Tuesday November 6 2018

Mighty Men and Women of Valour

When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Judges 6:12

Gideon is called upon to save the people of Israel by leading them against the Midianites. Israel had ‘done what was evil in the sight of the Lord’ and had been given over to the hand of the Midianites. When the people of Israel realised their error they cried out to the Lord for help and deliverance. 

Enter Gideon – while harvesting wheat and hiding from the Midianites, full of fear and ‘in the wrong place’, an angel spoke to him and addressed him as a mighty man of valour.  

When he heard this, Gideon must have thought “Don’t you know how weak and afraid I am?” Of course God knew this, but He chose Gideon anyway. God knows our personality and our weaknesses, our tendency towards sin. But it’s not a mistake that He has chosen us. Those who see themselves as the greatest, the strongest, the most wise, will have a hard time hearing God’s voice above their own high thoughts and opinions. However, those who are lowly, with open and receptive hearts, will be able to become God’s men (women) of valour, ready to do His will.

What God sees and what we see is not always the same. In challenging and difficult times we may be discouraged, hopeless and in a form of hiding, but we, like Gideon, should be heartened by the fact that God is with us on His mission. 

God gave Gideon instructions for his mission – including to destroy the alter of Baal which was one of the strong-holds for the Israelites What strong-holds are holding us back, what other gods are consuming us, that we need to tear down in our lives to live as the men and women of valour that God has called us to be?