Wednesday June 13 2018

Social Media is One of Our Favourite Drugs

Reflections on Social Media byTafadzwa Mlazi (Form 2) and Ropafadzo Mapenzauswa (Form 3)

Social Media is one of our favourite drugs.

It has become second nature for us to pick up our phones and log on to our social media profiles immediately after waking up.
We mindlessly scroll through hundreds of posts. We comment, we react, we ‘like’ and we ‘share’. Many of us prefer not to think of the disadvantages of social media, because of how dependent we are on it as a form of entertainment — a way to kill boredom. For many of us, it is an unknown addiction.
Social Media is a drug that has been brought to us by technology and we all take it in one way or the other. We might even prefer to send a WhatsApp message to each other whilst we are both in the same room. Then in families there are those who might even be sitting in the same room and someone might just burst into laughter and we all continue with our lives as if it is normal but we all know that there are those parents who just have to comment either by suggesting you share or they comment by saying, ‘Are you mad?’
In addition to the problems we face as teenagers there is social acceptance which is involved with the likes we get on Instargram or how many more followers do I have in relation to others. You see a teenage girl aged 13 constantly changing clothes for pictures to be posted on her Instargram page because she needs to get more likes than the last picture she posted or she will put a story telling everyone about what she’s doing and actually getting other people excited for the next post making her very vulnerable to cyberbulling.
Enough about Instagram, let’s go to something we all do whether a parent or not. WhatsApp is a drug we are all addicted to. You can go on a family trip but no one talks to the other, we can even have less family time but more of WhatsApp time. You can wake up and the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up is put a status on WhatsApp and say good morning and even put emojis but you cannot even just open your door and shout good morning to people who actually love you no matter what you do (I mean they can not change the fact that you were born into their family whether) but you still choose people that you don’t even know well.
Question: Why are we focusing on the disadvantages and not on the advantages?
Answer: Because in our opinions the disadvantages overweigh the advantages!
Let’s keep it in mind that there are advantages to Social Media but we cannot repeat what you already know, and keeping in mind that whilst chocolate is delicious, it does have a terrible trick up its sleeve if not managed well!
Report by pupil writers – Tafadzwa Mlazi Form 2 and Ropafadzo Mapenzauswa Form 3