Thursday September 20 2018

Speech Day Invitation – From the Principal Director


I would like to extend an invitation to all our stakeholders to join us next week on Friday 28 September 2018 as we celebrate the achievements of the year.  This special event starts at 9am prompt and will be done by 12 noon.  The event marks the climax of 2018 College’s functions and is used to unite all stakeholders in celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness in yet another season.  We will celebrate our Eagles’ God-given talents in leadership, creativity, academics, sport, arts and innovation.  It will also be an opportunity to celebrate outstanding and sound character development as outlined in our Eagles Creed.  This opportunity is also used to officially announce any Board policy changes and cast vision for the coming season.  I would sincerely urge all parents and guardians to come and identify with our Eagle children and College at this momentous occasion.  I assure you that it will be one of a kind and that you will be proud of this, our unique College tradition.  We will also be unveiling again one of our former Eagles as Guest of Honour.  This one happens to be making a tremendous impact on the bigger stage in accordance to our wish for all our Alumni.  All those who still wish to contribute by way of donations to sponsor awards and assist with other associated costs are welcome to contact the office.


Yours sincerely


Pastor D. Pswarai

Principal Director