Sunday October 22 2017


Parents Assembly AGM

Notice of this meeting has been given for 11am on Thursday 18 February. This is an important forum for parents so please make an effort to attend. We truly appreciate the role of the Parents Assembly body and encourage parents to volunteer themselves to be involved in the committee who play a vital role in our institution.


Cambridge Exam Registrations for May closes tomorrow.

For L6, Interviews are usually held in Mid-January of the following year preceding F4. Our requirements are a minimum of 5 ‘O’ Levels with a minimum of a ‘B’ in the subjects to be studied at ‘A’ Level. Parents are advised to apply for L6 2nd Term of F4. Age group considered is 16 to 17 years at F4 Level.


Exeat Weekend

Starts at 1pm on Thursday 18 February after the Parents Assembly AGM. Parents are expected to attend. As such we will only be offering a return bus from Harare, Bulawayo and Chiredzi on Monday 22 February, dependant on numbers and all are subject to our confirmation. Harare $25, Bulawayo $20, Chiredzi dependent on number of pupils. Payments into the school account referenced “Exeat Bus”. Copy of proof of payment to be submitted and confirmation given from