Wednesday September 4 2019

Newsflash 4/9/19

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Fee Payments & Admission Slips: 

Fee statements have been sent out via email, along with communication from the Principal Director’s desk. If you have not received yours yet, please let the Bursar’s Department know – Please note that for those wishing to use the option of spreading their fee payments, please complete the appropriate instalment forms available directly from the Bursar’s office. 

Start of Term Bus: 

There will be a school bus available to ferry boarders from Harare to school on Monday 9 September. This service is only for those who will have received clearance from the Bursar and paid their fare of $150 in advance. As always, seats are on receipt of full payment and on a first-come-first served basis with ticket confirmations coming from the Head’s PA on Pupils will be expected to be at Prince Edward School by 11:30am on Monday 9 September. You are reminded that the bus will not wait for late-comers.

Reminder from Academics Department: 

We ask that you ensure that your children do not leave any of their text books and exercise books at home. Textbooks which are not brought back will be treated as lost. 

Note that we also expect ALL of our pupils to have their own Bibles – hard copies! If you are looking to purchase a new copy for your child, we suggest the easier to understand versions such as the NKJV or the NIV. 

In addition, in this examination season, please ensure that candidates have a complete examination kit. That is black pens, HB pencils, a ruler, a rubber, and a mathematical set and a scientific calculator for sciences and some technical subjects. Note that these are to be stored in a transparent plastic case or packet. 


Is one of the main sports this term. Note that all Form 1, 2 and 3 pupils are expected to have swimming costumes and take part in the swimming programme.

Hostel Reminder: 

Pupils must bring enough clothes pegs for their casual wear laundry. Pegs to be labelled. Please also ensure padlocks are brought to secure all their valuables. Padlock spare keys must be handed in to Hostel Parents on arrival. 

When it comes time to pack bags, Parents please check what your child is packing to ensure no unwarranted material is brought to school. Searches will be done and inappropriate items will be confiscated so please help to avoid embarrassment for your child.

Speech and Prize Giving Day:

Will be on Friday 27 September. This is our pinnacle event of the year. Please make every effort to join us for this occasion. Proceedings start at 9am. 

Reflection: “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro through out the earth so that He may support those whose heart is completely His….” 2 Chronicles 16:9 (Amp)