Newsflash 1/3/18

Pupil Academic Performance: Please be sure to log on to Sentatical to see your child’s results from the First Assessment period. There is a quick link on our website to the log in portal. We apologise for the technical challenges that were faced over Exeat. Please see the attached ‘problem solving document’ if you are still facing challenges. For any further assistance contact us on

Allied Arts Eisteddfod:

Congratulations to all of the pupils who took part in this year’s Vocal and Instrumental National Institute of Allied Arts Eisteddfod. We had 53 entries as a school. Detailed results to follow.

Mother-Daughter Camp: 

What an incredible weekend. Thank you to all who invested in this weekend. Please visit the website to see a selection of photographs from the camp and some of the feedback.

University Visits: 

We had the pleasure of hosting some university representatives yesterday from Newcastle University and Curtin University in Australia, and the University of Northampton from the UK. They shared some very useful information and we thank them for taking the time with our pupils.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday 3/3

  • Watershed Sprints Challenge @ Watershed 8am
  • Tennis vs Petra @ MCC 9am

Friday 16 March – Our Grade 7 Open Day. Please circulate the attached flyer to your colleagues and friends!

Reflection: “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 (NKJV)

Allied Arts Eisteddfod – Midlands Chapter

We are delighted to once again be hosting some of the Allied Arts Eisteddfod.

Below is the programme overview. Come along and enjoy this musical festival and that young talent that is out there!



AFRICAN & WESTERN                                                                                       


58G            Vocal Solo, African Religious : Grade 4-7                                                                   59G            Vocal Solo, African Religious : Form 1-3                                                            60G            Vocal Solo, African Religious : Form 4-6

– Adjudication –


54G            Vocal Solo, African Contemporary : Grade 4-7                                   55G            Vocal Solo, African Contemporary : Form 1-3

– Adjudication –


56G            Vocal Solo, African Contemporary : Form 4-6

– Adjudication & break –


70G            Vocal Ensemble, African Accompanied: Senior School

67G            Vocal Ensemble, African A Cappella : Senior School

– Adjudication –


64G            Vocal Duet, African : Form 4-6

– Adjudication –


453G            Vocal Duet : Form 1-3                                                                                    454G            Vocal Duet : Form 4-6                                                                                    456G            Vocal Trio/Quartet : Form 1-3

– Adjudication & lunch –


87G            Choirs, African Gospel : Senior School

– Adjudication –


222G            Own Composition : 16 & under

– Adjudication & break –


255G            Jazz Ensemble : Junior School                                                                        256G            Jazz Ensemble : Senior School                                                                          – Adjudication & end of day –







240G            Drumkit Solo : Form 1-2                                                                        241G            Drumkit Solo : Form 3-4                                                                        242G            Drumkit Solo : Form 4-6

– Adjudication –

 9.50  Drumkit Workshop by Blessing Chimanga –

Focus on learning Drum kit notation


24G            Marimba Duet : Form 1-3                                                            27G            Marimba Ensemble : Grade 4-7                                                            28G            Marimba Ensemble : Form 1-2

– Adjudication & lunch –


22G            Marimba Solo : Form 4-6                                                                       25H            Marimba Duet : Form 4-6                                                           29G            Marimba Ensemble : Form 4-6

– Adjudication –

3.50             Marimba Workshop with Mike Sibanda






172G            Guitar Solo : Grade 1                                                                        173G            Guitar Solo : Grade 2                                                                        175G            Guitar Solo : Grade 4

– Adjudication –


11G            Mbira Nhare Solo: Form 1-3                                                            07G            Mbira Nyunga-Nyunga Ensemble : Grade 4-7                        08G            Mbira Nyunga-Nyunga Ensemble : Form1-3

– Adjudication –


86G            Choirs, African Gospel : Junior School                                                89G            Choirs, African SATB : Junior School

– Adjudication –


122G            Piano Solo, Own Choice : Grade 1                                                123G            Piano Solo, Own Choice : Grade 2

– Adjudication –


401G            Vocal Solo, NIAA Choice : Grade 6-7                                                413G            Vocal Solo, Western Folk/Traditional : Grade 6-7

– Adjudication –


163G            Recorder Solo : Grade 1                                                                        144G            Woodwind Solo : Grade 1                                                            145G            Woodwind Solo : Grade 2

– Adjudication & break –


500G            Choirs : Nursery Schools                                                                        507G            Choirs : Junior Mixed                                                                        520G            Choirs, Unaccompanied : Junior Schools

– Adjudication & lunch –


403G            Vocal Solo, NIAA Choice : Boys Form 1-2                                    404G            Vocal Solo, NIAA Choice : Girls Form 3-4                                    424G            Vocal Solo, Film Pre-2000 : Form3-4                                                407G            Vocal Solo, NIAA Choice : Boys Form 5-6                                    421G            Vocal Solo, Musical Theatre : Form 5-6                                    425G            Vocal Solo, Film Pre-2000 : Form5-6

Adjudication – end of Gweru session


Download (PDF, 87KB)


Newsflash 22/2/18

Congratulations – To Tanaka Mugoniwa who achieved 15 points at AS Level and Zvikomborero Muvami who got 1A*, 5As, 2Bs and 2Cs at O Level. Our sincere apologies for this omission in last week’s newsletter.

Congratulations – To Ryan Napata and Michael Pfaira on their selection into the CHISZ Select U17 Basketball Team!

Congratulations – To all of our athletes who took part in the Zonal Athletics competition. 42 gold medals, 10 silver and 4 bronze medals were won. Pupils are currently competing in the next round of the competitions. We wish them all the best.

Thank you – To all who came through for the parenting seminar and the Parents Assembly AGM. We are always humbled by your support and truly do appreciate you!

Mother-Daughter Weekend Kicks off tomorrow. We are very excited by this event and pray for lasting impact and benefit for all of those who have signed up.

University Expo – A reminder that there will be 25 universities represented at this Saturday’s free exhibition at the Holiday Inn between 10am and 4pm. This is a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with options, particularly if your child is in Fm 4, L6 or U6.

Allied Arts Midlands Chapter of the Eisteddfod – Kicks off on Monday. Please see the attached programme to guide you on what performances are when. Your support is encouraged and welcomed. Venues – school hall and bus shed.

Upcoming Events  –

  • Fri 23/2
  • Mother-Daughter Weekend Starts @ Antelope Park.
  • Sat 24/2
  • Volleyball Tournament@ St Georges – 8am
  • Mon 26/2
  • Allied Arts Eisteddfod – 8:30am
  • Tue 27/2
  • Allied Arts Eisteddfod – 8:30am

Newsflash 7/2/18

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Congratulations to all the of tennis players who took part in the Midlands Trials this last weekend, and specifically to those shown in the picture who made the Midlands team.

Parenting Seminar – “Your involvement in Raising Your Children – Avoiding Regrets” – Friday 16 February 9am – 11am at MCC. We are excited by this event and know that it will bring great benefit so please make every effort to attend! Please see attached flyer.

PAC AGM – Friday 16 February 11:30am at MCC. Today is the last day for submission of any items to be added to the agenda.

Exeat Weekend – This year’s exeat is 19 & 20 February, with 21 February being a public holiday. As such, lessons in that week will resume on Thursday 22 February.

National Selections 15 – 19 February – note that there are national selections for U17 boys basketball, U15 & U19 boys and girls tennis, swimming and 17 and Under for hockey. Please cross check your child’s involvement as you make plans for this period.

Exeat Buses – 

  • For those who are unable to travel to Gweru on Friday 16 February to attend meetings and collect children: Depart Gweru for Harare: 12:30pm Friday 16 February – $20*
  • Depart Harare for Gweru: 12noon Wednesday 21 February – $20*

*All payments to be done by FRIDAY 9 FEBRUARY, reference the payment Exeat bus and send through proof of payment to both and . Confirmation of a booking must be received from

  • Hwange – Vic Falls – Confirmation of seat availability and cost has been given through the area representative – Mrs Phiri.

Sending of Food Items – A reminder that whilst we are on high alert for Cholera, we will not be receiving any additional food items being sent to school for pupils.

Upcoming Events:

Thurs 8/2 – 

  • Inter-zonal Athletics 8am at MCC
  • Snr Interhouse Public Speaking – COMPULSORY for all Fm 4, L6 & U6 ppls. 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the hall.

Fri 9/2

  • Inter-zonal Athletics 8am at MCC
  • ATS Snr Debate Tournament – Hellenic School 2pm
  • Allied Arts Music Festival Development 2pm – 5pm & Concert 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the hall.
  • Girls Basketball vs Girls College – all teams at home – 9am

Sat 10/2

  • ATS Snr Debate Tournament – Hellenic School 8am
  • U20 Boys Basketball Tournament – Westridge – 8am
  • U16 & U20 Girls Volleyball Tournament – St Georges – 8am
  • Cricket vs Milton – U14, U15 & U16s – MCC – 9am
  • Boys & Girls Basketball – U16s vs DC, Petra & Kyle at DC – 9am
  • Boys Basketball – U17s vs Petra, CBC, Falcon, Goldridge at Petra – 9am
  • Southern Sections Gala – Bulawayo Municipal Pool – 8am


“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.””

Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

Open Day

Come along to our Open Day and find our more about who we are and the opportunities available at Midlands Christian College.

Parenting Seminar

Date: Friday 16 February 2018

Time: 9am – 11am

Venue: Midlands Christian College Hall

The Midlands Christian Group of Schools is running a ‘must-not-miss’ seminar:

Parental involvement in raising children: Avoiding Regrets” 

It is not what you leave to your children, but rather what you leave in them, that will make them successful.

Facilitated by Dr Justice Marwisa who is an End of Life Coach, Counsellor and Leadership Consultant. Justice is a director with Transformation Team P/L and also a counsellor with Christian Counselling Centre. He is a seasoned speaker on parenting, marriage and family issues.

**Note that this seminar will be followed by the Parents Assembly Committee Annual General meeting and the start of the Exeat Weekend at 1pm. All pupils are expected to go home for Exeat Weekend. Lessons will resume on Thursday 22 February.**

Newsflash 31/1/18

Day Scholar Pick Up Times – 

A reminder that day scholars should be collected by 6pm. After this time pupils will need to be collected from hostel – please see the member of staff on duty.

Sending of Parcels – 

Before sending a parcel to school, whether day scholar or boarder, first get the ‘green light’ from the office via Note that we will not be receiving parcels where prior permission has not been obtained.

Sending of Food Items –

A reminder that whilst we are on high alert for Cholera, we will not be receiving any additional food items being sent to school for pupils.

Exeat Weekend – 

This year’s exeat is 19 & 20 February, with 21 February being a public holiday. As such, lessons in that week will resume on Thursday 22 February.

National Selections 15 – 19 February note that there are national selections for U17 boys basketball, U15 & U19 boys and girls tennis, swimming and 17 and Under for hockey. Please cross check your child’s involvement as you make plans for this period.

Parenting Seminar – Your involvement in Raising Your Children – Avoiding Regrets” – Friday 16 February 9am – 11am at MCC. Please plan to join us.

PAC AGM – Friday 16 February 11:30am at MCC.

Exeat Buses – 

  • Dept Gweru for Harare: 12:30pm Fri 16 Feb for those who are unable to travel to Gweru on this day. $20
  • Dept Harare for Gweru: 12noon Wed 21 Feb $20
  • Byo – Hwange – Vic Falls – interested parties to please notify us in writing by WED 7 FEB IN ORDER FOR A DECISION TO BE MADE.

Reflection – 

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1 (NLT)

2018 Form 1 Camp Feedback

Form 1 Camp was an amazing experience with lots of fun activities and some punishments here and there. Seeing the Victoria Falls was most exciting with great showers of water and returning to camp drenched.The teachers and the leaders had a sneaky surprise for us when they poured water on us with buckets and it marked the start of an epic water fight. This was one of the most exciting events which brought life to our camp. All-in-all camp was a great experience and we enjoyed it.

Andile Sibanda Form 1 K


My Form 1 camp was a roller-coaster ride.There were many feelings which included fun, pain and lots of fun.The leaders taught us how to go through all tough and intense moments. I enjoyed the boat cruise, water fight and the rain forest.

My camp experience was awesome.

Udovhusa Kombayi


Outreach Trip to Rusununguko

Our Social Welfare Club focuses on community impact and outreach and this past Saturday went on a specific outreach trip to Rusununguko High School. Below are some of the comments from the pupils who went out as well as some photographs from the day.


On Saturday the 20th of January, I was privileged to be part of the social welfare team that travelled to Rusunuguko High School in Shurugwi. I met new people and made new friends. I enjoyed the musical collaborations between the Rusunuguko pupils and the Midlands Christian College pupils. We discussed topics such as peer pressure, puberty, talents and the most important of all, salvation. Many of the pupils gave their lives to Christ; this was a beautiful scene to watch. – RUFARO CHIKARANGO 4Y


We had an amazing experience when we visited Rusununguko high school in Shurugwi. We got the opportunity to bond and understand each other’s similarities and differences but this was not the most important part of the visit. The most important part was that we got to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and some of the scriptures we shared with them came from the following books Mathew 6vs 33 and Luke 18 v 27. We then went on to pray for them and it was during this time when 38 students from Rusununguko High School gave their lives to Christ. We were so happy and we rejoiced with them. This was an experience like no other.




Yet another exhilarating trip to Rusununguko High School! We had ourselves the entire day to socialise with our fellow age-mates who some of us already knew from our previous trip there It felt good to once again be in the same place after so long.

To start us off for the long day, we had a praise and worship led by Shingi and Jacob (deputy head boy at Rusununguko). Thereafter we received a lovely performance from the choir at Rusununguko as it got people dancing, joining with some even ululating. It was quite the jovial atmosphere.

Our very own Chikomborero Chikarango also engaged us in some very powerful preaching. His message focused on the marvellous works of God and how he can change our lives drastically for the good if we put our trust solely in him. We then invited to the front all those who wanted to surrender their lives to God.38 pupils gave their lives to the lord. We prayed for them, thanking God that some lost sheep had returned home and for him to guide them in this new journey they had decided to take with Christ.

In our generation, there are many problems that concern us as teenagers and as a result various solutions are spread on how to tackle them best. However people often neglect the word of God as their guide in navigating these problems. We had separate open-discussion questions as juniors and seniors, talking about topics concerning relationships and dating.

And would it really be a rural outreach with no actual visit to a rural homestead. Together we visited Mbuya Munyanyi just to stop by and sing for her as well as provide some company, thought sadly it had to be short-lived as we were a little behind schedule. She was so moved by our visit that she shed some tears and said never in her life would she forget the day the Lord blessed her with our presence.

We managed to donate some gifts to the school, mainly in the form of groceries and stationery as our revenue did not permit us to really buy much. I hope next time people find it in their hearts to give willingly in order to support the club. Mrs Mhangami gave a vote of thanks and words of encouragement to serve God.

After a long, tiresome though awesome day, we said our goodbyes, took some selfies then we were on our way back home. We almost shed some tears, but the promise that Rusunuguko made, to come visit us, made us feel better. We greatly look forward to their visit. We thank our teachers Mrs Mhangami and Miss Makuvaro for guiding and encouraging us to serve the needy.




Mother-Daughter Weekend

Vessels for the Master’s Use

Deliberate, quality time to draw away together as mothers and daughters is so important. With good input from the main speaker; facilitated discussion times; and bonding time  the mother-daughter relationship is strengthened and deepened. From past experiences, this camp is a very special and life-changing time.

This year’s theme is Vessels for the Master’s Use.

Date: 23 – 25 February
Venue: Antelope Park, Gweru
Time: Check in & Registration 2pm onwards – Fri 23/2; Departure 10:30am – Sun 25/2
Cost: TBC



Friday 23rd February 

2pm onwards – Check In &     Registration

7pm – Dinner

8pm – Session 1

8:45pm – Introductions

– Praise & Worship

9:30pm – Bed Time

Saturday 24th February 

8am – Breakfast

9am – Session 2

9:45am  – Session 3

10:30am  – Break

Saturday 24th February Contd.

10:45am – Activities

12:15pm  – Session 4

1pm – Lunch

2pm – Session 5 –   Separate Mother &   Daughter Groups

3pm – Session 6   Feedback from the   two groups

4pm – Session 7 – Mother   & Daughter   Bonding Time

5pm – Activities

7pm – Dinner

8pm – Special Night   Event

9:30pm  – Bed Time

Sunday 25th February 

8am – Breakfast

9am – Q&A-   Resolutions

10am – Closing   Remarks

10:30am  – Departure


3 days and 2 nights at Antelope Park – experience the stunning view of nature and make lasting memories.