Tuesday May 23 2023

Parenting Teems

Let’s be honest… raising teenagers is hard! Really hard. 

It truly is like riding a roller coaster. There are the highest of highs, when you feel like your heart will burst from pride at the young person developing in front of you. 

And there are the lowest of lows like when their heart is breaking, and you can’t do anything about it, when they make a poor decision, when someone pushes them down in this world, and when you watch them do any number of stupid things. 

The worry never ends, and neither does your love. 

You have a front -row seat to an amazing ride – and you need to buckle up because it will be bumping! There are hormones and the attitudes and the sighs and the eye-rolls. And there is the driving, so much driving. Until they start driving on their own and you miss that time with them. 

Did I mention being the parent of a teenager was hard?

Don’t sacrifice your teen’s tomorrows to get through today. “One day when your teen is grown, they really will thank you for setting limits, giving them responsibility, having high expectations, and saying “no”. Have faith in that fact. Don’t sacrifice your teen’s tomorrows for a more peaceful today.”

This can be hard for a dad or mom of teenagers. If you fix your teen’s problems today, where will that leave them tomorrow? “It’s hard not to sweep in and try to make everything better for your child–especially when you know they are hurting. Sometimes you just have to let your kids fail even though as a parent it’s the hardest thing to do. Let your tween/teen learn from their mistakes, learn how to take accountability for their actions, and learn to overcome obstacles on their own. Remember, if you fix their problems today, where will that leave them tomorrow? 

Presence more than presents. “As our kids get older, it’s even more important that we give them our undivided attention and time whenever we can.” And sometimes a hug if they will let us. 

The scariest part of raising teenagers is knowing how much their brain needs to catch up to their bodies.Teens are still developing…“The most important part of the human brain–the place where actions are weighed, situations judged, and decisions made–is right behind the forehead, in the frontal lobes. This is the last part of the brain to develop, and that is why you need to be your teens’ frontal lobes until their brains are fully wired and hooked up and ready to go on their own.” -Dr. Frances Jensen

Roots and wings. “There are two things we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings.”

If I could give my teenager three things it would be the confidence to always know their self-worth, the strength to chase their dreams, and the ability to know how truly deeply loved they are.” – parentingtweensandteens