Thursday January 25 2018

Outreach Trip to Rusununguko

Our Social Welfare Club focuses on community impact and outreach and this past Saturday went on a specific outreach trip to Rusununguko High School. Below are some of the comments from the pupils who went out as well as some photographs from the day.


On Saturday the 20th of January, I was privileged to be part of the social welfare team that travelled to Rusunuguko High School in Shurugwi. I met new people and made new friends. I enjoyed the musical collaborations between the Rusunuguko pupils and the Midlands Christian College pupils. We discussed topics such as peer pressure, puberty, talents and the most important of all, salvation. Many of the pupils gave their lives to Christ; this was a beautiful scene to watch. – RUFARO CHIKARANGO 4Y


We had an amazing experience when we visited Rusununguko high school in Shurugwi. We got the opportunity to bond and understand each other’s similarities and differences but this was not the most important part of the visit. The most important part was that we got to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and some of the scriptures we shared with them came from the following books Mathew 6vs 33 and Luke 18 v 27. We then went on to pray for them and it was during this time when 38 students from Rusununguko High School gave their lives to Christ. We were so happy and we rejoiced with them. This was an experience like no other.




Yet another exhilarating trip to Rusununguko High School! We had ourselves the entire day to socialise with our fellow age-mates who some of us already knew from our previous trip there It felt good to once again be in the same place after so long.

To start us off for the long day, we had a praise and worship led by Shingi and Jacob (deputy head boy at Rusununguko). Thereafter we received a lovely performance from the choir at Rusununguko as it got people dancing, joining with some even ululating. It was quite the jovial atmosphere.

Our very own Chikomborero Chikarango also engaged us in some very powerful preaching. His message focused on the marvellous works of God and how he can change our lives drastically for the good if we put our trust solely in him. We then invited to the front all those who wanted to surrender their lives to God.38 pupils gave their lives to the lord. We prayed for them, thanking God that some lost sheep had returned home and for him to guide them in this new journey they had decided to take with Christ.

In our generation, there are many problems that concern us as teenagers and as a result various solutions are spread on how to tackle them best. However people often neglect the word of God as their guide in navigating these problems. We had separate open-discussion questions as juniors and seniors, talking about topics concerning relationships and dating.

And would it really be a rural outreach with no actual visit to a rural homestead. Together we visited Mbuya Munyanyi just to stop by and sing for her as well as provide some company, thought sadly it had to be short-lived as we were a little behind schedule. She was so moved by our visit that she shed some tears and said never in her life would she forget the day the Lord blessed her with our presence.

We managed to donate some gifts to the school, mainly in the form of groceries and stationery as our revenue did not permit us to really buy much. I hope next time people find it in their hearts to give willingly in order to support the club. Mrs Mhangami gave a vote of thanks and words of encouragement to serve God.

After a long, tiresome though awesome day, we said our goodbyes, took some selfies then we were on our way back home. We almost shed some tears, but the promise that Rusunuguko made, to come visit us, made us feel better. We greatly look forward to their visit. We thank our teachers Mrs Mhangami and Miss Makuvaro for guiding and encouraging us to serve the needy.