Wednesday April 27 2022

Newsflash 27/4/22

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The start of Term 2 is upon us! The May-June CIE Examination session has already started and our calendar is looking full for this coming term! 

A few important reminders:

School Fee Payments: 

Please refer to the school fee circular from the Board of Trustees sent last week for fee details. 

For those who wish to be pre-cleared by the Bursars Department, please note that proof of payments will need to have been received on and by end of day tomorrow., Thursday 28 April, 2022. For those wishing to negotiate payment terms, please liaise directly with the Bursars Department. 

Academic Reminders:

  • All pupils are to return to school with all of their text books, exercise and notebooks.
  • Please ensure stationery is replenished, paying specific attention to the following:
    • Transparent casing/pencil case to house the stationery (an internal & external examination requirement)
    • Pens – Dark Blue or Black
    • Pencils – HB
    • Eraser – Soft, non-marking type 
    • Ruler – ‘clean’ with no ‘graffiti’ on it
    • Mathematical Sets 
    • Scientific Calculators – for all Form 2, 3 & 4 pupils as well as any L6s & U6s doing mathematics

Uniform and Hairstyle Reminders:

  • Term 2 all pupils are expected to wear Winter Uniform. Please refer to the details in the attached extract from the Orientation Booklet. Gweru is known to get very cold so the fleece tops and anoraks are an important part of uniform. Note that the full Orientation Booklet can be found on our website
  • Note that return to school with incorrect hairstyles will not be tolerated. Please refer to the attached extract from the Orientation Booklet for details on correct hairstyles. 
  • All boys are to be clean shaven every day. Boarder parents are to please ensure that your son returns to school with all that they need to ensure that they are not found in breach of school rules on this front. 

Sports Requirements:

  • Boys Compulsory Sports for Term 2 
    • Rugby for all boys – All boys are to have the school rugby jersey. Scrum caps and gum guards are advisable. 
    • Hockey for U14s, U15s & U16s – All boys must have their own hockey stick, shin pads and gum guards
    • Girls Compulsory Sports for Term 2
    • Hockey for U14s, U15s & U16s – All girls must have their own hockey stick, shin pads and gum guards
    • Basketball 

Boarder Parent Reminders:

  • Gweru gets very cold. Please ensure that your child comes with appropriate bedding and civvies. 
  • Tuck regulations remain 2 x 30cm plastic packets of tuck per every three weeks. Tuck beyond this will be confiscated. 
  • Special parcels sent during the term of takeaway food will not be accepted. 
  • Padlocks are required for hostel lockers with a spare set of keys being submitted to Hostel Parents. 
  • Boys should either have their own clipper set or come with money to pay the barber who comes to school every fortnight to ensure that their hair remains within regulation length and style. 
  • Girls should have adequate sanitary wear supplies. 

Mothers Appreciation Lunch: 

Thank you to our PAC for this initiative. We encourage your support of this event!