Wednesday December 6 2023

Newsflash 6/12/23

Dear Parents and Guardians,

School Fees:

Please note that PROVISIONAL fee invoices based on Term 3 2023 will be issued pending finalization of Term 1 2024 fees. 

End of Year Assessment Top Achievers:

Congratulations to the following who placed top in their year groups in the final assessment for the junior age groups:

Form 1 – Ruvarashe Munyanduki and Nyasha Makoni – 9As

Form 2 – Rutendo Chidawanyika –  7As

Form 3 – Matikudza Chakwesha – 8As

Holiday Office Hours:

Please note the school office will be open 8am – 4pm week days until 20 December. The office will close for Christmas and New Years at 1pm on 21 December, opening on 2 January, 2024.

2024 Term 1:

Boarders are to be signed in to hostel between 12noon and 5pm on Monday 8 January. Lessons start for all classes (inclusive of 2024 Lower 6s) on Tuesday 9 January.

2024 Form 1 Orientation Time:

A reminder that as part of our orientation programme to help Form 1s settle into the new routines of High School; become familiar with the school layout and expectations for the first few days of lessons, all Form 1s are expected to attend this time of orientation. All Form 1s are expected to arrive at hostel on Sunday 7 January 2024 between 12noon and 1600hrs. They come dressed in uniform and will need their track suits for the next day’s activities. Please take note of the following:

The first meal will be supper. 

Day scholars to bring:

  • Bedding and toiletries 
  • Pyjamas / night dress
  • School tracksuit and a pair of sneakers for the next day’s activities 

Boarders to bring all their uniforms, casual wear and bedding that they will need during the term. Tuck is allowed of non perishable food.

Day scholars can then be collected from the hostel car park between 1600hrs and1700hrs.

2024 Form 1 Orientation Camp – Victoria Falls:

Please be reminded that all payments should be concluded by 15 December 2023. 

2024 Form Classes – An update for the pupils:

Please take note of the following:

2023 Form 1J becomes 2024 Form 2B

2023 Form 1K becomes 2024 Form 2E

2023 Form 2B becomes 2024 Form 3C

2023 Form 2E becomes 2024 Form 3H

2023 For 3C becomes 2024 From 4G

2023 Form 3H becomes 2024 Form 4L

2024 Sports Equipment Requirements for Term 1:

Athletics and Cross Country – All pupils:

  • Good quality sports trainers
  • Running spikes for sprinters
  • Resistance bands

Cricket – All Form 1, 2, 3 boys and 1st Team players

  • Plain white golf shirt
  • Plain white pair of boxer shorts (U14s)
  • Plain white cricket longs (U15, U16s, Seniors)
  • Knee length white sports socks
  • Cricket shoes with spikes
  • 3 rubberised cricket practice balls
  • 1 leather ball – 156gms
  • Cricket bat
  • Batting pads
  • Batting gloves
  • Groin box 
  • Helmet
  • Thigh pad
  • Chest guard (optional); Abdominal guard (optional); Elbow guard (optional)

All items are to be clearly and permanently labeled to avoid loss of personal property. 

Swimming – Compulsory for Girls and Boys

  • School swimming costume 
  • Swimming Cap of House colour
  • Those who will swim in the College team should have red caps.

Basketball – Boys and Girls (Select)

  • Practice basketball – Size 5 for girls 
  • Practice basketball – Size 6 for boys 
2023 October – November Cambridge Examination Results:

AS & A Level Results become available at 8am – 10 January 2024

IGCSE & GCE O Level Results become available at 8am on 18 January 2024

Please note that communications pertaining to examinations are now being handled through

Connecting With Your Child:

Please be deliberate in your efforts to ‘connect’ with your child. Know how they are really doing and know what they see as challenges. Love them, encourage them and celebrate them. Suicidal tendencies are increasing among this young generation – both male and female alike – and our students are no exception. 

Please also be deliberate in inculcating a sense of responsibility in your child. This includes of self, personal property and communal property. The number of textbooks not returned, civvies and uniform items unclaimed at the end of the term and gadgets left unattended are good evidence of the lack of this value.


And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14 (KNJV)