First Time Users

If you have received a letter or email from the school specifically about the Parent Portal and it contains both a username and password then click here to access the parent portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose or forget my username?

Your username is either your school network username or e-mail address. If you have forgotten your username, click here to recover your username using your email address. Alternately you can email for assistance.

What if I lose or forget my password?

If your password is lost or forgotten you can access the “Don’t know your password?” link on the login page or click here to have your information e-mailed to you.  The login information that is e-mailed to you, must be used within 30 minutes of the request, or you will need to submit a new request from the link. Alternately you can email for assistance.

How do I register?

In order to access the Parent Portal you must first register. Please send an email to in order to register.