Tuesday February 28 2023


2023 Theme – Shine Bright


Today – 28 February, 2023 – all around the world, the Association of Christian Schools International Community is joining together in prayer. We ask ask our parents that you join us. 



Day of Prayer Guide

Prayer is the most intimate communication with God, our Father. As such, consider these areas in which to pray: 


  • Thank God for everything He has done for you.
  • Thank Him for the students, Educators and leaders.
  • Thank God for opportunities and new Avenues for ministry.


  • Praise God for who He is. 


  • Seek personal forgiveness. 
  • Ask for forgiveness for moral decay in our world.


  • Ask God to advance the Kingdom of God through Christian education: 
  • Opportunities to transform the hearts and minds of children around the world. 
  • Help educators to provide education grounded in biblical truth.
  • Raise up godly leaders and educators to train up the next generation to follow Jesus Christ.
  • Strategic planning and vision for opportunities to advance Christian education.
  • Ask God to provide access of Christian education for every child: 
  • Global outreach. 
  • Poor/needy children to have the ability to attend a Christian   school (i.e. scholarship funds, etc.). 
  • Christian education to flourish through resources, removed barriers, increased opportunities, etc. 
  • Creativity of education through new/innovative delivery.
  • Ask God for advocates for Kingdom education: 
  • Local churches to support Christ-centered education in their community. 
  • Legislative support and resources to defend and protect  freedom of education.
  • Community leaders to support Christ-centered education.