Tuesday August 24 2021

10 Essential Things Your Teenager Wished You Knew – Part 5

9. Unconditional Love and Acceptance (Regardless of Behaviour)

Your teenager is not perfect. And they never will be. They are going through huge physical, emotional and psychological changes and sometimes they are just confused about life!

Please make sure that no matter what your child has done, or not done – they know you will always love and accept them! This does not mean that we brush over consequences – but that regardless of what our children do, they always know that we love them and are for their good!

Growth Steps: Have you told your child recently that you will always love them? If not, go for it!

10. Launching Into a Life of Purpose 

Our children have an important role to play in the world. They have unique gifts and we can’t put them into our own pre-conceived box. In Zimbabwe, career paths such as medical, engineering and accounting have often been seen as the only way for children to make something of themselves in the world. 

I have spoken to many teenagers who have gone a certain route because their parents demanded it. Sure they may have completed degrees, but their lives are not full of joy and purpose, and their relationship with their parents is not what it could be!

I want to encourage you as parents to help prepare your children for a life of purpose at a young age. Have discussions about what they are passionate about. Broaden their perspective by being part of community service opportunities that are available. Take advantage of personality and career tests that help give a glimpse into where they could be most suited. Encourage them to ask questions. There is no hard and fast rule, but if your heart is to see them live in the sweet spot they were created for, you are on the right track already!

Growth steps: What tips above can you start putting into place right now with your child?


I am certain that putting even just a few of these key points into practice each day and building them into your life will have an amazing impact in your relationships with your children. 

It is not about doing large amounts of extra work and having deep discussions. In some cases it may just be changing your perspective, thinking differently and making small changes that will lead to a large impact over time.

I have no doubt that if you put these lessons into practice, you won’t feel like your parenting is overwhelming you. You won’t feel concerned about how your kids will end up in the future and you will experience purpose as a parent in the ordinary aspects of life.

All the very best,

Craig Roberts