Friday June 1 2018

Newsletter from the Principal’s Desk

2018 – Year of Connecting with Transforming Hope in Excellence, Biblical Orientation and Celebration



Our busiest and longest term is now well underway, with the candidates for the Cambridge May-June sessions expressing satisfaction that they have fought a good fight so far, with only one more week of examinations to go.  We hope that their confidence will be confirmed by the results in August.


We would like to celebrate the overwhelming support which we continue to receive from some of our former

Eagles as they join us for a gap year service.  The following are assisting us this term; Everjoy Shamhu, Kildare Maziva, Mufaro Guvakuva, Mutsa Mavesere and Vimbiso Nyamondo.

Cambridge Awards

MCC was represented by Tatenda Machikicho at the 2018 Awards Ceremony held in Harare, to recognise

learners for their exceptional performance in the Cambridge examinations during the June 2017 and November 2017 examination series.  The strict criteria used to calculate these Cambridge awards ensures that the

achievements recognized in this case are consistent across the world in all subjects and all qualification levels.

Tatenda Machikicho, who attained 3A*s, 6As and 1B at ‘O’ Level, actually received the ‘Top in Zimbabwe’ award for Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science after achieving the highest standard mark in the June 2017 examination series.

We would like to congratulate our Science department especially for consistently producing an award annually from its stable of subjects in the last five years.  I am convinced that the other departments will respond to the challenge and join the elite group of achievers.

International Exposure opportunities

We are grateful for the opportunities which some of our Eagles are seizing to ‘fly’ beyond our continent.

(i) We had our Robotics team representing Zimbabwe at the Hydrodynamics World Festival in the United States of America from the 16th to the 22nd of April.  The team was made up of the following: Kundai-Karl Mpame, Joel Mukaratirwa, Darren Shonhai, Sean Nyagura, Tawananyasha Musingarabwi, Theophilus Nenhanga, Alban Sianaga and Mr Chigwanda.  They found the experience extremely enriching. The following reflects some of their takeaways from their educational trip:

Kundai-Karl Mpame – “I believe what we’ve just done, what we’ve been through and what we’re going through is just a start – a spark of something greater, something amazing for Zimbabwe, in fact for the whole of Africa.”

Joel Mukaratirwa – “Never give up, anything is possible, simply because we didn’t give up as a team, life gave us an opportunity and took us the other side.”

Darren Shonhai – “As eagles we are capable of riding whatever storm we come across. This is just the beginning, we are taking it further next year. As a school we are on the right path as far as use of IT is concerned.”

Sean Nyagura – “As Zimbabwe we need to nurture the youth towards the future and realise that if we keep programs like these in schools it will not only benefit the children but also our nation in development.”

Tawananyasha Musingarabwi – “The smallest of things can take you very far. I also learnt to take everything I do seriously no matter how small.”

Theophilus Nenhanga – “We need to come together as a community and grow in science and technology, because this is the way of the future.”

Alban Sianaga – “No matter how great the intimidation is, just continue on.”

(ii) We also have the following Eagles heading for Beijing, China, from the 9th of July to the 3rd of August 2018: Tariro Maderera, Kundai-Karl Mpame, Munashe Muchedzi and Tafadzwa Shava.  They will be taking part in the 2018 International Summer School.

(iii)   On the sporting side, we congratulate Miss Florence Mhasho and Mr Marc Levendale who will be part of the Zimbabwe U18 Hockey team travelling to Algeria for the African Youth Olympic Qualifiers which are being held from the 18th to the 28th of July 2018.  We wish them all the success as they fly the Zimbabwe flag high.

(iv)   Tafadzwa Churumanzi and Basil Tsimba have been selected to attend an American College Scholarship Programme in USA in July.

(v)    The Quiz Team took part in the National School Quiz Championships and have qualified to go and represent the school in    South Africa in December.  Our team was made up of the following: Valentine Njerekai, Benhilda Njerekai, Tinotenda Chipenzi and Chantelle Matawu.

(vi)   Othniel Chisi was provisionally selected by a United Kingdom based scouter pending his performance at the CHISZ Soccer tournament over Exeat weekend.


Sports achievement

We congratulate the following Eagles who have qualified to join National teams:

(i) U14 Rugby – Prince Charuma

(j) U17 Rugby – Tadiwanashe Maravanyika and Panashe Masaya.

(iii)   U16B Hockey – Rutendo Muswera, Michel Pedzisai and Panashe Magadza (reserve).


Rugby Provincial Squad Selection

The following made it into the Central Province Rugby teams:

U14s – Evans Chitando, Prince Charuma, Daniel Chakanyuka and Tashinga Denga

U17s – Panashe Masaya, Farai Antony Kalubi, Takudzwa Thomu, Tadiwanashe Maravanyika, Takunda Denga, Tinotenda Warambwa and Joey Marangwanda.

U19s – Takudzwa Mutukumira, Thokozani Mrewa, Tinashe Kadakure, Michael Shamu, Paul Chade, Kumbirai Nyevedzanai, Panashe

Dube-Mabeza, Panashe Manyimbiri and Kelvin Ndou.


Boys Hockey Provincial Squad Selection

The following made it into the Midlands Province Boys Hockey teams:

U17s – Isheanesu Nyamadzi, Gavin Magwenzi, Michael Pfaira, Alban Sianaga, Kudakwashe Man’ombe, Ngonidzashe Mareverwa, Edmos Dube-Mabeza and Passmore Mabukwa.

U19s – Ngonidzashe Man’ombe, Ngonidzashe Charuma, Anopaishe Chiremba, Anesu Makopa, Bekithemba Gumede, Blessing Mahwite, Nyasha Manjengwa, Takura Sibanda and Wadiwanashe Musonza.


Girls Hockey Provincial Squad Selection

The following made it into the Midlands Province Girls Hockey teams:

U16s – Rutendo Muswera, Michel Pedzisai, Chanaaz Warambwa, Lisa Nesara, Rachel Banda, Panashe Magadza, Elizabeth Msipa, Ashley Shamhu, Genalyn Gazi and Nyasha Luka.

U18sYamikani Mumba, Chido Nyanhete, Tanaka Nguwi, Shumirai Tombindo, Charmaine Mnangagwa, Rutendo Jasi, Gamuchirai Munyaka and Courtney Jongwe.

Girls Basketball Provincial Squad Selection

The following made it into the Midlands Province Girls Basketball team:

U18s – Ropafadzo Juru, Nicole Banana, Chantelle Matawu, Tanatswa Zhou, Rufaro Matsenyengwa, Shumirai Tombindo, Tatenda Machikicho, Tariro Maderera and Paidamoyo Chiota.


Cultural Achievement

(i) Marimba Band

We would like to congratulate our Marimba Band for being part of the recent Guiness World Record breakers.  It was on 25 May 2018 that they became part of the passionate 222 student musicians of Zimbabwe that set a new world record for the Biggest Marimba Ensemble. The record was previously set by Australia in 2016 when 160 students from Oaxley State in Brisbane played the Marimba.  Our team was made up of the following: Shield Mathonsi, Tapiwanashe Tirivarombo, Muratidzwa Mandaza, Gavin Magwenzi, Caleb Hadzirabwi and Isheanesu Mvundura.

(ii)    Debate

The Junior Debate Team took part in the ATS Junior Debate Competition – winning 2 out of 4 debates.  Gamuchirai Munyaka and Mazvita Takuva were voted joint 3rdbest speakers of the tournament out of 70 participants.


Parental Support

We would like to sincerely appreciate the outstanding support which some of our parents have been giving us in the past few months.  The extra mile that these parents have gone to support our teams has been exceptional and we recognise and celebrate it hugely.

(i) Mr and Mrs Tombindo donated $2050 towards the Robotics Trip.

(j) Mr Tivavenge donated $1000 towards our team’s expenses for the CHISZ soccer tournament.

(k) His Excellency, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, donated $3000 towards First Team Girls Hockey kit and the team’s expenses for the Golden-Silver Girls Tournament.

(iv)   Eight parents have donated their security deposits towards the Parents Assembly project of constructing the Resource Centre.

(v) Minerva donated $3000 towards the Botswana Rugby Tour.

(vi)   Mr and Mrs Phiri donated $200 towards the Botswana Rugby Tour, even though they did not have a child going on this tour.

(vii)  Mr and Mrs Machipisa donated $200 towards the Botswana Rugby Tour, even though they did not have a child going on this tour.

There are many other opportunities available for parents and guardians to show support and solidarity with our College.  I am particularly proud of those parents who are building a legacy through investing in our Institution.  I encourage more parents to do likewise.


ATS Attachments

Please find opportunity to go over attached communication from Association of Trust Schools.


Form 1, 2019 enrolment

May all prospective 2019 Form 1 parents complete the application process for their children by 15 June 2018.  Application forms are available on our website or contact admissions at


Holiday Sports Tour and Festival Results

Rugby 1st  Team Boys Botswana Tour Results

Vs Jaguars won 47 – 5

Vs Livingstone Kobelng College won 22 – 10

Vs Gaborone Select won 36 – 12


Hockey Girls 1stTeam at the Gateway Festival

Vs Sodbury won 6 – 0

Vs Gateway lost  0 – 1

Vs St Johns Emerald won 6 – 0

Vs Kyle College lost 0 – 1

Vs Hillcrest drew 0 – 0


Hockey Boys 1stTeam at the Gateway Festival

Vs Sodbury won 1 – 0

Vs Gateway won 3 – 2

Vs St Johns High drew 0 – 0

Vs Eaglesvale lost 0 – 1

Vs Watershed lost 1 – 2


Rugby U14 Boys Falcon Festival

Vs CBC lost 0 – 36

Vs Lomagundi lost 0 – 30

Vs Falcon lost 10 – 30


Sports Results so far this season


Vs Gateway

1sts won 42 – 5

2nds won 51 – 0

U16s lost 10 – 17


Girls Hockey

Vs Peterhouse Bs

1sts drew 0 – 0

U16s lost 0 – 3

U15s lost 0 – 1

U14s lost 0 – 2


Boys Hockey

1stTeam Results

Vs CBC lost 2 – 4

Vs Plumtree won 4 – 0

Vs Falcon lost 0 – 5

Vs Hippo Valley drew 0 – 0

Vs SEC lost 0 – 2

Vs Mufakose lost 1 – 2


Vs Milton

U16s won 1 – 0

U15s drew 0 – 0

U14s won 1 – 0



Volleyball U17 Districts Competitions

Girls Vs Nkululeko lost 0 – 2

Girls Vs Airforce lost 1 – 2

Girls Vs Regina Mundi lost 0 – 2

Boys Vs Nkululeko lost 1 – 2

Boys Vs Airforce won 2 – 0


Vs Dominican Convent

1st  Team Girls won 2 – 0

2nds  Team Girls won 2 – 0

U15 Girls won 2 – 1

U16 Girls won 2 – 0


Vs Tynwald

U20 Girls won 2 – 0

U20 Boys  lost 1 – 2


Vs Kyle College                                                                                            

1st  Team Girls won 3 – 0

1stTeam Boys won 2 – 0


Vs Thornhill                                                                                         

U20 Boys lost 1 – 2


Vs Gateway

U20 Girls won 2 – 1


Vs Eaglesvale

U20 Girls lost 0 – 2

U16 Girls won 2 – 0


Girls Basketball

Vs Kyle

1stlost 11 – 14

U16s won 20 – 4



U20 Zonal Competition

Vs Thornhill won 14 – 8

Vs Nashville won 15 – 5

Vs Nkululeko  won 12 – 5

Vs Regina Mundi won 12 – 8

The MCC Girls won the Zonal competitions and proceeded for the Districts Competitions.


U20 Districts Competition

Vs Mkoba lost 9 – 13

Vs Guinea Fowl lost 6 – 10

Vs Lower Gweru won 22 – 8

VS St Patricks won 19 – 8

The team placed 3rd.



Vs South Eastern College

1sts won 7 – 0

Vs Goldridge

U17s won 3 – 0

1stTeam won 4 – 0


Hammer and Tongues Tournament U20 Group Stage

Vs Nyanga won 1 – 0

Vs Peterhouse lost 0 – 1

Vs Inkomo lost 0 – 2

Vs St Ignatius lost 0 – 1



“Souls are saved by truthful witness and betrayed by the spread of lies. The Fear-of- GOD builds up confidence, and makes a world safe for your children. The Fear-of- GOD is a spring of living water so you won’t go off drinking from poisoned wells.”

(Proverbs 14:25-27 MSG)