Friday May 10 2024


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we start the term we would like to congratulate and celebrate our pupils who ended the term on a high note last term.

Academic Top Achievers:

  • F1 – Caleb Mkhosana (9As)
  • F2 – Mutsa Magadza (11As)

  • F2 – Aiden Tsvakwi (11As)

  • F2 – Mufaro Musoni (11As)

  • F3 – Rutendo Chidawanyika (9As)

  • F3 – Rudorwashe Machikicho (9As)

  • F4 – Vongai Mutambara (11As)

  • L6 – Elizabeth Maphosa (20points)

  • U6 – Mlindeli Ndlovu (14points)

  • U6 – Sean Chiota (14points)

Royals of Virtue:

We would also like to congratulate the recipients of the Royals of Virtue awards. The recipients are recognized for their hard working nature, humility, pleasing conduct, for trying to do the right thing, and their willingness to strive to succeed.

  • Princess of Virtue – Kudiwanashe Machekera
  • Prince of Integrity – Dylan Chitsenga

  • Queen of Virtue – Charity Sigauke

  • King of Integrity – Atida Mutonhodza

We continue to work to mould our student into the type of person outlined in our MCC Eagles’ Creed:

The MCC Eagles’s Creed

I am a focused Eagle.

God is at the centre of everything I do.

I am a responsible citizen,

teachable, secure and adaptable.

I am a critical thinker,

an exemplary leader

and a confident team-player.

I engage in a healthy, physically active lifestyle.

I am an eagle and I ride the storm.

Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

My Eagle, My pride.


Appeal From the Discipline Team

In our continued bid to foster the development of positive personal traits and behaviours, as outlined in our MCC Eagles’ Creed, the Discipline Team is asking you to consider partnering with us in their introduction of a new initiative which seeks to honor exemplary students. The team would like to introduce Eagle Lapel Pins that will be awarded to pupils who exhibit exemplary conduct, behavior, etiquette and who stand up for what is right. The pins celebrate the small but noticeable efforts that our pupils are showing.

There will be three categories for recognition as follows:

  • Pupil Nominations – where pupils identify these traits in a peer – Bronze Pin
  • Staff Nomination – where staff identify these traits in a pupil – Silver Pin
  • Parent or External Nomination – where parents or visitors to the school commend pupils for the above traits – Gold Pin.

These awards will be captured also contribute to student records.

Pins are valued at $5 each. We kindly invite you as our parents and other interested stakeholders to partner with us in this. We thank Pastor Pswarai for his personal contribution of $60 towards this endeavour with his challenge now set to other parents to show their support. Should you wish to do so, please let us know on

Academic Support – Day scholar parents please note:

We remind day scholar parents that every pupil was given a homework diary with the expectation that all homework for that day is recorded and that parents inspect these diaries and their child’s work. We ask that you please sign these diaries on a daily basis. Any concerns or questions can be directed to our academics team for student performance headed by Mrs Sango for girls and Dr Chawira for boys.Our hostel parents and duty staff do this on a daily basis for our boarders.

Textbook Issues:

If you received notification that your child had a missing textbook/s, we urge you to facilitate speedy return / replacement / payment for replacement of the book. You are reminded that your child will not receive textbooks for all subjects until the issue has been resolved.

Upcoming Events and Fixtures

Sat 11/5/24

  • Girls Hockey – All teams vs Petra & Goldridge @ MCC – 9am
  • Soccer – 1st team vs CBC @ CBC – 9am
  • Girls Basketball – All teams vs Masiyephambili @ MCC – 9am
  • Rugby – All teams vs Heritage @ Heritage – 11am