Thursday September 6 2018

Newsletter from the Principal’s Desk


Our final academic term for 2018 has started with a bang.  The holiday school which ended on Tuesday last week for examination classes helped to establish a solid foundation for the intense revision programme that we have embarked on.  Our high academic goals have been set and the atmosphere needed for us to achieve our targets has been defined and will be guarded jealously.  There is no moment to waste.  Every opportunity is being exploited to the full in order to thoroughly equip our examination candidates for the Cambridge examinations starting next month.  The mantra for the season is, “Examinations, examinations and examinations”.  100% focus for the Form 3, Form 4, Lower 6 and Upper Six classes is now on examinations. This has translated in suspending all sporting fixtures and club activities for the classes in question, in order to create extra opportunity for guided revision.  We plead with parents and guardians for our hostel pupils to avoid as much as possible signing out pupils for the weekend so as not to disrupt focus on examinations.

The May/June Cambridge examination results have allowed us to refine our strategies in preparation for the October/November final examination session.  We would like to congratulate those candidates in Form 4 who have already secured passes in at least five subjects. The May/June results analysis for the Current Form 4 classes indicate the following statistics:

a) Top results were achieved by;

                   – Rutendo Muswera who achieved 1A*, 3 ’A’s, 1B and 1C and

                  – Mazvita Takuva who achieved 1A*, 3 ‘A’s and 2 ‘C’s

 Congratulations Eagles, you have set a good foundation, now go for gold!


b) Of the 59 current Form 4 candidates who sat for their ‘O’ Level examinations in November of their Form 3 year (2017) and in June 2018, the following subject pass rates were achieved:

SUBJECT% Passrate
Art and Design64%
Combined Science54%
Design and Technology100%
GCE English Language95%
Fashion and Textiles50%


c) 27 candidates of the 59 Form 4 pupils have now secured passes in at least 5 subjects going into the final October/November examination session.

Considering the academic strength of this year’s Form 4 group, I acknowledge that we are on course and the challenge and responsibility which we embrace boldly is to continue pushing the remaining at least 50% of the candidates to achieve at least a full ‘O’ Level certificate. The intimate prize and academic goal that we are gunning for is to ensure that every current Form 4 pupil secures quality examination passes to give them their desired ‘A’ Level subject combination.

It is with this academic target in mind that extra lessons including one-on-one tutorial revision sessions have been put in place and should benefit all pupils.



We would like to announce that Mr C. Chigwanda has left MCC to pursue further studies abroad.  We are very grateful for his faithful, loyal and competent 11-year service.  He was credited for introducing the Robotics Club which represented Zimbabwe at this year’s Robotics World Competition in USA.  We will certainly miss him but at the same time wish him the very best as he develops himself professionally.

Mrs R. Shuro has joined the Science department to teach Chemistry and Physical Education.  She brings to the team some remarkable competency, reflected among other things her 28 years of relevant experience.  We wish her well as she finds her place in the MCC Eagle Nest and trust that she will add value to our pupils and institution.



We are seized with the challenge of moulding our students to reflect what our Creed declares;

I am a focused Eagle

God is at the centre of everything I do

I am a responsible citizen, teachable, secure and adaptable. 

I am a critical thinker, an exemplary leader and a confident team-player.

I engage in a healthy, physically active lifestyle.

I am an eagle and I ride the storm. 

Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

My Eagle, My pride.


Lately, we have observed cases of indiscipline especially in boys’ hostel involving some senior students breaking defined behaviour boundaries.  Although we are determined to offer such students mentorship and appropriate counselling, we reserve the right not to accommodate those who will continue to succumb to wayward behaviour.  We take guidance from authors like Dr John Townsend who said the following about good parenting; “Jesus will develop self-control and responsibility to the extent that their parents have boundaries.”  We urge all our parents and guardians to actively partner with us in giving the appropriate response(s) to the behavioural challenges that we face as our children grow.  Part of it often calls for stern consequences, and every parental support which we can get will be appreciated.


Father-Son Camp (Postponed)

We are excited about the upcoming Father-Son Camp which is scheduled to take place at Antelope Park just outside Gweru.  The theme of the retreat is “Strengthening of Fathers’ arms in their walk with sons”.  It promises to be an enriching and empowering experience as fathers and sons will get a rare opportunity to engage and invest in each other.  I have often remarked that our modern world system has been dictating a lifestyle of busyness and pressure to levels that stifle any prospects of building solid foundations of mentorship and oneness between fathers and their sons.  This camp, therefore, offers an opportunity to restore the legacy of father-son relationship.  A few places are still available to those fathers who can still join us. You can be assured that your son will never view you the same way after this camp.


Upcoming Family Camps

Our Counselling and Life Skills department is organising two more camps to accommodate the other key family relationships, namely

Mother-Son and Father-Daughter Camps.  We sincerely connect with the critical need to invest in these forms of relationship as well in addition to the two addressed so far, that is Mother-Daughter and Father-Son. Please bear with us as we finalise the logistics.  We will certainly fulfil our dream, which is the dream of many as well.


Our sincere thanks– to the Zvinoera and Hamadziripi-Sober families for their donation of kit for the Netball first team girls; and to the Shamhu family for the donation of sweaters to the first team Rugby boys!


Results for end of Second Term

Inter-house Winter Sports


1stCrown, 2ndMartial, 3rdBateleur



Congratulations to the following who were selected into the CHISZ Select U20 team: Rutendo Muswera, Anotida Hove, Laverne Hamadziripi-Sober, Ruvimbo Shoko and Mukudzei Zvinoera.


Vs Goldridge

U14 & U15s lost 7 : 5, U16s lost 6 : 11 and 1stTeam won 46 : 5


Vs Dominican Convent

U14 & U15 won 4 : 0, U16 won 7 : 5 and

1stTeam  won 46 : 8


U16 Netball Tournament

Won 8 : 6 against Girls College

Lost 14 : 1 against Dominican Convent Bulawayo

Lost 4 : 2 against Goldridge

Won 3 : 1 against SEC

Won 7 : 1 against Gateway

Won 5 : 2 against Harare Dominican

Convent and Lost 5 : 7 against Kyle


Swift Netball Tournament – 1stteam

Won 16 : 2 against Kyle College

Won 18 : 11 against SEC

Won 18 : 2 against Petra

They got to Semi-Finals where they won 18 : 9 against Dominican Convent

Bulawayo.  They got to the Finals where they won 21 : 14 against Gateway


CHISZ U15 Tournament

1stRound of Games:

Won 6 – 4 against Gateway

Won 8 – 5 against Girls College

MCC won in their group and progressed to the semi-finals where they won 9 – 2 against Goldridge College.

In the finals, MCC lost 4 – 5 against Dominican Convent Bulawayo and were the silver medal winners, placing 2ndout of the 6 participating schools.


CHISZ U20 Tournament

1stRound of Games:

Won 28 – 1 against Girls College

Won 15 – 11 against Gateway

MCC won in their group and progressed to the semi finals where they won 16 – 6 against Dominican Convent Harare.

In the finals, MCC lost 10 – 15 against Dominican Convent Bulawayo and were the silver medal winners, placing 2ndout of the 6 participating schools.


Congratulations to Mukudzei Zvinoera who was awarded “Player of the Tournament” & “Best Goal Defender”.


Soccer Results

Congratulations to the following who were selected into the CHISZ Select U20 team: Basil Tsimba, Tafadzwa Churumanzi and Othniel Chisi.


Congratulations to Francis Moyo who was selected into the CHISZ U16 Northern

Region Select team.


Vs Kyle College

1stTeam won 2 : 0


Vs Masiye

1stTeam won 8 : 0



1stTeam won 3 : 2

U15 & U16 won 1 : 0


Vs Petra

1stTeam won 3 : 0

U15 & U16 won 5 : 1


Kambarami Tournament 2018

Group Stages:

Against Kyle won 3 : 0

Against Mvutu won 1 : 0

Against Falcon College won 1 : 0

Finals – Against CBC won 1 : 0


CHISZ Soccer Tournament – 1stTeam

Group Stages:

Against St Johns won 2 : 0

Against Westridge drew 0 : 0

Against CBC drew 0 : 0

Against Peterhouse drew 1 : 1

Quarter Finals:

Against Falcon – in regulation time the game ended 0 : 0. They proceeded to penalties where MCC lost 8 : 9

MCC was placed 6thout of 15 schools.


CHISZ Soccer Tournament – Under 16s

Against Peterhouse lost 0 : 1

Against Westridge drew 1 : 1

Against Watershed lost 1 : 2

Against St Johns lost 0 : 2


Francis Moyo was voted Best Goal Keeper of the Tournament. He was also selected for the CHISZ Northern Region Soccer Team.


Basketball Results

The following girls were selected into the CHISZ Basketball Team: Tanatswa Zhou, Shumirai Tombindo and Nicole Banana.


Vs Progress – Girls

U15s won 27 : 2, 1stTeam won 33 : 4


Vs Progress – Boys

U17s won 35 : 5, 1stTeam won 65 : 7


vs Girls College

U14s lost 6 : 10, U15s lost 4 : 18 and

U16s lost 0 : 25


vs Dominican Convent Bulawayo

U14s won 18 : 4 and U15s lost 8 : 12


Rugby Results

Vs Eaglesvale

U14 lost 22 : 42, U15 won 27 : 5,

U16 won 22 : 5, 2ndTeam won  47 : 0 and

1stTeam won 57 : 14


Vs Heritage

U15 won 45 : 5, U16 lost 38 : 12 and

1stTeam won 85 : 5


Vs Watershed

U14 lost 44 : 26, U15 won 33 : 0,

U16 won 12 : 7, 2ndTeam won 31 : 27 and

1stTeam won 53 : 12


Vs Hellenic

U14 won 22 : 12, U15 won 27 : 10,

U16 won 59 : 0, 2ndTeam won 17 : 14 and

1stTeam won 29 : 24


Volleyball Results

District NASH U20 Girls

Vs St Patricks won 2 : 0

Vs Mambo lost 0 : 2


Vs Progress Girls

U14s lost 0 : 2, U15s won 2 : 0,

U17s won 2 : 0, 2ndslost 1 : 2 and

1sts  won 2 : 0


Vs Chisipite

U14 lost 0 : 2, U15 won 2 : 0,

U17 lost 1 : 2 and 1stTeam lost 1 : 2


Hockey Results – boys

Congratulations to the following on their selection into the

various Zimbabwe teams:

U18 Zim B – Anesu Makopa

U17 Zim A – Gavin Mangwenzi and Tadiwanashe Maravanyika

U17 Zim B – Alban Sianaga

U17 Zim B – NTR – Kudakwaishe Man’ombe


Vs Kyle

1stTeam MCC won 2 : 0


Vs Petra

1st Team MCC lost 0 : 5


Hockey Results – Girls

Vs Kyle College

2ndTeam MCC lost 2 : 0


Vs Hellenic

U14 MCC won 1 : 0, U15 MCC won 3 : 1,

U16 MCC won 5 : 0 and 1stTeam MCC lost 1 : 2


Vs Petra

U14 MCC won 2 : 0, U15 MCC lost 2 : 0,

U16 MCC won 1 : 0 and 1stTeam drew 1 : 1


Vs Dominican Convent

U14 MCC won 1 : 0, U15 MCC won 2 : 0,

U16 MCC won 1 : 0 and 1stTeam drew 1 : 1


Vs Heritage

U14 drew 1 : 1, U15 drew 0 : 0

U16 drew 1 : 1 and 1stTeam MCC won 3 : 0


Debate Results

Zonal Level

Junior team came 3rdout of 6 schools

Senior team came 1stout of 5 schools

District Level

Senior team came 1stout of 6 schools

Provincial Level

Senior Team came 3rdout of 6 schools


Public Speaking Results

Zonal  Level

Valentine Njerekai and Mazvita Takuva came 1stin their respective age groups.

District Level

Valentine Njerekai and Mazvita Takuva came 1stand they will represent our District and Province in the final this term.


AlliedArts Speech and Drama Festival Results

Congratulations to the following who were invited to the Allied Arts Honours Concert and were awarded the following cups:


The Sarah Jane Munn Trophy for the most creative groups:

Duo Poetry – Ruvimbo Chinaka, Anesu Huvaya

The Cupcakes – Mime – Thokozani Mrewa, Tadiwanashe Wutawunashe, Nyashadzashe Marangu, Batsirai Kaitano, Mukudzei Makurira, Peter Masi, Shield Mathonsi, Othniel Chisi, Troy Simao, Brian Samupambadze, Deon Garufu, Tapiwanashe Tirivarombo and Kumbirai Nyevedzanai.


The Ena Stone Mime Cup for the Best Mime: The Samurais – Mime – Panashe Manyimo, Anotidaishe Dondo, Sean Nyagura, Sherpard Mathonsi, Ngonidzashe Mareverwa, Shaun Sigauke, Kevin Chifamba, Alban Sianaga, Munashe Mhembere, Kundai- Karl Mpame, Dominic Mushayi, Theophilus Nenhanga and Kudakwaishe Manʼombe



  • The Samurais – Mime – Panashe Manyimo, Anotidaishe Dondo, Sean Nyagura, Sherpard Mathonsi, Ngonidzashe Mareverwa, Shaun Sigauke, Kevin Chifamba, Alban Sianaga, Munashe Mhembere, Kundai- Karl Mpame, Dominic Mushayi, Theophilus Nenhanga and Kudakwaishe Manʼombe.
  • Muku and Group – Group Dance – Mukudzei Zvinoera, Jonathan Chatara, Tinetariroyashe Shumba , Laurah Chiwara, Tadiwanashe Wutawunashe, Laverne Hamadziripi-Sober and Deon Garufu.
  • The Cupcakes – Mime – Thokozani Mrewa, Tadiwanashe Wutawunashe, Nyashadzashe Marangu, Batsirai Kaitano, Mukudzei Makurira, Peter Masi, Shield Mathonsi, Othniel Chisi, Troy Simao, Brian Samupambadze, Deon Garufu, Tapiwanashe Tirivarombo and Kumbirai Nyevedzanai.
  • Duo Poetry – Diya Keshav, Melissa Ngwenya, Ruvimbo Chinaka and Anesu Huvaya.
  • Monologue – Theodore Masi



  • The Swans – Choral Speaking – Valerie Utete, Martha Ndlovu, Yeukai Gumbo, Sharon Dewera, Desiree Phiri, Melrose Rupere, Rumbidzai Kwenda, Tanaka Nguwi, Millicent Muchenje, Ropafadzo Juru and Rutendo Jasi.
  • Original play – Takudzwa Zimwara, Valerie Utete, Kumbirai Nyevedzanai, Anotidaishe Ndoro, Ruvimbo Chinaka and Peter Masi.
  • Afro-Flavour – Hinde Moni – Group Dance – Troy Simao, Yamikani Tembo, Nyasha Luka, Tapiwanashe Tirivarombo, Rufaro Chikarango, Shield Mathonsi, Muratidzwa Mandaza, Panashe Ganyani, Owen Chihumelah and Rufaro Mataruse.
  • Solo Poetry – Matifadza Mavesere, Takudzwa Ganhure, Natasha Jones, Farai Nyamondo and Courtney Jongwe.
  • Duo Poetry – Shamiso Mukarakate, Rutendo Muswera, Valerie Utete and Tanaka Nguwi.
  • Prepared Speech – Sharon Marangwanda, Mazvita Takuva and Chikomborero Chikarango.
  • Monologue – Andile Sibanda, Mizpah Dhliwayo and Rufaro Chikarango.
  • Duologue – Theodore Masi and Victor Madziwadondo.


2nd Grades:

  • Happy Feet – Choral Speaking – Shamiso Mukarakate, Chanaaz Warambwa, Regina Hanyani, Lisa Kobekile and Anesuishe Gaka.
  • Duo- Prepared TV News Reading – Kaylee Ncube and Tanaka Masvanganye.
  • Duo- Dance – Deon Garufu and Tanaka Nguwi.



  • The Pearls – Group Dance – Elizabeth Msipa, Natasha Jones, Melissa Ngwenya, Tinevimbo Chaibva, Anotidaishe Ndoro, Zandile Sibanda, Wendy Mtisi, Pearl Mabhena and Faith Mukandatsama.
  • The Gingers – Lincoln Chiko, Takudzwa Ganhure, Takudzwa Machikicho, David Matayaunga, George Mataka, Themba Mapundu, Kumbirai Mutamba, Kudzaishe Mumba, Tawananyasha Musingarabwi, Munashe Mhembere, Thabiso Nyoni, Kian Ndhlovu, Vusani Ntuli, Nkosinhle Gwizi, Phillip Ganyani, Tsungirirayi Madondo, Khimathi Ncube, Victor Madziwadondo and Theodore Masi.
  • Duo – Dance – Christabel Chigogo, Tirivashe Muza, Tanatswa Mlauzi and Panashe Mudyahoto.


NB:  A parent or guardian wishing to withdraw a child must give sufficient written notice(as per  Acceptance of Place Agreement)at least a full term before the child’s proposed final term,failing which, fees for the following term will be payable in full, whether or not the child returns to the College.  Security deposit refunds are processed a month after the student has left school. Please send a signed letter to indicating where the security deposit is to be transferred.

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