Monday August 24 2020

Newsletter 6 of 2020

Dear MCC Family,

I trust that you are all well and that despite the Covid 19 pandemic you are still managing to remain hopeful of the future. In times like these we may often find ourselves being so easily discouraged and lacking in hope. These are the times when it is most important to remain hopeful and focused on what the Lord is doing regardless of the circumstances around us. As I shared with one group of prospective parents recently, an Eagle summons its peak performance in stormy times. Whilst we often reserve the title of Eagles for our students, it is important that we all view ourselves as Eagles, champions even in times of trouble. Let us all be reminded that we are Eagles not because of what we do but because of whose power we do it in. May our inspiration be drawn from Isaiah 40: 31 which reads “… they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”


We are now well into our third academic block of the year and already this has been a busy period for parents, students and teachers alike. We continue to thank the Lord for the achievements he has given us the ability to attain and ask Him for strength during the difficult periods that many of us have experienced. As a family we celebrate together and stand together to support those who have experienced difficulties. The main focus of our celebration the last few days has been the June 2020 Cambridge results.

Below is a table outlining the results obtained by candidates who were graded by Cambridge in June this year. It is important to explain the grading of IGCSE Core Mathematics particularly to offer clarity regarding the highest level of attainment possible. The Mathematics courses we offer are the Core option which is ordinarily without coursework as well as the Extended option for those who may wish to study Mathematics at A Level. Whilst the highest grade possible for the Extended option is an A* the highest possible grade for the core option is a C which explains why there are no candidates with grades higher than C. Ordinarily the Set 1 students would write the Core option at the end of their form 3 year but this did not happen in 2019 hence the majority of Set 1 students were entered to write this option in June 2020 in their form 4 year. 

2020 ‘O’ Level May/June Cambridge International Results
ENGLISH LANGUAGE8162919010737299%

2020 AS Level May/June Cambridge International Results
 ABCDEUTotalA-E Pass-rate
BIOLOGY00101022 100%
BUSINESS21320088 100%
ECONOMICS11200044 100%
GEOGRAPHY0252101010 100%
HISTORY00001011 100%

These results are testament to the hard work put in by both students and staff in spite of the restrictions imposed by the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. These results are cause for much celebration during a time when we could all use some good news. The quality of education we are offering is of a high standard and with parental support we are aiming to raise this even higher. Our goal is to work with pupils of different abilities and cause them to reach their full potential in terms of academics, sporting endeavor, cultural persuits and Christ-likeness. It is in this light that we celebrate these wonderful results and say Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlophe, Félicitations, 恭喜 Gōngxǐ to the Eagles who have made us proud.

Other points of celebration 

We celebrate with Mrs Dzikiti (member of staff) on the birth of her baby daughter earlier in the year. Hopefully in the years to come we will be welcoming her as an Eagle along with others of the same age. We welcome her back from maternity leave. We equally celebrate Mr Ndoro’s achievement on attaining a Masters degree in China. We encourage the pursuit of continuous improvement and hope others will follow in his footsteps. We welcome him back from study leave. 

Prayer Points

Other than the general prayers for wellness and resource provision we must also remember bereaved families in our prayers. A number of families both among the parent body and among the staff have lost loved ones over the last couple of months and we stand with them in prayer asking that the Lord will give them strength and comfort. For those who have struggled health wise during these times we pray that Lord’s healing hand will be upon them and give them a speedy recovery.

Student and Parent engagement

We recently conducted a successful Form 1 Enrolment drive and are looking forward to welcoming a talented intake in January 2021. We managed to give the 2021 potential students a taste of the school environment and our virtual open day involved 12 students and 8 staff members linking up from different locations to market our school as one of the leading private schools in the country. I would like to thank all the students and staff who participated in this event.

In spite of the continued pandemic we have ramped up the roll out of our virtual education program to ensure that we complete the 2020 academic year on a high note. Use of google classroom to post and mark work has been complemented by google meet and zoom video lesson facilities as well as the G-Suite email follow ups to involve parents in the process. Whatsapp and email continue to be valuable support tools to this process. We conducted G-Suite training for parents 2 weeks ago and would be prepared to conduct further sessions for those who did not manage to attend the 2 sessions or as a refresher for those who attended and may need additional input.

We recently began meeting with Students by way of a virtual assembly to give students as much of a sense of normalcy as possible and meetings involving smaller groups of students. Whilst earnestly praying for the end of the pandemic and a return to normal physical school as soon as possible, we are also embracing the “new normal” to ensure that life goes on even whilst we are in the middle of this difficult time. Our internal exams and exercise program we will be rolling out shortly are indications of our resilience in different circumstance and we look forward to your continued support in these activities. 

We thank those parents who have managed to avail financial resources for us to be able to continue offering the service we have been offering. We also appreciate the feedback on the quality and effectiveness of the program in enabling learning to take place. As a follow up we will be arranging evening meeting programs with parents in small groups to dig deeper into the virtual possibilities and develop the program further. 

Key Dates

We have begun preparation for the Mock examinations which will have a dual purpose of reminding students of what they can expect in the November external examinations whilst providing credible evidence for course work based analysis in the event that Cambridge is forced to grade candidates based on course work. The examinations will run from 31 August to 11 September with this week being available to train students. We ask that all parents fill in the integrity forms forwarded last week and return them by the due date to ensure that we work together to guard the authenticity of this internal examination process. Together with parental support and technological checks and balances we can attain this goal.

We will have our next assembly on Thursday 27 August at 9.30am. This will be compulsory for all students. Parents will all be invited to join us as we continue to celebrate the June Cambridge results. The program we use to engage with large groups in this manner is limited to student and staff accounts so parents and others who wish to join may do so together with the students on the student devices. In future we hope to avail this opportunity to alumni and parents from their own devices. 

Resource Provision

Finally I would like to highlight that offering our virtual program has costs associated with it. Whilst these costs are slightly lower than those of running a physical school program they are still significant due to staff costs which remain the same whether we are operating a virtual school program or a physical one. The improvements in the program that have been highlighted as being essential by the staff discussions as well as parent surveys and online interactions require significant investment to implement. Whilst some of the exam writing classes might resume physical presence at the College premises soon the rest of the classes will need to continue with the virtual program. Both options will have costs associated with the specific nature of the program. We thank those who have already indicated their support for the proposed fee structure communicated last week and urge the rest to join them so we can ensure the sustainability of the school as a whole. 

Kind regards

TL Mkhosana