COVID-19 one are to be completed and submitted to the school before students return to school. Note that on arrival at school – whether day scholar or boarder, your child will be issued with a COVID-19 Symptoms and Exposure Checklist – please see attached. If any of your child’s answers are ‘yes’, then please delay the return to school. 

Ensuring Standards

Our Orientation Booklet is a detailed document giving information on all school programmes and expectations, inclusive of uniform lists, what to pack when coming to hostel, and correct hairstyles for boys and girls. It can be found by clicking on this link:

Boarder parents, please also see the attached Civvies Dress Code which is an addition. 


Students must be in compliance with the expectations outlined in the Orientation Booklet. Incorrect hairstyles will result in one being sent home to attend to the issue (whether a day scholar or a border). For boarder boys – A barber visits school to attend to boys hair cuts with hair inspections done fortnightly. Your child must either have money to pay for the barber or have their own clippers. 

Day Scholars

Are to arrive at school by 7:20am, and be collected at 5pm Mondays to Thursdays and 1pm on Fridays. Note that on the first day of school – Tuesday 8 February, however, they are to be collected at 3:30pm

Some reminders

  • Students are to return with all of their textbooks, notebooks and exercise books (F2, F3, F4, U6) –  new books are only issued to new students, when starting a new syllabus, or when a student shows their teacher that their book is all used up. 
  • Technical Subjects have requirements of supplies a child must bring with them – please refer to the attached document. 
  • Students must come prepared for co-curricular programmes: Compulsory sports – Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, and cricket for the boys. Other sports on offer include tennis, basketball and volleyball. Due to COVID-19 students are encouraged to bring personal equipment as far as possible, this includes musical instruments for those who will be involved in the music programme. 
  • Boarders to pack umbrellas and raincoats too.
  • All students must have a Bible (not a Bible App)
  • Maths students from Form 2 upwards must have a Scientific Calculator

Student CABS Card Facilities 

All new boarders are to bring either a copy of their ID or birth certificate in order for the school to facilitate the opening of personal Student CABS Card accounts through which parents can make pocket money available directly to their child.

Parents Assembly AGM

Thursday 10 February at 6:30pm via Zoom. Please refer to your emails for more details. 


“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary.” — Isaiah 40:31