Thursday July 29 2021

Newsflash 29/7/21

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Update from the Examinations Department:
  1. Cambridge June 2021 Results:

June 2021 Cambridge examination candidates’ access codes have been emailed to parent or guardian email addresses. If you have not received yours, please let us know on 

A reminder of results release dates:

Tuesday 10 August – AS-A Level Results

Thursday 12 August – O Level Results 

  1. November 2021 Cambridge Entries:

Cambridge Candidates Statement of Entry have been emailed to parents or guardians email addresses for those whose proof of payment has been confirmed. 

It is essential that the statements of entry are confirmed to be correct. Please cross check that first name and surname are as they appear on the birth certificate. Other names must be the correct initials. Verify date of birth, subjects registered and subject codes. Confirmation of correct details must be shown by signing on the Statement of Entry, returning it to Any corrections needing to be made can be indicated on the statement or sent in writing via email. All responses need to be received by the Examinations Department by end of day Friday 30 July.


  1. Form 1 and 2 Parents:

You are reminded to complete the ICDL registration forms and make the necessary payments. This will give pupils access to the learning platform and to be examined for their first module.

  1. Change of Dates for ‘Mock’ and Internal Mid-Year Examinations:

Our preference is that these examinations are conducted at physical school. However, regardless of if we are back at physical school or we are still operating virtually, these important examinations will start in the week of 16 August. 

Other Updates:
  1. Assessment 4:

Assessment 4 marks window closes next week. Please encourage your children to complete and submit all outstanding work so that their performance marks are not penalised. A reminder that the Google Classroom parent monitoring facility is a way that can help you track your child’s assigned work and the completion of it. Ongoing marks are entered on a weekly basis into Senatical. We encourage you to track your child’s ongoing progress through these two mechanisms. We will advise when final Assessment 4 result are available for your viewing on Senatical. 

  1. Fitness Sessions:

Fitness sessions resumed this week for all forms. However, the attendance has been disappointing. Please note that all pupils are expected to attend their allocated live sessions through their Fitness Google Classrooms. The schedule is between 4pm – 4:40pm as follows:

Forms 1, 3 and Lower 6s – Mondays and Wednesdays 

Forms 2, 4, and Upper 6s – Tuesdays and Thursdays 

These sessions are an important part of the ‘staying healthy’ process and we ask that you emphasise this to your child/children.

  1. Session Break:

We will be taking a break from the teaching-learning processes for the week 9 – 13 August. 

  1. “Earn a Brick Campaign”

A reminder to keep encouraging your children to work on this project as we continue to progress towards seeing the building of the Information-Resource Centre. As originally communicated, the expectation is that the minimum target set for activity is met and that pupils reach and exceed this through being helpful with some activities given as suggestions. Where a form has been lost, the ‘penalty’ is submission of the minimum target figure. Top ‘earners’ will be celebrated with a special treat. A reminder that details of this project can be found on our website.

  1. Allied Arts Speech and Drama Festival Update:

Thank you to Tinotenda Manjengwa on her rather ‘cold’ performance of “How to Get Away with Murder” – Ophelia – in the Intermediate Monologue category. View her clip on our Facebook page:


“Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 31:24