Tuesday January 28 2020

I hear Him Whisper….

 “Do not yield to fear, for I am always near. Never turn your gaze from me, for I am your faithful God. I will infuse you with my strength and help you in every situation. I will hold you firmly with my victorious right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10 (The Passion Translation)

Today, no matter what comes your way, I want you to find me in the midst of it. It’s my desire that you become steady and unshakable, in every situation, because of your awareness of me. I want you to pay more attention to the stillness of my Spirit inside of you than the swirling storms around you.

Anchor yourself in my peace by processing everything with me, great or small. You don’t need to have ups and downs that throw you off course. I want you to enjoy the confidence that comes from the reality of my presence. I want you to experience that presence, with you and in you, every moment of every day. I want your faith to be unmovable, your walk with me unwavering and steady. I desire that you experience continual communion with me that becomes your daily practice. When you cultivate our relationship and pay attention to me in every circumstance, no plan of the enemy will keep you down for long. Though at times you will be caught off guard by trials, you will always know that my hand is firmly grasped around yours.

Whispers written by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez